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Discussion in 'Health' started by Aaron Combs, Mar 8, 2014.

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    Hey my name is Aaron Combs. I am new here to the forums but decided I will start a weight loss diary.
    Things you must know about me first off
    -I am 28 years old
    -Have prior workout and weight loss experience
    -Going to be using supplements and the leanness lifestyle University provided by my at home business.
    -Am going to Orlando in 7 weeks so trying to be fit before then!
    -Am currently 170lbs and trying to get to a lean 150lbs
    -Will be on a healthy 1700 calorie per day diet

    So yesterday was Day 1 of working out. My plan is to hit the gym twice! Yesterday I went in the morning and did some strength training. It was good! Focused on chest, biceps, and triceps(still sore today). THen I went back to the gym around 5pm and did 30 minutes of cardio! My diet consists of getting at least 170 grams of protein per day. As some of you may know, a gram of protein is about 4 calories so 680 calories of my daily intake comes from protein. The rest is made up of carbs and fat. Try and keep the fat content to 30g per day! The university I am in teaches you alot about weight loss and how to maintain a healthy body for life. I will post again in a week and let everyone know what my progress is! Thanks for reading!
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    That sounds like a great plan Aaron. Best of luck to you on hitting your goal of 150 lbs. (y)
  3. Aaron Combs

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    Yes! Thank you so much for your support!
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    Way to go Aaron! My hubby lost 75 pounds and I did about 30 in the last few years - life is so much easier when one is on a healthier path! :)
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    My advice is forget calorie counting. speak from experience it becomes a rocky road. For the best results there are a couple of things I would suggest no processed food they do amazing things to your body and are of no good. Cut out wheat and dairy they are the biggest culprits in causing food intolerance. These 2 food sources are used in 98% of processed foods take a look at any packet and you will see either wheat flour or dairy in it.

    Secondly if you really want to learn about nutrition got to bulletproofexec website or if you want to go down the lean route Pauline Nordine of fighter diet. The only other person I would say to watch is Jim Stoppani he is a bodybuilder and a PHD.

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