What Are The Best Business Opportunities in 2011?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by laimonas, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. laimonas

    laimonas New Member

    What do you think, what are the best business opportunities online in 2011?
  2. yahia

    yahia Member

    Hydrogen Fuel, but only if you can wait for the fruit until maybe 5 years later.
  3. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    How can I resist answering that question??? can't.

    Real Time Pain Relief's Enjoy Living Again Vendor Program.
    Where else can you get on-line and off-line wholesale and retail
    RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS on a 7 level downline as wide as you want?
    Plus make cash in your pocket anytime you feel like it.
    And with International sales starting RTPR is set to explode.
    It is the best opportunity that I know of and the time is now.

    If anyone knows of anything close I'd like to hear about it.
  4. Elysium

    Elysium New Member

    I'm seeing an increase in opportunities that involve team builds and/or co-ops.

    It works good for the newbies that can't advertise well on their own or compete with the heavy hitters, and the experienced leaders like it because they can attract all the newbies with it, as well as other leaders.

    It actually becomes symbiotic, and seems to benefit people as a whole. (It's always a good idea to do some research on the people starting the teambuild if you're not familiar with the names - Many forums now have "team build and co-op" folders).

    Some teams require that your personal team link receives a certain amount of hits (most of which you can get at traffic exchanges and free classifieds), while others just ask for a fee and then they build your downline for you. So it can really vary depending on the team.

    I can't imagine joining an opportunity and doing nothing. I personally like the combination of joining a teambuild and promoting along with them. I find that getting sign ups becomes easier, because many people like the idea of joining a team rather than just one person.

    It's actually a lot of fun, and so far has been the most successful path for me. I love the information we share in the teams, and I learn something new every day.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    laimonas, you will have to find what "fits" you best. As with any business, you need to know the fundamentals. Take your time and do research. Diligence pays off! Don't be afraid to take necessary risks though. Elysium has a good point. People should never go it alone, you need a system of some sort and someone or a group to guide you.
  6. josephinemonty

    josephinemonty New Member

    I think that there are a lot of good companies out there but you certainly have to believe in your product/service for you to be successful.

    I have to admit that when I first started out, I did not know what I was doing and the company I was with, was not one that I really "bought into" as time went by....live and learn as they say. And I did.

    I am much more wise because of my past mistakes and look forward to helping others through the relationships that I continue to create and nurture. It's all about helping people in this business and that is honestly what I love to do. I would love to connect with anyone who has that same philosophy. [​IMG] Thank you!

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  7. taz87

    taz87 Member

    I can say that network marketing is gaining ground BIG TIME.
    The more competitive affiliate marketing gets(oh and it has!) the more prospects get involved in network marketing.

    People are starting to realise you can make money with others too, especially those who naturally like to help people anyway. In that scenario everybody wins. If You get the support you deserve and you will make it. Other individual ventures are good too don't get me wrong.
    To me the best opportunity is one that can provide me a sustainable and residual income every month with a good compensation plan that offers me high probability to make money.
    The definition of good opportunity naturally can vary from a person to another [​IMG]

  8. Willbert

    Willbert New Member

    To be truthfully honest with you I would have to say the free one's.

    I just cancelled two other mlm ventures I joined just because the recruiting was slow as can be. I'm still in two, one I'm paying $50 a month and one is totally free $0 a month.

    I have joined some of the $20 and $30 a month social networks also and will give them a try for 2 months. Needless to say. I dropped out of 2 of them and back to the free membership they offered. I get more out of belonging to a lot of free ones then to a couple of paid ones. A lot cheeper too.

    So to me the free ones that allow you to make money with are my choice.
  9. carl

    carl New Member

    There are some good home-based business opportunities.

    Be suspicious of the ones that charge you a lot of money, or even any money at all, and of ones that don't tell you what kind of work you will be doing up front.
  10. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Willbert: give them a try for 2 months
    Ah, there is that old statistic again:
    Most people QUIT before 3 months.
    And that is why so many will "fail".

    "Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit."

    It takes time to build a business, especially a lasting one.
  11. taz87

    taz87 Member

    I couldn't agree more Just2EZ, The ones who stick with what they are doing and not jump to the best or newest thing out there are the ones that will win the race.

  12. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Just2EZ: Most people QUIT before 3 months.
    And that is why so many will "fail".

    I was "tripping" on that statement as well.

    I'd like to see these people quit the jobs they hate or don't pay them what they are worth, while being the leverage of some CEO that is living well.

    To succeed in doing for self, one must give up the j.o.b. mentality.

    carl: Be suspicious of the ones that charge you a lot of money, or even any money at all, and of ones that don't tell you what kind of work you will be doing up front.
    While there is money to be made from some free opportunities, the more serious money comes from investing in yourself for success. Never heard of a successful company that started without, and or didn't come to need, a capital investment. However we want miracles for our "little" home businesses, all for free. Now that's comedy.

    The one good thing is digital distribution and networking home businesses have opened the door to where lower cost opportunities, i.e., less than $100, are now viable opportunities that one couldn't have gotten in the past with the physical product distribution opportunities.

    Even some of these mega successful gurus spend money in development, marketing in particular, to succeed. In fact that the hidden success factor in a lot of those affiliate marketing opportunities, and now with the Google slap on article directories as "content farms" not worthy of top ranks, all those free marketing for success in affiliate marketing using articles have to be abandon or re-written.

    Bottom line is don't expect to not invest in your success, and don't expect miracles in a few months if you are new with little to no online marketing experience and an existing list. That does not mean you can't make money in short order, some will some won't essentially all can, but creating success first takes building up some momentum to get the desired results. Depending on your marketing activity and effectiveness in marketing that could take you a couple of months in and of itself.
  13. steelpaulo

    steelpaulo New Member

    The phenomenon of the internet makes so many businesses available that the hard part is choosing one that you like and staying with it.

    On the same day I joined Zibzoom I had many others that I could have joined that came right to my inbox. Some are so new and cutting edge that now is definitely the time to get in.

    However I only have time to integrate one business at a time and as that is I feel like I'm spreading myself to thin.

    Opportunity is limitless but moving from one to another is not a good idea. I've had the most success with the ones I've been in the longest.

    Or is it that I stayed in those so long because I have had some success. I have dropped countless others.

    Back in the day before the net you had to choose one give it three to five years before you could say you worked it.

    EVERYTHING is faster now including the time it takes to see if a business is going to attract a following or if you are going to see some positive results. Rather than 3 to 5 years you can expect to see some results with in 2 to 4 months with the help of the net.

    I don't think you have to stay with some thing just because you started with it. I'm looking for results and refining my process. If the deal just doesn't seem to turn people on I drop it.

    Also if it has monthly fees I'm not there. I just can't afford another $50 monthly (bill) investment. I'm looking for a deal that requires little or no investment and appeals to a large segment.

    Look at Groupon that thing is blowing up, look at facebook. People are going where they benefit without large investment and in fact
    are gaining simply from association. I use facebook for free, I only
    pay for a groupon if I want that item.

    Now capitalize on those two, on that trend towards involvement and following for free. The business that does that will explode.

    Above all don't quit working towards your goal no matter how hard it may sometimes seem.
  14. taz87

    taz87 Member

    steelpaulo, While I do Agree with most of your post. I still can't comprehend how can you expect to make money with no investment...the free opportunities have a higher chance of being scams than the paid ones that is for a start. Then comes the stability factor. It is likely that "free" entry company will have financial issues and fold much more quickly, poof there goes your 200 or whatever signups just like that. However Yes one must be wary and do his due diligence before investing a dime.

  15. Speedy2011

    Speedy2011 Member

    I agree 100% on what Josephine said in his reply and that is "You have to believe in your product/service for you to be successful." In other words, be the product for you will have the passion to want to share it to people that are close to you and everyone you can talk too.

    Now if you just have dollar signs in your eyes, then you will join those businesses out there that offer programs you download online only and that does not have a physical office to talk to employees for support.

    Now when you join this kind of business you will see more businesses poping up over night like that business that has your downline leaving you to be the first to join that new one. Now guess what, you will no longer have anyone under you to make money.

    Now you will have to do the same by leaving that business to hurry up to beat other people in that other NEW one to get people under you again to start making money again.

    In order for you to make a long term income in these kinds of businesses, you will have to play that game of jumping from business to business. It seems to never stop. Good luck to you on making money this way.

    Now if you want to find a true business to make a long term income to be successful. Then sit down and ask yourself what product do you use once a day, once a week or maybe even once a month.

    When you have that answer go online to search for an online business that is offering that kind of product. Then you will becoming the product; due to you were already planing on using that kind of product any way, so why not make an income with it too.

    Also make sure that product is offered in a business that has a physical office with real employees there to support your questions or your customer questions.

    This should help you find a good online business for you in the year 2011. If it does, please reply back to let me know that my tip help some one else too. I know it help me.

    Thank you for reading.

  16. jhoecannon

    jhoecannon New Member

    If you have been an affiliate for some time, you can use that info and knowledge to help local offline businesses find more customers through online marketing...this still allows you to do affiliate marketing.

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