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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by luis84, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. luis84

    luis84 New Member

    Hello all,

    I just applied at west at home a few days ago and recieved an email to take the training, it was pretty long and involved 5 tests, I passed 3 with 100, 2 with 88%. I passed all.

    Said I should hear back within 48 hours, I have not heard back but I didn't finish it until last night at 11PM and it's only 9.25AM here.

    My question is, has anyone else done this? Do I have a good chance at getting hired? I have decent call center & CS Experience.


    P.S. I know West is not a good FT, I am just looking for something to do on the side.
  2. luis84

    luis84 New Member

    I'm hired! Got the email today, have to turn in paperwork!

  3. angiedbc456

    angiedbc456 New Member

    to luis84
    Congrats! and Welcome to the West family of employees I am currently on a project with them called XM Sales. I was first hired by them in Jan09 on and off with different projects. Once again Congrats!
  4. luis84

    luis84 New Member

    They want to be hired on the DR line.

    I know it's a sales line, I know upsells and rebuttals are required. I am fine with that .

    Are there usually alot of hours avil? Whats the pay like?
  5. New2WAH

    New2WAH New Member

    I posted this in a couple places ... just found you all here and am a new hire status Westie as of today.

    I am awaiting the welcome email in 48 -72 hrs

    Can someone tell me -what exactly happens next? I read you get the drug test and then start training. Sounds like only DR skill is being offered right now, but would like to know when that process happens?

    Any and all help is much apprecated! I know it goes with the clients hiring needs etc... but would like to hear from any other recent new hires on what to expect!
  6. luis84

    luis84 New Member

    The hire process is as follows, I just completed it FYI.

    You get the welcome email, you have to fax over your paperwork (I-9 and copy of your ID's, notarized).

    Then you are given access to the training site, you have to finish the DR training in 15 hours or less, it took me a whole ... 2 hours and 41 minutes. It's 5 chapters, each has a test, you have to score 80% or better on the test, you have 2 tries on each test. Anybody who can't pass it, really shouldn't be on a telephone line, haha! It's easy as it is, plus you CAN LOOK AT IT, then do it a second time.

    After you pass that, you have to call the PAL at the 1800 number and schedule a webinar, basically just an interactive group confrence call, it's really nothing, it's not like an interview or anything.

    Then, you can schedule hours and work.

    There are TONS OF HOURS AVAILABLE ON THE DR LINE, everyday, on every shift.

    I find it to be quite fun, it's not at all hard, the customers dont really get angry with upsells if you sound polite... you def. need to use a quality CS voice though to pull it off, and be careful not to sound curt. Either way, the pay is decent, the system is good, it works WAH, everything went smooth for me and ... it's a WAH job.

    I have seen bad things about West, but I havent experienced it....
  7. New2WAH

    New2WAH New Member

    Hi Luis ... I am in and ready to start the training on DR (no options - it was assigned) I want the 24/7 and I am looking at it like a challenge and feel I have a great CS demeanor - and it looks like potential for bonus ... I'm happy. Certainly hoping not to get stressed over it ... I have much experience on the other side of phone orders - so I understand what they want from us as CS - I think??? [​IMG]

    WOW - so the 15 hours can actually be done correctly in 2 hours 41 mins.....amazing! I have not pushed the start button yet ... I want to get a bite to eat and may start tonight -and go as far as it will let me w/o the headphone.

    When do I need the Headphone? I want the wireless set up and will need to order it - I guess? Do they sell them at Best Buy or anywhere like that? What are you using Luis?
  8. New2WAH

    New2WAH New Member

    Hey Luis - One more thing

    I'll check back in after I get thru the testing portion - but look forward to consulting along the way about the DR line as they call it...

  9. luis84

    luis84 New Member

    Cathy feel free to ask any questions... [​IMG]

    The testing, don't rush it, your paid by the hour so if you need to take longer, then go ahead and take longer, it really only took me 2 almost 3 hours though... it's pretty simple. Most of the stuff was already covered in the testing thing they made you take pre-hire, it's a recap on that.

    The headphones arent even needed until you start work.

    You will do the testing and then it will ask you to call a PAL and give the 1800 #. They are available pretty much all day and night, so I called and they did my "webinar" right when I called, it's a 10 minute thing where they just tell you to go online, login to spectrum and explain the basics you already knew. Then your hired, wait 24 hours and you can start.

    My setup is as follows, I have Vonage, plugged into a regular corded telephone, which I have a corded headset plugged into, I actually work at a physical call center full-time, so I got an extra plantronics headset from them. You can use a wireless, etc. So you can do everything now without the headset! You can start after, now today and tomorrow there are not a ton of hours avil. under new hours on spectrum but go into the trades section and look for hours people are giving away because they can't work them, there is all day tomorrow available. It's pretty great.

    Like I said, any questions, just ask....
  10. New2WAH

    New2WAH New Member

    Hey Luis ...

    Thought I would update... Frist off your are right - the module we were required to complete pre hire was covered again. I took my time and got thru the first module in 2.50 hrs. I started a notebook of what I thought might be relevant. It was a lot to cover and be tested in that first module ....but I got all 20 correct of the non graded test (passing) and the 1 question that they grade you on correct - so off to a good start.

    I am happy to hear we can actually start in 24 hours later. I read GE is 5-7 days. All in all if your up to playing a good role and not letting it stress you out - DR sounds like the best one to get signed on with.

    Intreresting that the other day they a lot of hours to offer and today not so much, but as my hire process moved very quickly (IMO) I feel they ramped up and will cut the fat after holidays or they will quit. I was happy to see my hire was not a seasonal (as I read somewhere) some are!

    Anyway - thanks for the headset info. Curious - do they have a lot of graveyard or evening and weekend hours? Thats were I am going to have to work. Later on I would like to talk about how the diffferent time frame/shift hours are working out for you.

    I am happy to have a buddy on the DR off the West site!

  11. CarolinaGuy1979

    CarolinaGuy1979 New Member

    I don't know, I have a friend who worked DR it also took her 5-7 days to get her logons, I guess it differ for each one I don't know.
  12. justdance

    justdance New Member

    HI, I don't really know what to do. I applied for west.com and got an email requestion that I start my certification. It gave me a link labled Accessing Certification. This link brought me to an Adobe document with instructions on how to start certification. They gave me the email applicant.westathome.net, but I cannot access this website. Today is the last day that I have to get started.I've emailed them but what they told me to do didn't help. Any suggestions?
  13. luis84

    luis84 New Member

    It took me just 24 hours, however, I was able to start working a mere 12 hours actually, everything worked.

    This is not seasonal, I imagine a ton of people will quit or leave after the holidays.

    Being a CSA is not as easy as many people assume, so only the ones who truly like it will survive. So far I am planning to use this and some transcription work to support myself and it is working great.

    West seems to be a good chance if you want it to be...

    From my experience with schedule, when you see the hours grab them, right now there is like nothing open, under trades there is a good .... 6 hours available this afternoon and thats it. But actually, thats pretty good, anyway there was a ton available but it dissapeared. I am sure some will come available.

    People grab them all up the second they come and then decide they dont want them so there is usually a ton under trades.

    Last night i saw about..... all night Sunday avilable under trades and now no, but before I saw alot of graveyard and night open.
  14. CarolinaGuy1979

    CarolinaGuy1979 New Member

    Luis I work for GE Factory service well not yet waiting for my logins, and I know your on DR, but maybe you can answer me, since this is what I am considering a full time, job right now and I am home most of the day, do I have a better chance at picking hours since I am home to see them when they are posted then say the people who work or have other going on during the day?
  15. luis84

    luis84 New Member

    Congrats on getting on the GE Factory Service line. Anyway, yeah, you do. If you check Spectrum alot you do, I know people whine about having to "troll " for hours but I don't mind it.

    Check Spectrum every hour or few hours, hours are posted VERY randomly, and also, always check trades, you can often pick up plenty of hours from people who don't want them anymore.

    So yeah, you do, you will be able to get your 40 hours, as long as you check every now and then.
  16. New2WAH

    New2WAH New Member

    Hey Guys -

    ..here is my update on my DR training process.. I have completed module 2 with 89% late last night - and getting ready to start on the next one .... I think it really interesting.

    Luis - like yhou say - really if you can't grasp the concepts they are going over - we really dont belong on the program [​IMG] I can see what you mean about ppl grabbing up the availables and then giving them up.

    CG- I know you failed the DR awhile back and you were the one that posted to take it seriously - so I am not rushing ... like Luis says - they are only going to pay me by the hour an so personally - I am trying to get the whole picture and processes down and just taking my time. I got about 5 hours in so far! Hoping they get you some hours soon. I bet GE will have mostly the day hours

    Its a lot of what they test you on during the pre hire process so it does give you a taste of what the DR thing is all about.

    I will check back in later to let you know how far I make on the training tonight.

    BTW - I am doing this to supplement income with my FT job - that already provides the need for a home office. I think (hope) I will do well.

    I did outgoing telemarketing in a call center, once about 10 yrs ago for fundraising outfit ... did good at that and did not even like it - so inbound is truly something I am looking forward to having a good time working from home!

    One question - I am planning to use the personal laptop and I see everywhere that West is not supporting wireless. I have a good wireless that connection that works on my compauter laptop and accesses the citrix platform without no issue. Will I really need to be wired in for the calls?


  17. CarolinaGuy1979

    CarolinaGuy1979 New Member


    You are correct when you said the GE is mainly day, they are open from 7am-7pm cst Monday-Friday and 8am-6pm cst Saturday & Sunday, so I would be working during the day.
  18. luis84

    luis84 New Member


    My laptop uses Wifi, and it works just fine. I have a wired phone, with a 2.5mm Headset connected.

    People use wireless phones and wireless headsets. Honestly, West does not care as long as your CALL QUALITY sounds good, if it sounds bad, experiences interference or problems, it will become an issue quickly.

    Just bear in mind, if you start to have technical problems, and resort to calling the West Tech Support, they will not help you if you have wireless anything setup, it's too hard for them to try and troubleshoot it, but most stuff, you wouldn't need to call them over.

    Wireless setup would be just fine... calls come in over your phone line, so if your laptop is on wireless, it's no big deal, Wifi has enough bandwidth to handle Citrix, seriously.
  19. New2WAH

    New2WAH New Member

    [​IMG] I'm Done!!! YAY

    Honestly I had to retake the 4th module - I got lazy on my notes and did not review the 3 PKB products & with the cc basics - well I only got 78% first try ... retook and now ready to call for a webinar...

    woo hoo ...

  20. CarolinaGuy1979

    CarolinaGuy1979 New Member

    Congrats Cathy!!!!!!!

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