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Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by mike Bryan, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. mike Bryan

    mike Bryan New Member

    I am here to understand how to get site views and visitors. I tried traffic exchange and lots of thing but they are all junk. I am looking for something legitimate and helpful. I and ty in advance
  2. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    You get site views by producing good quality content on your site. Over time google will notice and you will get traffic to your site. If your site had good informational content it will get shared through social mediums thus giving you traffic. Social engagement plays a part on your site too.

    Hope this helps..
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  3. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Try to find different sites, forums, social media, etc. where people might be interested in your niche. Don't spam. Contribute to the discussion and include a link to your site when it's appropriate and allowed.
  4. Bettingtipslive

    Bettingtipslive New Member

    Totally agree with the post about content. If your want your website to be around for the long term then content is everything. If you update regularly, include social media in your strategy and avoid linking with websites that can damage your seo then you will see an increase in traffic long term.
  5. Everything you can do online will take a while to build up. Do a little every day and eventually it will add up.
  6. mike Bryan

    mike Bryan New Member

    I see, ty guys
  7. ricksalas

    ricksalas New Member

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  8. Conor Doherty

    Conor Doherty New Member

    Getting traffic takes time. Especially if you're going the free route.
    Keep taking part in conversations like these and add links in your signature.
    Post to social media sites and groups but don't spam by just leaving your links.
  9. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    Great point and advice here. When you say you are looking for something legitimate and helpful, I get the impression you are looking for a tool of sorts to do it for you. The shiny object as some of us call it. These don't work and there really are no shortcuts.

    I don't know what your site is about so it's hard to give you a strategy. For example if you have beautiful images, Pinterest is a great way to get more traffic. If you aren't using images on your site effectively start using them. A picture is worth a thousand words or in our world a thousand visits or a thousand dollars.

    When you write posts, write with the intention of connecting with and building relationships with your readers. Get active in social media and build relationships there. Show interest in others. Use buyer keywords as all keywords are not created equal.
  10. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    Good keyword research and good quality content. Overtime google will notice and you will start ranking but its going to take time. Hopefully your content will get shared liked and tweeted giving your site traffic and ranking you high in the search engines.
  11. Sam2476

    Sam2476 New Member

    It's a slow process im finding out.
    I'm seeing increases each week so hopefully that means I'm doing something right. :)
    How many views per day is considered good? ( I know this is a 'how long is a piece of string' question) but still keen to hear ideas and opinions
  12. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Page views is just one link in the chain of traffic indicators, and there is no unanimous magic number that determines what's good or not good. What may be thought of as a good number for one niche may be considered to be totally inadequate for another.

    But having 850, 1850, or 10,850 page views per day doesn't matter if nobody is signing up or making a purchasing. While page views certainly has its place, the number I would be more concerned about is the conversion rate. That's a more qualitative measurement of performance.

    The Conversion Rate Formula:

    Number of Sales divided by Number of Visitors multiplied by 100.​

    So if 850 visitors came to your site today and you made 46 sales, your conversion rate would be 5.4%. (That's 46/850x100).
    In plain language that means that for every 100 people who visit your site, approximately 5 people make a purchase. If you could increase the conversion rate with the same 850 visitors per day, you'd effectively increase your sales without increasing your traffic.

    And that's always a cool goal to shoot for.


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