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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by tweb, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. tweb

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    Well, I was a little disappointed today. I was hoping that the Oreck email that was sent out meant that they were going to offer a new skill to agents. I called today to see if I could get more info and it appears they sent that email to everyone by accident. [​IMG] Here's hoping that one day I will get another skill....
  2. steph

    steph New Member


    Hang in there it should not be so long. Do not lose hope they will believe me they will. [​IMG]
  3. NiNa83

    NiNa83 New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I just applied to West at Home about a week and a half ago. The next day after applying I received an email which asked me to do my test. Since I am bilingual I took that test. Does that mean I will only receive calls in Spanish? I received a lot of paper work I have to fill out about 4 days after the test. Does that mean I am hired or is it still pending? Also, about the bilingual situation, I am wondering if that pays the same. If it is the same, I'd much rather work with English, since I feel more confortable. I am glad I found this site. I still felt a little skeptical about this. One more question. I currently have a job but I eventually would like to stay at home. Do any of you have more than one at home job? i.e west at home and or data entry?
  4. Pugmom58

    Pugmom58 New Member

    This is a question for those of you that have worked for West for sometime. How often do they have hiring freezes and how long do they typically last? I know at this time there is a hiring freeze. I am patiently waiting for it to be lifted.
  5. tweb

    tweb New Member

    Pugmom58, I haven't been there very long so I don't know how long the freeze will be. But hang in there, hopefully it wont be long.
  6. Pugmom58

    Pugmom58 New Member

    Thanks Tweb. I am going to hang in there. I know eventually they will lift it ...............hopefully!!! This is the best opportunity to suit my needs.
  7. ataylor

    ataylor New Member

    Not sure what PAL told you about Oreck, however I was informed it was indeed sent out in error to 'everyone' and should only have been sent to DR Agents, although she was unclear as to what Direct Response was/is...I shared what I have gleaned from here, and have to admit that I had no idea until I found this site several weeks ago....I was also advised that 'business' is picking-up, she however had no more info and I must admit after what I've learned here I am very happy that I opted for TRU/BRU for my original skill.
  8. Danielle19755

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    I have a question.. Does west monitor what you are doing on the computer? Can they remotely logg in with you IP ddress? I was just wondering if you could be browsing the internet while working, or do you just have to be on work sites? Thank you
  9. world1

    world1 New Member

    I beleive they dont allow you to browse web sites during work hour...sometimes you might get system error and your ADP screen might go offline.
  10. rsoler

    rsoler New Member

    No West cannot monitor your computer even if they wanted to because it is impossible to so unless you give them access to do it. Here's how it works West Rep is on the phone with you and you must logged into a remote website so they can put there info and get access to monitor your computer while you are online. Don't worry you can browse all you want...I'VE never had a problem however, keep in mind that some websites could implicate or compromise your ADP SO, be careful but if your going to legit websites you should be fine. Hope this helps and remember no they cannot access/monitor your computer without your assistance. I know this because my Husband is a computer technician and you cannot remotely access a computer without both partys engaging.
  11. ataylor

    ataylor New Member

    You are correct, West would need your permision to remote in, however I find I do not have a great deal of 'down-time' to browse, although as I work TRU I frequently have a need to provide guests with Manufacturer info, etc....long and short of it, I recently had a problem w/ ADE application, was advised it was because I had not removed google toolbar, however as I have no Internet tool bars and only use Internet Explorer, and this was the first time I had experienced any problem like this, I was dubious of IT (Help Desk) Tech and had the distinct feeling he was 'brushing me off'...whatever problem cleared after 3 re-boots and in general I am inpressed with sytem and all applications, just really hate it when IT Techs don't take the time to listen and think they know everything as then he tried to back track and blame it on some other thing than finally admitted that ADE was experiencing some problems....sorry do not mean to imply in any way that your husband resembles the Inept Tech I encountered, also sorry to whine here, but for the most part I have been impressed with the system although it has a few quirks and a few Pals/techs that are reluctant to admit so.
  12. tlaws5

    tlaws5 New Member

    I browse the internet all the time in between calls. To my knowledge they can not monitor that.
  13. tlaws5

    tlaws5 New Member

    Hello from Hollywood, Florida

    I've been with West since 2003. I work for DR, HSN and Sears. Before that I worked for Office Depot. I made the most money with Office Depot and they dropped West after about 2 years. Now Sears is dropping West.

    HSN and DR just aren't always profitable enough for me and it's nice to have as many skills as possible so none get too boring. I have been offered GE Factory Service which involves scheduling repair service for GE appliances (sounds similar to Sears). I am not sure how busy and consistent this line is. Does anyone work this skill and have any input for me?

    I am interested in the skills that are busy and consistent. If anyone has info on that please share. I was hoping West would offer me Virgin Mobile. That seems like it would be busy and interesting. Is it?

    Thank you in advance for any good advice. Terri
  14. rsoler

    rsoler New Member

    In the year I have been working for West I too encountered many technical problems which I REGRETFULLY, have to admit West techs did not resolve the issues a few times. I TELL you if it wasn't for my husband I PROBABLY would of had many problems with ade etc.... because for some reason they blame the technical issue on other bar tools etc.. which never was the problem in the first place. However there were times when problems were solved immediately and it brings me comfort that sometimes all depends who you speak with.
  15. ivnslady

    ivnslady New Member

    I have been training for "Home Again" for the past week...very confusing on some parts. I got a 78 on my last test so I will have to retake...anyone know if the test will be the same? I am going to go back to the beginning and take detailed notes this time. Does anyone else work or training for "Home Again"? Will I have any practice calls when I start? I am so nervous!
  16. world1

    world1 New Member

    Hello everyone,
    Just curious...Did anyone of you receive any checking call,As a lady called me and asked me whether am I home agent or agent working in a location.I said home agent and she hung up...
  17. ataylor

    ataylor New Member

    Agree with you and admit not all Pals, IT techs created equal...have also been able to resolve most issues myself or with the help of my brother 'The Geek'...but also have to admit I have experienced same problem w/in 2 major companies and their IT/Help Desk...again however I am more often than not simply amazed withe the system itself and the ability to work from my own office and supplement my business.
    World 1,
    Got a 'suspicous' call myself, although caller wanted to know more info about working from home for Toys R Us..went the 'party policy' and only stated that I worked from a 'National Call Center', although I wondered if it was a 'test call' of sorts?????? Aside from that however really didn't feel it was any of the caller's business to know where I worked from.
    Sounds like West has been a good deal for the most part for you, in terms of consistent work so far TRU has been good for me, little better than min wage, hrs have 'slowed' for now, however picking-up, as well as call volumn...In terms of Sears dropping West wonder if that's not perhaps more of an economic reflection on Sears????? Perhaps for Office Depot as well???? Know that Staples is doing it's own Work From Home Customer Service, although you have to travel to St. Louis for 4-6 wks of paid training, however travel/lodging are at your own expense...work realted tax deduct? Most interesting about Staples CS program was wage band $12 an hr to start, w/ benefits, only led me to conclude that many retailers, businesses are concluding that From Home Workers are an advantage and well forgive me, but I just hang-up when dealing with 'India'...
  18. tweb

    tweb New Member

    tlaws5, I am next door to you in West Palm Beach. Good luck on the new skill. I have a friend that works VM and they always have hours and the rate/min is really good. I've seen it. I wished that I could get on that skill. The part that makes me scratch my head is, it seems that they are understaffed in VM, the agents that work it are always getting messages to pick up more hours. They are even given incentives to work more hours. Then in DR, the hours are hard to come by.[​IMG] I don't understand why they wouldn't offer it to more agents.
  19. rosielopey

    rosielopey New Member

    I wish they offered vm to me. I actually worked in a call center for vm/my stats were excellent and I always led the team. I could do the job with my eyes closed. I had to quit because they changed my hours and I would have gotten out past dark and I am night blind. I know their system, the phones, the packages and everything. The customers are rather fun to. It was the same in the call center they always at ot, then things changed when they opened the office in the phillipines, and everyone's schedule was moved around.
  20. rsoler

    rsoler New Member

    Here's my advice make sure you screenshot your exam look at the questions you had wrong and go over it until you get the right answer. leave the questions you got right untouched cause the good thing is the questions do not change only the order in which they are in will be diffrent. so, if you go back to your screenshot you will get the answers you got right and enter the one's you got wrong with the right answer. I hope I haven't confused you. I'ts pretty simple. I learn this the hard way lol...

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