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  1. wahdell

    wahdell New Member

    Hi, I currently Work for West at home. I just wanted to let you know a couple of things.

    I work for VM (Virgin Mobile), I'm not trying to bash them or anything, but heres my experience.

    When I first started with West, I was excited. I was making excellent money for working at home, and we were paid Per minute at this point.

    Then about March 2008, things started going down hill. They started paying us per call, they started issuing PIN's for no reason, and making threats towards us. I can understand hanging up on a customer is a bad thing, and have never done it, but have received a PIN for doing so.

    Whenever you call in to the PAL desk, theirs 2 types of PALS.. The Assist Team, and the Hampton Pals. The Hampton Pal's are supposed to be your supervisor, and they have the slighest clue what their doing. I've been with West for about 8 months now, and know more about Virgin Mobile then they do.

    I have called NUMEROUS times to the Hampton PAL's team, and have been blown off, hung up on, even asked how to pull an account up in the system we use. I did my research and I found out that the PALS are actually just Call Center Representatives, they have never worked VM in their life.

    The assist team is Work at Home Agent's promoted. Most of them are helpful, and some of them are cluess. Depends on who you get.

    I know I have typed a lot in here but here's my advice to people working on the Virgin Mobile Skill for West. Basically, your on your own, read everything you can in "The Oracle" before you start working. The Oracle will basically be your friend, because every answer you get from the PALS is going to be different. Keep your Handle time down as well, your going to be paid per call, and the more calls an hour you get, the higher your paid. You'll get the hang of it soon, it's repetitive stuff. Oh, and no overtime as well, West quit paying overtime since we are on commission.

    This is one thing that I hate doing as well. If you don't know the answer then make something up, I've heard that numerous times from the Hampton PALS.

    But if you can, find somewhere else to work from home, or work another skill for West. Virgin Mobile used to be the highest paying skill, but now I could go work at Wal - Mart and make more than I do here at home.

    Thankyou, this was my first post [​IMG]
  2. rosielopey

    rosielopey New Member

    I worked for VM her in the actual call center before they closed down. The issues you are having we had the same problems. We had ES's that did not know anything, and the POD manager supervisors were no better. They just loved posting their good numbers to make them look good. The job itself I loved, and you have to agree that most of the customers are not all exactly there, but I did enjoy helping them. I did hate when they grumbled about 10 cents though, and they do especially the younger croud. Of course when they signed up they all wanted the higher limit calls without realizing if you did not pay your next months bill it was cut off. I have been trying to get in the vm line for awhile. I resigned from Dr because I hated it. I emaled them and they said they offer when they offer, okay. Just thought that a person with experience would be a benefit. Oh Well, so I am still waiting. Keep your chin up just do what you know,
  3. wahdell

    wahdell New Member

    Honestly, I would work another skill than VM, I heard DR isnt all that great since your on commission, but VM is commission as well. I've been searching for another job, but no luck. Does anyone out their know any other WAH Offers Just like west, where your an employee, not independent contracter?
  4. rosielopey

    rosielopey New Member

    hI wahdell

    Try Tele Tech, I just got hired on with them. I know they are looking for 80 agents to fill a contract. Permanent Part time.
  5. bookwurmee

    bookwurmee New Member

    I work vm activations and I understand your frustration with the PALs. I received such confusing directions one time I was almost in tears. I had to end up transferring the customer, who was very understanding. I really like the vm line, though. Even though they aren't paying per minute anymore, the min wage in my area is pretty good, and the customers are nice.

    Have you considered selling Avon? You receive 50% commission your first 3 orders, then the percentage is dependent on how much your order total is, but it's great fun and easy, too. Avon sells itself. All I do is pass out books to family, friends, and even like waitresses when I go out to eat. I sold it years ago, and it's way better now than it used to be. If you're interested in learning more about it you can check out the link on my website, which is listed in my signature.

    The only other work from home business I have experience with is Verafast. It's on an independent contractor basis, but the money is very good and they pay weekly.
  6. wahdell

    wahdell New Member

    I can understand your frustration with the Activations line. The Omaha pals aren't very bright. I've worked Activations before and had to call into their PALS, since I'm AYS i knew what needed to be done, and just needed a credit, I had to walk them through the process. I havent called the omaha pals in awhile, I never work Activations anymore.

    I haven't tried doing Avon yet. That is something that I will look into though.

    Rosie - Teletech I have heard way too many bad things about. I knew a lot of Reps at my old Job who did teletech on the side, and they were telling me that their paychecks were always wrong, they could never get into the systems, all sorts of stuff. Now I did apply with Verafast, but have not received a call back yet. I hope they call eventually. What kind of Skills do they have by the way?

    Oh, another thing, can someone explain to me what Independent Contractor is. I know that it's got something to do with not being an employee, and taxes, but how you you pay your Federal Taxes then? Do you just do that monthly or at the end of the year?
  7. rsoler

    rsoler New Member

    WELL![​IMG] Quite a few questions here thought I put my 2sense again.
    Wahdell first I LIKE to let you know that I've been with west for 2yrs and I started before the employee conversion as an Independent contractor...I filed my taxes but the info how to file can be found if you google it... process is a little lengthly and honestly, I don't want to provide all that info right now[​IMG] Second, Yes Your right west sometimes issue pin without thourough investigations I RECIEVED ONE and I never hung up on the cust! they say i did could not even dispute it...but is history now and yes some of and I mean a lot of these pals do not have enough info to satisfied our inquiries! WHICH IS VRY FRUSTRATING!!!!. I practically learn everything on my own. But I have stay with west because it has been consistent in terms of employment/pay. IF you like you can apply at VOICELOG I work for them and they are a wonderful company. www.voicelog.com As far as Teletech SORRY[​IMG] ROSIE. But I too have heard mix messages from this Company In fact they are undergoing being SUED right now. So, I would not overlooked that not even for a second and that is just my opinion. Everyone is diffrent however, it kind of depletes there reputation and that is all it takes for me to not apply. I've heard pay issues, and breaching of contracts and that is really not good at all. If you would like a list of work at home Companys please send me a private msg and I will gladly send it to you.
  8. wahdell

    wahdell New Member

    Wow, i hadn't heara bout Teletech being sued! I went to their website to take a look at what they had to offer, they had no positions open. Voicelog, I applied as well, I guess i will wait and see if they call me back or send me an email!

    I do have to agree with the VM Skill being Consistent, were always busy, it's always one call right after another. I like that, but some of the calls are very lengthy, some of the people aren't bright and
  9. rosielopey

    rosielopey New Member

    rsoler: ROSIE. But I too have heard mix messages from this Company In fact they are undergoing being SUED right now. So, I would not overlooked that not even for a second and that is just my opinion. Everyone is diffrent however, it kind of depletes there reputation and that is all it takes for me to not apply. I've heard pay issues, and breaching of contracts and that is really not good at all.
    I know I have heard the same things but I am going to try it anyway. I am already having an issue with their software and having to buy a router to make my work booth work. I have to drive 20 miles monday to get a drug test done because they use a specific place not counting all the paperwork that I have to have notorized but I am going to give it a shot. If it lasts a couple of months then I am ahead, but the first pay issue I have with them then that will be it. I do not work for free and I expect to be paid correctly for my time. I did get kind of turned off when I spoke with the recruiter and he stated tha he is glad that they had something they could offer the us because they have been hiring like crazy out of the UK. Another US company that outsources outside of the US. I do not begrudge anyone getting a job for income but there are so many unemployed in the US why not offer more here. Oh well seems like that is the trend now.
  10. gabby86

    gabby86 New Member

    I have to agree w/most of you I also work vm and loved it I've been working for west for about a year for the most part everybody's nice occaisionally you'll find a bad apple, but I really disagree with their new pay per contact vs. per min I can unnderstand the need to get the acl down but when you're getting a majority of calls dealing with multiple accouts it sucks I don't mind the multiple accounts but now I just get paid for one contact you can't even notate that it was more than one call and I get a whole lot more of the multiple account call than the ghost calls I even had 5 brand new accounts activa5ting for one person now tell am I supposed to say "oh I'm sorry but I can only help you with one account" that don't make sense and it's lousy cx service and I refuse to lower my standards when dealing with cx they get my best weather I get it. I'd rather deal with a slightly lower jper min than the per contact I figured out I've lost big time becauuse I refuse to lower my level of care for the cx.......................sorry to ramble but I love the job, flexiabilty in schedule which was perfect for me and I was able to finally get a job (Im a single parent with a disabled child which prevents me from working outside the home.......Lord knows I've tried was never able to go even 6 months before some crisis came up with him and it's unfair to an employer to say "hey my kids sick again I can't work today with this I'm able to do both (thank god for multitasking) I just wish I was still earning a decent livining
  11. wahdell

    wahdell New Member

    I did find out some information from a PAL. We do not get paid for Ghost Calls, dead air calls, or call's that last under one minute. I don't know about the One minute thing, i'm still trying to see about that, but dead air and ghost calls your not paid for. I've lost a lot of money to this per contact thing. Multiple activations though, I tell them that the systems are down, and they will have to go online in order to activate both of their phones, or call back in 4 hours. I hate doing this, but i'm not paid enough to activate 2,3,4, i've even had 5 accounts before. If they would just pay us .18 cents a minute I would gladly start working 50 hours a week again for them. Also, I figured out why they changed to the per contact instead of per minute, one of my friends who also works for west talked to one of the omaha pals for one of the other skills and they told her a lot of stuff, not sure if it's true or not, but it does make since. It's not about ALC at all thats the strange thing.

    I love my job, but now i'm having to cut corners on a lot of stuff in order to make money. Oh, and their doing another pay change as well. .75 cents a call now.
  12. gabby86

    gabby86 New Member

    I had heard they changed becaues of the call length I'd be happy with .18 per min I started this because I have to work out of my home because of my youngest and now I'm faced with having to find something to make up the difference with what I've lost because of the pay change all I want to do is be able to support my kids and provide them with a few luxories like new clothes rather than second hand
  13. wahdell

    wahdell New Member

    What I had heard is the Hampton Pals had walked out. They got tired of the Work At Home Agents making more then them, and they had planned a walk out. IT does make sense though because none of the original PALS are their.

    Yeah, Gabby I can understand that. I've lost a lot of money because of this Per Call stuff.
  14. steph

    steph New Member

    I have to agree to that the pay per contact is the not in the benefit of us but now they even lower the rate at times. I am not going to lower my standards of customer service tough because that is just not me. I believe in time something will have to change so I am waiting this out to see how it turns out. I too get calls where I have to assist one customer with multiple accts. Also, when you troubleshoot phone issues that can take time especially when it goes into investigation that is where the pay per contact gets you. I did not know that we do not get paid for ghost calls, or dead air because a pal told me we did. Well, who knows. hope it gets better.
  15. gabby86

    gabby86 New Member

    I plan on sticking it out 2 but in the meantime I need to find something to suplement the my income

    If hampton pals really walked out that's just sour grapes although I still occaisionally get a hampton pal usually it's the investigation mshow tho

    If it goes on much longer west is going to lose agents to other companies that pay better
  16. steph

    steph New Member

    Yeah, I know what you mean I have started something else to try and supplement and if it does better who knows. That is selling Avon which sells itself and is extremely fun to do. If you are interested check out my website at youravon.com/snovo. Thanks, just keep the faith and time will tell. Have a great day.
  17. kimberlyddg

    kimberlyddg New Member

    I also work for vm for 1 1/2 years and I have to say that with the new pay rates I have lost alot of money[​IMG] I used to love working the line and the money was really good and now I have to work 10 more hours just to make the same amount of money and I am constantly getting activtions which I only get paid per contact. It has been very frusterating because the agents who do not abuse the per min rate are getting screwed to.
  18. wahdell

    wahdell New Member

    i agree their. west is going to loose a lot of agents over this. im still sticking to it. i just received 2 pins for something I haven't even done, and I contacted them about it and nobody seems to have a clue what to do :p i even left a contact number to have someone over the ham pals call me, nothing has come of it yet.
  19. bookwurmee

    bookwurmee New Member

    I'm new to vm, but from what I understand they changed the pay rate because agents were abusing it, correct? We're seeing that agents are abusing this rate of pay as well. IMO if we all just did our job with the customer in mind instead of trying to work the system to our favor none of this would have happened in the first place. I like vm and I'm also really hoping that they go back to the per minute rate, but either way I'm on that line to help the customer.
  20. wahdell

    wahdell New Member

    I think that's incorrect. I was always on the phone' working my scheduled hours, even working overtime for them on the per minute rates. Yes, my ALC was a little high, but at least everything was explained a little better and the customers knew what they were being charged for, etc. Yes, I know their was a lot of Agents disconnecting calls, transferring, basically abusing the system. But I know that was happening during the Per Minute Rates as well and the PAL team didn't do anything about it. I think one of the problems goes back to the Ham Pals.

    Yes, I constantly get activations on AYS as well Kimberly. I have spoken with many PALS about this, but we have to take them otherwise it's PINS, termination, or coachings. I had an activation last me 25 minutes yesterday, usually i can explain everything to them in 7. Oh well! I don't think West is going to be able to keep the VM project for that long, their going to start loosing agents soon.

    Has ANYONE ever worked for Convergy's at home? I applied yesterday at their Call Center and WAH program and I have an interview today. I thought it was a little fast lol! They sent me an email saying that I need 2 IP Addresses, so I called my internet provider, and they said that it's not possible? Any tips?

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