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  1. aspire2sucess

    aspire2sucess New Member

    Has anyone heard of or done business with this company? I'm intrigued by their guaranteed services but can't find much info on them.
  2. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    No, I have not ever nor will I ever use them. Have you? There was something on them in ripoff reports and the BBB rated them F (the BBB is really not good to use for business' that are not brick and mortar - alot could be an F because of lack of information, but there were actual complaints made on this)

    I did just look at their website. They also promote 2 business' they are in. In my personal opinion, it is impossible for someone to be well versed in all the business' out there that people may want to get affiliates/customers/members in. The timeframe is also quite long. There is also no guarantee that they will stay an affiliate for any length of time. The prices are very high for this service since once they are in, they won't be doing follow ups with them to make sure they stay interested in whatever business you are in. All I can say is this makes me that much happier that I am where I am, especially when I see something like this.
  3. aspire2sucess

    aspire2sucess New Member

    Thanks so much for your input. I have seen RipOff report and the BBB, but it's seems very limited information. I've checked with another known online marketer, who says they are good at what they do...I don't know...I guess I want it to be okay. It's expensive but could be well worth the price if they really are able to pull it off. I've just not been able to generate enough leads without running out of money first. I feel confident I could deliver information about a program if I could just get a footing. Anyways, still looking for anyone, who may have had some direct experience. After all, WalMart gets hundreds of complaints every day.

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