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Discussion in 'Ideas' started by conwyman, May 9, 2012.

  1. conwyman

    conwyman New Member

    I have been working as a Computer Engineer for ten years now and i have worked as a sub contractor The trouble with my work that it tends to dry up and so does my cash to live.
    I decided to enroll on a web design course to learn HTML.CS,Dreamweaver so i can mybe do websites at home
    Is this a good idea? I seem to pick up the codes ok but would it be best to take a qualfication
  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I think it is a good idea. Web design is one growing work at home field. But to be successful, you'd really need to put together some type of portfolio.

    For example, I've gone to a number of web designer's sites. They have samples/screen caps of work that they've done for other sites, companies, etc.

    Perhaps you could start by designing a few/several of your own sites and using those as examples to show people the type of work you can do.

    Good luck. [​IMG]
  3. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    It's a profitable home business and you don't need certifications to start.
    Start by getting yourself set up with a web hosting re-seller package.
    I started with a $99/yr package with unlimited domains for my own use.
    After creating a few sites for myself other people asked if I would do theirs.
    That was 18 years ago but it is no different today, in fact there is more demand.
    Local small business owners and artists are easy customers to get.
    Word of mouth can bring you more work than you can handle.
    I was taught to think of it as renting out cyber real estate.
    You can charge for the land, building, and maintenance.
    You can learn faster by doing it than by studying it.
    Self hosted WordPress sites work best for me.
    (because I can teach dummies to use them)

    I would steer clear of proprietary programs like Dreamweaver.
    Why spend thousands for licenses you don't need to have.
    There are plenty of free and easy programs that work fine.
    If you want a J.O.B. with someone else then pay to learn.
  4. conwyman

    conwyman New Member

    Thanks for your replies course going well hopfully be able to put together a portfolio soon
  5. 88Style

    88Style New Member

    Definitely a good idea. Web design is one of those things that you can easily do from home and make a living in doing so. It's also something that depends more on the quality of your work and your portfolio than education level.

    It is also one of those jobs that is in high demand. Don't get me wrong, it would not be a bad idea to go school for it either either, but it is possible to earn a living from home without formal education. Those courses can be very beneficial as well as well as the business knowledge you will gain from the professionals.

    Good luck on your future endeavors!
  6. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    conwyman: Thanks for your replies course going well hopfully be able to put together a portfolio soon
    Good luck conwyman and I think having a portfolio will really help. [​IMG]
  7. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Web design is a growing field and will be in demand as long as the internet exists. There's no absolute need to be certified in order to get started. There are many places online where you can obtain tutorials, guidance and insight on the subject for free.

    One place I highly recommend is A List Apart. The founder, Jeffrey Zeldman, has been a respected force in the world of web design for well over a decade. Browse the site and feast on articles pertaining to every aspect of the craft.

    conwyman: The trouble with my work that it tends to dry up and so does my cash to live.
    In addition to the fee for your basic design packages, you could offer related services such as search engine optimization, online marketing, web hosting, site maintenance, custom programming and so on. This way you'll have some cash flow long after the original job is complete.

    This will also help to boost your status in the eyes of the prospect who will see yours as a serious full-service operation. Plus they'll feel more secure knowing that all their web related needs can be taken care of in one place.

    And you don't have to know how to do these extras yourself. You can outsource them, or simply form alliances with others who specialize in those fields and agree on a fee split.

  8. conwyman

    conwyman New Member

    Thanks you Advice I will look at A list apart My Pc work is quiet as i live along the coast in north wales so web design would i help my income which as noose dived since my last contact end in march
    still learning but hopfully will get there
  9. Jacq1292

    Jacq1292 Member

    I have no desire at all to learn web design and I am sure there are many other like me, so web site design services should continue to increase in demand as more people get on the web.
  10. jamess

    jamess Member

    It is truly good idea . It will be tuff in starting but after you will get experience and enough contacts then you can run smoothly..
  11. whitney black

    whitney black Member

    It's definitely a good idea. I've seen many people make a killing at this, and tuaght themselves everything, never even took a course or anything.
  12. MrFume

    MrFume New Member

    Hi I recognise a lot of myself in what you describe-but I actually had a secure public service IT support role.
    I just could not stand either my colleagues or the environment it was stifling! Anyway as far as web design goes I advise you to learn WordPress, if you can learn CSS and PHP you will be ahead of most WordPress designers-this is probably the most popular content management system out there. You will find that even big wealthy companies have WordPress sites-it is brilliant, you can build any kind of a website you want, it is not just for Blogs. Take it easy.
  13. Ash_ash

    Ash_ash New Member

    Definitely a good idea! It is one of the most in-demand jobs online and yes, start building your portfolio. All the best of luck to you!
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