What are some of the tricks people use in SEO?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by Aselrod, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Aselrod

    Aselrod New Member

    I'm curious about SEO, I need to understand it a little bit better - I'd like to hear from anyone who has had great success with it.
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    It simply means Search Engine Optimization - or in my opinion, true SEO is learning how to work the search engines to get traffic to your websites for free.

    I learned a lot about SEO with the SiteBuildIt ( SBI) program which is what I used to build my one website and most of the traffic I get to that is strictly from google searches.... in fact, I think if you google the phrase " best survival knife" my website is still on the first page.

    I have a Squidoo lens at number one but my emergency-survival-skills.com website is somewhere on the first page, too.[​IMG]

    It's all about optimizing each page for keyword phrases so that the search engine will pick it up....

    Good luck - and I definitely don't know everything about it yet, but am willing to share the little bit I do know.[​IMG]
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  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    yeah, its about getting hits to your website from online searches that people do. There is countless from stuff online, even in this forum that will keep you busy for days.

    Starts with getting keywords and then using those keywords in your online 'things'. From the website, to articles, videos, etc.

    Many people have achieves SEO traffic to their website that has produced cash flow by simply writing articles on a consistent basis.

    Combining your online marketing with offline marketing and establish a full scale approach to driving traffic to your website for a successful home business.
  4. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Get lots of high quality backlinks - the more backlinks you have linking back to your site, the higher you will rank in the search engines.
  5. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Hello Adam!

    Welcome to the forum.

    Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy that is designed to generate free, qualified traffic to your website, blog or other destination via search engine results.

    There are 10 listings returned per page, per query. The No.1 spot is believed to get the most attention and highest number of clicks because it contains the most relevant response to whatever query was typed in the search box.

    The remaining 9 positions get progressively less clicks because of their diminished relevance to the top spot. As a group, links appearing on the first page will get more clicks than those appearing on subsequent pages.

    The optimun goal would be to have all 10 page one positions pointing to websites, blogs, Squidoo lenses, You Tube videos, articles, and any other properties you control. Achieve that, and you'll be flooded with quality traffic for a very long time.

    You could start out by studying how to optimize the various components of an article, and then move on to optimizing a web site, blog and so on.

    Eventually you'll recognize that the basics are essentially the same, except they have to be slightly altered to meet the characteristics of the particular promotional piece you are using.

    Hope this was helpful.

  6. bbxe99

    bbxe99 New Member

    Follow these steps I follow to get good rank on search engines and sales -
    1. Site Title: max 65 characters
    2. keywords: max 20, characters-200
    3. Description : characters-200
    4. No. of URLs : max 100
    5. Quality inbound back links
    6. seo friendly site design ( e.g.-page width, content quantity n quality, lesser html tags like , img alter n more
  7. shmeeko69

    shmeeko69 Member

    I must say the stand out way for me for SEO is article marketing.

    It's free & you get numerous URL clicks to your sites from the various article companies & you also go up the Google page ranking ladder.

    There are other productive ways, but for me article marketing is a win win win situation 10/10.

    Mark [​IMG]
  8. residualcash

    residualcash New Member

    Seo Traffic tip:

    Setup a blog and submit your rss feed to plenty of rss sites.
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  9. bestari

    bestari New Member

    plus, by searching for dofollow blogs and high ranking blog (pr1-pr3), comment in it,i think it will be effective.myb it's not a huge impact but you can try it.

    hm..submit to social bookmarking...? i think it also can help

    -just my 2cent trick[​IMG]
  10. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    As Get A Grip mentioned, high quality back links are key.

    A few high quality, meaning high PR, .edu and .gov back links can be more valuable than many low quality back links.

    I use Market Samurai to find keyword phrase, on topic related back links and it works wonders!

  11. aaramire

    aaramire New Member

    Ditto, quality backlinks from high pr websites helps alot with the rankings.
  12. pete76uk

    pete76uk New Member

    Another good way for high page ranking backlinks is social bookmarking ,I use bookmarking demon as it saves loads of time.
  13. Tech Maish

    Tech Maish New Member

    There is no secret inside SEO.
    You have to follow these steps to get positive result.

    1:- Write quality articles.
    2:- Include your targeted key words in the artile.
    3:- Use your keywords in H1, H2, H3 and H6
    4:- Start posting in forums (Place your link in signature)
    5:- Post comments in blogs
    6:- Exchange link with your niche blogs or websites
    7:- Submit some quality articles to high PR directories.
    8:- Bookmark your blog in high PR Social Bookmarking websites.
  14. twnuck

    twnuck New Member

    The key with SEO (in my experience) is to do things that the search engines, and specifically Google, loves. This includes article marketing and submissions to key sites like:


    These get you ranked quickly!

    The other thing to do is create blogs or squidoo lens that contain content and point back to your main web page. I've found that it's much easier to get a blog or lens ranked high than your website. Not sure why but Google in particular loves that.

    My total strategy is to:

    1. Start with keyword searches for terms that apply to my niche. I focus on words with less than 10,000 searches per month
    2. I write an article around each term
    3. I post that article on my lens or blog
    4. I rinse and repeat the process again

    By focusing on lesser searched terms you have a much better chance of getting ranked quickly. And the key to all of this is to NEVER QUIT. Yes, itt takes time to build momentum but work you do today can serve you for years to come.

  15. designerlondon

    designerlondon New Member

    Anyone know if writing multiple articles on the same article site like Ezine articles is better than only having one article per site?
  16. garygoh

    garygoh New Member

    twnuck: This includes article marketing and submissions to key sites like:

    I thought links from articlebase are "no follow"? Would that help in terms of serp?
  17. birddog

    birddog New Member

    Yes they will help. Even though links from articlebase are "no follow", Google and the others will still count them.

    I see a lot of misinformation in this thread and some really good points. I run an SEO service that automates it all so that you can
    focus on your other tasks.

    I will pull together some info for you guys and try to get it posted
    on this thread tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, if you have any issues that need atending to before that, you can contact me at birddogseo at gmail com.
    I will give you guys as much help as possible. (without giving out
    any proprietary secrets of course.)
  18. ZriiProsper

    ZriiProsper New Member

    Yeah, finding those .edu and .gov backlinks are tricky, but key.
  19. Lauram

    Lauram New Member

    Tech Maish
    I'm VERY new....could you explain this further? What it is?
    Thanks so much for the other info!
  20. baxterbaker

    baxterbaker New Member

    thanks for sharing these useful information

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