What are the most effective ways you guys used to promote your business

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Micah Armstrong, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. Micah Armstrong

    Micah Armstrong New Member

    Hey, I'm 23 years old I started network marketing about 3 months ago and I love it!! :) my question is what are the most effective strategies you guys used to market your business??
  2. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    You might get more responses of you included GALS in your question, many here are female.
    I'm not so guess I get to answer first.
    It all depends on what you are trying to sell to whom as to what works best.
    Generally, creating unique content on your own website ranks first for staying power.
    Paid search results would be the fastest method but also can be deadly expensive for newbies.
    The in between would be classified ads, backlink building, and list building, among others.
    YouTube videos can be one of the most powerful but harder to master and protect content.
    There are countless threads on this forum about the many methods used for marketing.
    This is the "Marketing" section although answers can be found in other sections too:
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  3. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    I would have to say paid traffic and building a list..
  4. Lexii0302

    Lexii0302 New Member

    I personally have found that physically going to blogs and forums relating to the product I'm selling is the best way to get my website out there. And it also teaches me exactly what people want so I can tailor my product to that.
  5. Wayne Miller

    Wayne Miller Member

    I like posting on forums that let me advertise in my signature and I do post exchanges. I use free advertising and it works well for me, I never pay for advertising. I do some banner exchanges too. I have a blog on my website and invite anyone with a business to post on it, self promote and use links. I belong to Facebook and have a fanpage for my site there, when I invite people to post on my blog I ask them to hit my Facebook like button. I belong to Linked in and IBOtoolbox. I go to online magazines and post comments to business related articles and add a signature with my catch phrase and URL at the bottom on my comment. Find places to post press releases and do it often. I never go anywhere on the Internet without looking for a way to leave the URL for my site somewhere. Backlink as often as possible and if you have a site add links to as many online resources as you can to your site, the search engines will find them when their bots crawl your site and your site rankings will be higher. Buy some cheap business cards and give one to anyone who will take it. You'll be surprised where they go and who uses them. Your cell phone probably has one too, use it when you text etc. The bottom line is promote, promote, promote.
  6. TJ Reed

    TJ Reed New Member

    First things first! Your goal should be to build your list and then nurture. that list. I have found that simply sharing free information though articles, forums, blogs, etc. has been the most profitible for me.

    Creating unique content can be a three-fold benefit. You can get new traffic, send the information to your existing list, and add new content to your website.

    It may be difficult to get a good search engine ranking with a website, but with a good article, blog, or report, you may get your information (including your link!!!) on Page 1.

    Hope this helps answer your question!

    Best wishes for your future in this industry!
  7. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Basic SEO such as creating backlinks, focusing on keywords, etc. It takes a lot of work to get traffic, but if you keep working at it, your results will hopefully pay off.
  8. yahia

    yahia Member

    I buy traffic from search engines and Facebook, and play with the ad copy to get a high click through rate. It's quick and you can split test the conversion rate of your landing page in a day or two.
  9. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    I like solo ads for the flexibility they offer, the degree of control you can maintain and the range of results you can leverage.

    For example. With solo ads you can...

    - target the specific demographic(s) or niche(s) you are interested in.​
    - test and measure your campaigns before committing a big budget.​
    - shoot for subscribers and sales and build lists all in one fell swoop.​
    - usually schedule the exact moment you want your ads delivered.​
    - be guaranteed a pre-determined number of clicks for each campaign.​

    ... among other things.

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  10. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member


    If you want to get the fastest results in your marketing, I would go with paid ads like pay per click and solo ads. I have been using paid media for years and can tell you that it works. You also got to test your ads to see which works best for you and you opportunity.

    If you don't have the money to spend on paid ads, I would go with articles, posting YouTube videos, posting in forums like this one, and doing some SEO.

    Hope this helps.
  11. drknlvly6781

    drknlvly6781 Active Member

    Definitely networking, socializing, and connecting as a priority. I don't promote my business much at all. What I do is look to connect with like-minded individuals and ask them about what they are doing. I build a connection with those individuals and share marketing strategies with them. The leads come because I do leave my link in all the prominent places possible, so when people connect with me they can delve into my business at their leisure and interest. Many of those individuals come back to me with questions. This is the best way to market because now you know that all the people that you talk to about the business are genuinely interested in it.
  12. tkyles1009

    tkyles1009 Member

    Personally, I would say video marketing as well as article marketing because the results tend to show up serps quickly:D

    Kind regards
  13. Ina Stanley

    Ina Stanley Member

    When I start any venture I tend to start by building a strong content foundation. This really helps when building quality backlinks. Once I have that content foundation where I want it to be, I move to social media. That way as I'm connecting with people on social networks I have that powerful content foundation behind me to back up what I've shared about myself and my venture. Then I move on to paid advertising. I usually see a great bump in traffic and sales from that which is sustained and supported by all the other work I've done. The free stuff is working slowly and steadily in the background while the paid advertising gets me off the ground.

    Press releases, video marketing and articles will all give you more immediate visibility in the search engines.
  14. shutterbugjen

    shutterbugjen New Member

    Depends a lot on the type of business you have I guess. I own a photography business and used the following ways to promote it:

    1. Word of mouth was my best form of promoting my business and it was free!
    2. Business cards. I let them everywhere and handed them out to everyone.
    3. Social media such as Facebook page and Twitter.
    4. Got involved & Network yourself. I was on boards and volunteer committees just to meet new people and get my name out there.
    5. I also found local places to allow me to put my work and cards up in there locations such as Starbucks.
  15. nickstrech

    nickstrech New Member

    It depends, as you are just starting, article marketing and SEO strategies are free, and making mistakes costs you time.Pay per click is great if you know exactly what you are doing. Making mistakes with pay per click costs you money.
  16. newbie2pro

    newbie2pro New Member

    Article marketing and blogging directed at the product you market are really the best ways to gain traffic. These methods show that you are an authority in your chosen niche and people are more likely to trust someone with a good reputation in a saturated market. ppc is costly and you could actually drive better targeted quality traffic doing it yourself. It may take longer but long term results will be much better. Don't forget social media and the power of viral marketing.
  17. crisstar

    crisstar Member

    Free marketing tactics along with paid tactics too!(y)

    Paid gives you faster traffic...faster results, so you know what is and isn't working. You can also scale up. Free tactics, like blog commenting, article syndication, guest blogging take time but if you do is consistently it works. Do what appeals to you but make sure you track it so that you know it's bringing you traffic.
  18. realworldmyth

    realworldmyth New Member

    Most effective way? Network with the influencers in your niche. Then, hope they share their content with their audience. Really difficult, but sure beats building links manually for months or years...
  19. Paid ads work best (y).

    There are actually a lot of free ways to promote your site however it is time consuming. You can use forum sites that talk about the same interest/niche that you into. Be active and build relationship with other members as they are your prospective buyers.

    You can also go to other blogs and post relevant comments and leave your site there to be their reference.

    These are effective techniques as long it is high in quality and not spammy type of promotions.
  20. TimmyH6

    TimmyH6 New Member

    If you want to go the email route Constant Contact is a good way to go. They allow you to start out for free and give you the option of upgrading later.

    The on thing that you want to do when you make your list as interact with those who are on it. This way they will know it is a two way street and you are not just treating them like a client or customer. Also, if they have businesses that they want to promote ask how you can help. Networking takes time. Most of us would rather run our business and let someone else handle it. But in today's media driven world it must be done.

    One more thing. Start out local and gauge what works with the people who are around you, then use it to go national.

    Good luck

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