What are your strategies for quality backlinks?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by NickHenry, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. NickHenry

    NickHenry New Member

    I use guest blogging?What are other ways to get good links?Please let me know.
  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Make sure the links are relevant. Backlinks are not as important as they used to be from an SEO standpoint, but they can still be helpful. A well placed backlink can generate quality traffic.
  3. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    Yes backlinks are still useful but content on your site is what matters. If the content is good then it will likely get shared by social media thus giving your site somewhat of a viral effect. But concentrate on content for your site.
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  4. GEM

    GEM New Member

    I agree with KB24. Produce great content (without overdoing linking), will automatically give you your backlinks. But it is the content that will be shared and ultimately increase your traffic. Building up a backlog of rich content takes time. The more you are active the better.
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  5. michaljose016

    michaljose016 New Member

    I do agree with KB24.
    Your content should be good and relevant, also user friendly. Not use such words that the person reading it can't get it.
  6. Art

    Art Member

    Try http://dropmylink.com/ - it finds blogs you can comment on and get 100% White Hat backlinks, even from .edu and .gov sites!
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  7. echolocs

    echolocs New Member

    Guest blogging is taking a hit big time as Google has stepped in and sites using it can get downgraded or warned they are using spamming tactics.



    There is an allowance for certain guest blogging but you have to be very relevant and write quality posts with nofollow links and dont use any keywords in the links etc. Check up on the requirements going forward but the short story is MyGuestBlog got hit hard for this and others will.
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  8. OmarS.K

    OmarS.K Member

    I strongly suggest to post or publish press release on http://www.ibotoolbox.com. It is great social media networking website. It has many valuable tools that can help you to grow your online business.
    Among these amazing tools, there is a press release posting tools where you can post your article to gain quality backlinks to your sites and also earn credits for doing that. these credits may be used for advertizing your websites
  9. simontip

    simontip New Member

    Unfortunately guest blogging is now seen by Google to be unnatural linking akin to a "link scheme" (any linking done purely for SEO purposes) and is considered to be in direct contravention of the position on link schemes given in the Google Webmaster Guidelines:


    Andy Williams has posted a very succinct analysis of the present situation on his blog:


    From both of the above it would seem that guest blogging for the sole purpose of getting backlinks to a site is probably now a practice to be avoided, which is a shame because Google's attitude not only deprives guest bloggers of a way to obtain links to their site from high PageRank blogs but will also impact greatly on the blog owners themselves, many of whom rely on guest bloggers to provide fresh content for their sites.

    Google's position on this may possibly change again at some point in the future (and if so it wouldn't be the first time that they'd backtracked on their stated policy!) but it's difficult at the moment to see how the situation can be easily resolved.

    It's important to understand that Google isn't against backlinks (far from it) but they have to be, or appear to be, natural....and the best way to obtain natural links to your site is to provide great content so that people will link to you of their own volition.

    Google's focus is on their users rather than on the site owners, despite the fact that it's the owners of websites that provide them with a large proportion of their income through Adwords and AdSense. Indeed their mission is to provide the searcher with the best possible match for their search, and having good strong content written around focused keywords is the best way of giving them what they want. If you can do this you'll shoot up the rankings.

    However if you still want to actively build backlinks to your site yourself then two alternatives to guest blogging that would be worth considering are blog commenting and forum commenting. Neither strategy will make you fall foul of Google's Webmaster Guidelines, but again for them to be effective you must provide content in your comments and posts that adds value to the blog or forum with which you choose to engage, in exactly the same way as your former guest blogging contributions presumably did.

    I hope this gives you some help in deciding the best direction to go in the future. Good luck with your endeavour however you choose to proceed.
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  10. Elizabeth21

    Elizabeth21 New Member

    The main ways are
    1. Submit to Directories, Article, Social Bookmarking sites
    2. Link exchange with related sites.
    3. link bait by posting content that is link worthy
    4. Encourage people to syndicate your content though RSS feeds
    5. Or there is another option of taking help from some freelancer on websites like SEOclerks, as there rates are very low.
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  11. Revra Golane

    Revra Golane New Member

    Guest Blogging and link wheel is best. you can get PR9 backlinks, and doffolow on fiverr.
    check this seller https://www.fiverr.com/plumeseo for high PR backlinks
  12. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    Here is a video I found from Matt Cutts himself about backlinks:
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  13. Russell Toews

    Russell Toews Member

    I find it funny (and not really in a good way) that when Google first burst onto the scene they were almost entirely about back links, and they pushed out the search engines that focused mostly on keywords. Slowly over the years since, Google has been inching their way back to what the others were doing. But if you really think about it, WTF does a back link or a whole raft of back links actually say about the content - almost nothing - so Google took prominence with a bad idea and they are working back to where we really should've been all along. Searching and finding would've been better off, the whole time, for both surfers and websites, if Google had never existed at all.
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  14. SandraGJ

    SandraGJ Member

    I can see that everyone has their own opinion when it comes to quality of back links, and sadly, none of us will ever be completely right or wrong when it comes to this topic. Everyone has their own experiences and theories when it comes to linkbuilding. The only advice I can give is that if you're doing something that gives good results, then keep doing it. Although on the other hand, I resonantly think that the quality and the relevance of your backlinks will always be more important than the quantity.
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  15. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Only Google will be completely right when it comes to this topic. ;)
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  16. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Disagree, Google is not the only game in town, now or ever!

    I was surprised to find 37 Pintrest folks were sharing my site.
    And I don't even have a Pintrest account, all are strangers.
    Many other sites can drive a ton of traffic, like Reddit.
    Sure Google is #1 overall but a lot of smalls add up.
    Plus smalls are more prone to sharing with others.
    The link SEO comes when their posts are indexed.
    Give them something worth sharing, like pictures.
    A picture is worth a thousand words they say.
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  17. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I can't say I disagree with you either Just2EZ. There are so many places to get traffic. :)
  18. Lina

    Lina New Member

    For quality back link, share content around your topic and make them available on authority websites.
    So for example you have a nice blog post and want to increase its online ranking with quality back links.
    Build other content around the same topic as the blog post and syndicate them on other good websites such as Slideshare or Issuu.
  19. Expert

    Expert Member

    Blog commenting is the best strategy to get backlinks. There are many strategies but this is the most common and easiest one for new bloggers.
  20. luke04

    luke04 New Member

    Great advice! Do you use this same approach with video marketing?

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