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  1. mountainmom5

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    Anyone have any information on this and how it works? I am asking for a friend of mine.



  2. Mommyof5

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    As a member of Web Traffic Juggernaut, I'm proud to say, YES IT WORKS!

    Using the Juggernaut is very simple. The best part is you don't need to change anything you already do--if you use and promote websites, yours or as an affiliate, just transform your original links into Juggernaut links in seconds and BOOM! You're earning free traffic and advertising! Let's take a closer look at how it works...

    STEP 1: Enter any website URL into the Juggernaut Link Generator to transform it into a viral advertising "Juggernaut Link"

    STEP 2: Use the new Juggernaut Link instead of the original website URL, and you earn viral advertising & web traffic every time your links are clicked!

    STEP 3: Create ads in the Juggernaut Ad Generator that drive visitors to your website - as you earn ad credits from using your Juggernaut links, YOUR ADS display across the network and drive traffic to YOUR SITE!

    You already know you can generate a ton of traffic just by using Juggernaut links. But here's the kicker--you also earn advertising and traffic on all of YOUR REFERRALS' link clicks too! As you refer others to Juggernaut and they create Juggernaut links, you earn more advertising & traffic on THEIR LINKS too!

    Every time your Juggernaut link gets clicked, visitors see a small graphic that says "Powered by Web Traffic Juggernaut. Click Here to Get It For Yourself, FREE!" When visitors click it they see the Juggernaut homepage through YOUR AFFILIATE LINK! So just by USING Juggernaut--even if you don't actively promote it, you will make referrals! Every visitor who sees your Juggernaut link can join free, and they become YOUR REFERRAL!

    Here's One More KILLER FEATURE...SOLO Emails!

    I'm sure you know the power of sending solo emails--marketers have used solo emails for years to rake in cash just by clicking "Send." Some marketers claim they can earn over $10,000 from a single email they send! With Juggernaut, you can send a solo email every week to your down line. Promote products, make offers, recruit affiliates, start JV partnerships, or whatever else you like. Imagine reaching 1,000s of targeted members EVERY WEEK!
  3. Andy3568

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    I have been using Web Traffic Juggernaut as well. It works as described. Another benefit of it is as a means to cloak your affiliate links.

    There's only one thing I'm not crazy about, and that has to do with Google Analytics. No matter where I post my Juggernaut link, Analytics lists the referring website as Web Traffic Juggernaut. It does make it difficult to track which links are the profitable ones.
  4. FreeCashMan

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    Can you only send solo emails to your downline, meaning your referrals? Everything else sounded good but that.

    I can get my own opt ins and send to them via my own autoresponder anytime I want, so don't see the advantage of that. But then, that's not a necessarily a reason not to go with it.

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