What business would be booming 10 yrs after now?

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    Agreed, but just like the government killed the hemp industry before, I would not trust them not to do it again as the decision was based on greed and control, something the government is more apt to do again them most know. Just look at all the crisis level issues we see popping up every day. We saw billions lost trying to push solar and ethanol down our throats, and it is still not cost effective. Then we saw suppression of fracking which could make us energy independent, and then the Keystone pipeline stopped, so the bottom line is do not trust the government for they can stop hemp all over again if the right industries pay the politicians off. lol

    I have been an advocate for hemp for years, not only the value of cannibus for health, but also the omega 3 which many have stated it to be better than from fish oils which has a purity issue cast over it with recent studies. Growing hemp will become mainstream once again for it has so many economical benefits that I am still amazed how it was attacked and outlawed based on government being paid off by big oil knowing hemp produces one of the best bio fuels ever, and at far less cost than oil, even back in the 30's when oil was cheap, go figure. They started a tremendous smear campaign against hemp and killed off thousands of farmers crops in the end, pretty sad just how government can destroy an industry like hemp, so get educated on the truth before deciding on any business opportunity

    To learn more about the history of hemp, general link, not directed at any company, check it out, interesting read.


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    I think the gaming industry is on the rise right now. It's making just as much sales as movies. So is the health industry, so many people are looking to lose weight and lets not forget the mobile device industry as well. Right now if you ask me, I am in the personal development and business management niche. For me it was a great fit because I love personal development and it has helped me come a long way in life and business.
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    In my opinion, Domain name business is ever-green and likely to have a high boom after 10 years!!
    Just for example in present time you are unable to register a new 4-letter domain name as its already being exhausted!

    Hope this answer helps all the individuals!

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    What is the largest industry of all? Pretty easy to see what industry will be doing the best for the rest of our lives. Yes, FOOD, after all, you cannot live without it, and with the trend well defined about the dangers of eating over processed foods, GMO, Gluten, Antibiotic pumped up corn meal being fed to cattle, non organic, there are so many reasons to pay attention to what you eat to insure your immune system is protecting you properly.

    We all have seen the success of organic foods industry, even Walmart has devoted section for organic vegetables as example. In fact, almost all grocery stores now have section for organic foods, never mind grass fed beef meat sections, free range chickens, eggs, etc. So this is a growing industry as we learn more about healthy eating and how processed foods may be reason for rise in diabetes and asthma to name a few immune system related breakdowns.

    Then we have the NutriSystems packaged meal industry which is a billion dollar industry. The frozen dinner section of supermarkets has exploded, Omaha Steak sells millions in premium meats direst to home. So since we are what we eat when it comes to health, more people are paying attention to eating healthy. This brings me to a new company just lanching which has created custom high quality meals with each having the 43 nutrients we all need in each meal, yet few can figure out how to accomplish this easily when preparing meals at home, or eating out where you don't know what you are eating when it comes to nutrional value.

    Yevo is name of new company which is addressing the healthy 43 nutrient rich instant meal industry direct to home. Having had access to samples while all the formulations have been researched and developed, I am impressed beyond words. From simple oatmeal to dinners, with new patented dehydration process designed to insure nutrients are not destroyed in process, this is truly a long term opportunity for those who eat, enjoy great tasting meals, want the convenience of home delivery at a low cost, healthy choices assured in every meal, plus all the health benefits of having the essential 43 nutritional ingredients in every meal. Yevo is looking to carve a small niche out of this multi tillion dollar food industry using the care to share marketing model, simply refer others and you could be eating high quality meals for free. Sounds good to me for a long term market strategy.

    Wealth Without Health Is Worthless, Now You Can Have Both

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    Cannabis is the only one of these you can produce, in its' entirety, all by yourself.
    This ALONE is the multi-billion dollar growing industry - unlike food, this has NEVER been the case.

    To say nothing of the health effects of medical marijuana - a threat to the maxi-mega-billion-dollar drug industry!

    Then too there's supporting industries, research and taxes!

    I don't see how the government can jack this up!

    Hemp was doing well until racism reared its' ugly head...

    The MONEY alone will change opinions - if not your own sick child that can't survive without MJ:
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    That's correct.It's certain that the home-based network marketing business will still be standing very strong and ever growing.For all those who understand how internet marketing works, it's going to be business like never before.The internet marketing business is growing very rapidly and a lot of things are fast changing and will continue to be like that.It is a never-going-to-fail business even in more years to come.
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    Why should home network be BOOMING ?
    It's not booming now, what would be different in 10 years?
  8. All you can do is jump into an industry and keep your eyes open for good opportunities. They are there.
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    Planes may be flying themselves one day too lol. :)
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    Any great Network Marketing business having to do with health and wellness!
    Network Marketing is the business of the 21st century and growing fast!

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    Welcome to forum Carlleen,

    Great to hear you are doing well, especially from Halifax, thank God for the internet, right? Just goes to show everyone you can start a business from anywhere in the world.

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    Thank you and yes our right the internet makes growing a business so much easier these days :)
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    I'm going to go with some of the new technology companies, and I've got some money invested in a few of them now. 3D Printing, Smart devices and Online Media all appeal to me.
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    But look how technology evolves, faster than ever, along with prices which are always getting lower and lower on high technologies. My first 3D printer was $7000, three years ago, now a similar 3D printer is under $1000. Just look at 4G TV's, they entered market at insane $7000. as well, now this season, they can be had for well under $2000. Smart phones are another item which is dropping in price, and when you learn what the average smart phone costs to manufacture, you would be shocked, I know I was, the iPhone manufacturing cost is under $50.00 in China, crazy. And of course, online media will continue to grow, but like everything, prices will drop as automation makes it easier and easier to market.

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    YOU! That's the business that will be booming year after year. YOU are the constant. As long as you keep growing your skill set and giving value in your market space.
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    You can debate about this a lot but the most important thing you need to realize is that the smartest people in the future won't be those who can read and write, the smartest ones will be those who can learn, forget what they learned previously and adjust to a new situation.

    Meaning, it doesn't matter what will be the booming business within 10 years, adjust to the trends going on in the world and you will have no problems at all...
    But if I do have to chose one that will still be working for the next 10 years I would have to chose Affiliate Marketing, companies that realize the fact that word-to-mouth advertisement is the big future will be growing a lot. An opinion of a trusted friend never grows old. We are sharing information on a daily basis, without even realizing it.

    Kind Regards,

    Bert Declercq
    Young Motivated Entrepreneur
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    Debates are just that debates, no one knows the future, but trends define the future and if you can read and write, you can learn, and life is a learning process, simple as it gets. What is hot today does not mean it will be hot tomorrow, never mind in the future, but if you keep learning along the way, your chances of success increase with each passing day. Never stop learning and you will never stop earning.

    Success to all,
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    "They never die, they just multiply"
    You know it's true! Scams will never die and only increase with time... They will continue to do well whatever happens on or off the net!
    That's a never ending trend 90 something % of us fall for.
    Of course, I don't want to go that route, but since you asked and no one mentioned...
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    Not with ME as a passenger!
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    Here is one I hadn't considered until now, TV programming. Who doesn't have a TV or watch movies, sports, music, gaming, etc. Well, having given it more thought and research, I can proclaim that enternainment will survive well into the future, after all, who could get away with taking your TV away? lol

    Saving money has always been my focus, and if you ask anyone how much they are spending for their cable or satellite service, I would bet they are not happy with the monthly fees, I know I am not, and for good reason, my cable bill went from $88.00 a month to $154.00 for same programming. Going back over the past years statements, including the movie rentals and payperview events, I spent almost $1800. and this doesn't include the Redbox rentals.

    So I identified another long term business opportunity which will be here ten years and beyond, and who doesn't want to save money while earning an easy extra income. Sure makes sense to me, so how much will you save to cut cable and satellite costs and not have to pay for movie rentals or payperview movies and sports?

    Success to all,
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