What are the positives of working with West?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by moneyinthebank, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. moneyinthebank

    moneyinthebank New Member

    I have read the downsides of the company, and I am somewhat prepared to deal with those issues as much as any job in this field. But on the other hand, was wondering what are the ups of West?
  2. tropicalbenzo

    tropicalbenzo New Member

    i like it, i love work with west they always paid me on time, they answer all my questions, sometime we need to fight for the hours, but the rest is fine, also we need to follow all directions so we can get better and better. but try and u would like it, the good part on all of this is, that u make money in ur home, and remember this a job not a game!
  3. angiedbc456

    angiedbc456 New Member

    I like working with West cause i get to set my on schedule and they pay me on time.
  4. tree1105

    tree1105 New Member

    I've been working for west since Aug. 2008. I love this job because first and foremost, I pick my own schedule, how many hours I want to work and when. I also love working from home and my family loves it more!! The pay is not so great but....I just figure that I'm saving gas since I'm not driving to work, I'm saving lunch money since I eat at home and I save on wardrobe expenses, I work in my jammies most of the time.[​IMG] So overall, the money works out. I get paid every two weeks via direct deposit. Last week I worked 36 hours, this week I'm only working 20 because I have things going on at home(daughter graduating high school). And I don't have to ask ANYBODY if I can change my schedule!!! I think I work for one of the easiest lines....d*rect r*sponse. I just take calls for people ordering items they see on tv or wanting free info about something they saw on tv/radio. Also, I worked for 1800flowers for about 6 months.....hated it! Pay was better but the hours were brutal, a fixed schedule and you were only guaranteed 6 hours a week. And during busy times, like valentines day or mothers day, I had to work 10-12 hrs a day, required! I love my job and I tell everyone out there looking.....apply at west! They'll love it too!
  5. MilanDiva

    MilanDiva New Member

    Hey, I applied on the 15th, got an e-mail on the 16th and today I sent in all the documents via fax. I am curious about the spanish aspect of the company.
  6. ChristinaF

    ChristinaF New Member

    I had a question Trina, I sent in all of my paperwork, and had to redo it because they said they could not read my license and they said the notary seal was not visible, (whatever) anyway I applied June 12th and the only thing that they have told me when I log in is that HR needs to finish the hiring process. So what exactly am I waiting for, and also I have an email that says that the certification that I took was for DR. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
  7. tropicalbenzo

    tropicalbenzo New Member

    i thing cristina that u need to wait for the welcome letter and then for the training after that u r hired, and u will be start the training anytime......anyway be careful with the training please dont failed!!!
    good luck keep checking....
    let us know when u got ur skill invitation!
  8. ChristinaF

    ChristinaF New Member

    Hey all, just wanted to let you know I finally got my hire letter and my skill. I work for DR but other than that I do not know what else.
  9. New2WAH

    New2WAH New Member

    Hey Christina -

    I am awiting the welcome letter email myself withing 48-72 hours. are any other programs than DR being offered? Are you locked into a specific program skill for a period of time? Anything for HSN being offered?

  10. luis84

    luis84 New Member

    What are the good things? A ton. Like stated above.

    You set your own schedule, you rarely need to fight for hours, but you do need to schedule ahead, if you do last minute you will have to troll for posted trades. It's fine, never have a problem making my 30 hours.

    Pay is on time... so far, the system is very fair, you are ranked based on performance, and that is great!

    if you get a DR line, we are open 24/7 so ... hours are available mostly all day and night.

    Staff is very polite and friendly, and you can work in your PJ's.

    Also, I would say if you do good, you have some job security. I know plenty of West agents who have been west agents 1-3 years.

    If you do well, you may get offered a better paying campaign, you always have choices. You can leave a particular line but not West. That is nice.

    Pay is Mediocre but it is a work at home job, you stay at home, come on people! And West is not going anywhere, at home call centers are acually one of the few industries growing, companies love it, West will be around for a long while.

    Also, we get discounted dental and health insurance if you want (it's so so)

    and... Discount on Sprint Cell phone plans, it's actually a decent discount.
  11. jlbear21

    jlbear21 New Member

    do they perform a credit check to hire you?
  12. makingafriend

    makingafriend New Member

    I kind of was wondering whats so bad about west myself

    I work for them and they a good work at home company I mean sure there are problems but work at home company dont have problems

    It dont matter what company you mention you work for someone will have something to say bad about the company

    I feel if you want to make money at home west is a good option

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