What are ASD Revenue Sources?

Discussion in 'ASD - Ad Surf Daily' started by georgeyou, Jul 10, 2008.

  1. georgeyou

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    I understand that ASD gets money from Ad packages but for the company to sustain long term growth it will need to get revenue from other sources. I understand that they get revenue from these sources: monthly membership fees, Affiliate marketing, Godaddy affiliate, ASD universe (which is shut down or not?). Where else? and how much? Are they or will they be able to get more than 50% from other sources?
  2. iggyigette

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    George, it's a race...

    a race between a growing Rebate Liability Burden


    Rapid Membership growth to a level that will attract the Large Corporations with the Deep Pockets

    The big question is who will win the race...
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  4. vikingfan

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    I checked out www.greenbackstreet.com and it looks great! This is going to be an amazing revenue stream for ASD. This is the REAL DEAL. An established well respected company. I have a feeling our rebates are going to be steadily increasing over the next few months. Exciting time to be in ASD that's for sure.
  5. iggyigette

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    Now we can answer the question "WHERE'S THE MONEY COMING FROM??"
  6. brt

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    Very true Iggy... this is excellent news!

  7. Victoria

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    I love ASD but wasn't particularly thrilled with the GreenBackStreet email. It is a simple program and one that anyone can join as a reseller or partner of. In addition, they do not receive a lot of traffic, which leads me to wonder why ASD didn't go with a more popular and feasible option?

    I know that regardless how many programs they join there is no way external sources of any kind could support the ASD program itself though, however a bit more effort would go a long, long way in squashing the negativity from outside sources perhaps.

    Still, loving the payments I'm receiving..
  8. georgeyou

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    so, 99% of the money right now is from ad packages and that should hopefully go down if greenbackstreet generates the amount of money ASD thinks it will generate? I figure 100,000 members shopping on greenbackstreet and telling all their friends should be a great start for outside revenues. Anywhere else right now? or in the future that you know of?

  9. iggyigette

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    Sources of ASD Revenue:

    Ad Package Purchases - the BULK OF TOTAL REVENUE
    Banner Ad Sales
    E-Book Sales
    Media Player Sales
    GoDaddy.com (Reseller at http://www.asddomains.com)
    Advertising Sales (to other companies)
    % from millionaire marketing
    IXL marketing

    I would say though that most of ASD's Revenue comes from Ad Packages Sale from both New Money and Upgraded Money.

    With GreenBackStreet.com's Partnership, it will give a boost in ASD's Revenue to Win the financial race as it need to pay out the growing financial liability of the Promotions, Commissions, etc.

    What we don't know is how significant this revenue will be in the partnership deal (e.g. what is ASD's Profit % for total purchases).

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