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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by MsDuchess, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. MsDuchess

    MsDuchess New Member

    Hello Everyone,

    I have started a work from home business. I have signed up to several traffic sites and not one response yet. Do they really send them out? Because when you go to my site it will give me the persons name and email. Any suggestions?
  2. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    I wish I could help.

    There are many ways to drive traffic to your business.
    Have you considered alternatives?

  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I never did sign up for traffic sites much but mostly try to consistently add fresh content to my websites and sooner or later you WILL get your own traffic from search engines.

    Just keep browsing the forum here for seo tips and how to get traffic to your site and you'll find ways to do it. Like:

    *Writing articles and submitting to places like ezinearticles.com - goarticles.com, etc.

    *Adding value to forums such as this one by asking questions and also sharing...
  4. Jim Gillum

    Jim Gillum New Member

    Your responses will depend on the interest in your product......

    Just traffic is not so hot......lol

    You traffic needs to be targeted..........people who are actually interested in your product or service......

    It would be hard to sell dog products to people who only own cats...
    There is a lot to driving traffic to any site.....
    Read some threads in the forum and you will see many good ideas....
  5. residualcash

    residualcash New Member

    By traffic sites are you referring to traffic exchanges? If so that is not likely to reward you with quality traffic fast. Additionally realize it is not that quick and easy to get things going for quality website traffic.
  6. Mark_Worthen

    Mark_Worthen New Member

    MsDuchess: Hello Everyone,

    I have started a work from home business. I have signed up to several traffic sites and not one response yet. Do they really send them out? Because when you go to my site it will give me the persons name and email. Any suggestions?
    I think you'll get additional useful answers to your questions if you provide some more detail.

    For example, as another member asked, Are you referring to traffic exchanges or something else? What is the nature of your home business? I'm not sure what you mean by "Because when you go to my site it will give me the persons name and email." Could you elaborate?

    All the Best,

  7. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Hello MsDuchess!

    You shouldn't rely on a single method to generate traffic. Instead, you should find lots of different ways to create interest in your products and services.

    Some methods may deliver high levels of traffic but the quality may be low. Others may deliver a trickle but the quality may be high. The best results will accumulate from running different kinds of strategies at the same time and creating momentum.

    But it's not about the numbers alone. You also need to...

    1. Know the kind of prospects to attract
    2. Know where to go looking for them
    3. Know how to get them interested in your message
    4. Know what to do to keep them interested

    It's a process that marketers must figure out on their own, and then refine according to their market, their products/services, their skills and resources.

  8. garygoh

    garygoh New Member

    Since you have just started, what I would like to suggest is that, stick to only ONE traffic method that you feel most comfortable with for at least a couple of months.
  9. Dixiedaze

    Dixiedaze New Member

    Hi MsDuchess: Marketing trainers have strongly suggested that new people in the field begin first by building a list. to do that, they propose creating a capture page...a splash page with sign up form on it...then use that page in traffic exchanges and the url in advertisements anywhere you can place it. this page is not for making sales..it is for getting names to which you can offer product directly. To tempt someone to sign up, offer free something...e book, recipe, map to mars...you get it ... something they want enough to give you their name. While the list is being build, you work on Google placement by using keywords to write and write and write. All this take time and lots of it but builds a solid foundation.
  10. ShawnCharles

    ShawnCharles New Member

    If you're paying money to websites that promise to send you X amount of traffic i wouldn't bother. If you didn't do your homework before giving up your money there may be a good chance that you won't see any traffic.

    The best way is to generate your own traffic by writing articles and submitting those articles to multiple article directories. If you write good articles there is a good chance they will go viral.

    Posting on forums like your doing now, using pay per click marketing, online newsletters(ezines).

    Just start off with one lead generation method get good at it put it on semi autopilot and move on to a new lead generation method and repeat the process until you have multiple sources of traffic.

    Don't rely on just one source.
  11. Dixiedaze

    Dixiedaze New Member

    Hello again MsDuchess: Are you confused enough now? Each person has their own ideas about what works and what doesn't. Everything works. But, you can't do everything. So choose somethng that feels right for you and persistently and consistently do that thing while you investigate another possibility to either replace the first method or to add to the portfolio. Having been a refugee in the newbie camp not too long ago, I don't envy your learning curve. Hang in and hang on.
  12. ImportEyedea

    ImportEyedea New Member

    I believe by traffic lists, you're referring to Safelists?

    While they can be profitable, many can be saturated with certain popular opportunities. Also, if you are using free accounts (most sites offer premium services for a fee), sometimes there can be a waiting period before your offer is mailed.

    Could you tell us some of the sites you are promoting and where you are promoting them?
  13. Dixiedaze

    Dixiedaze New Member

    Hello ImportEyedea

    I think the 'list' in question is not a list of the Safelist companies which send your email to many people. In this case, the 'list' refers to people who, individually, have given their permission for you to send directly to them any information you may have. As you collect these names, they become your list to whom you can advertise...they are your 'leads'. Having your own list of leads is absolutely nesceessary if you are to be successful with online sales.

    I hope this may have helped a little bit. All can be very confusing in the beginning.
  14. ImportEyedea

    ImportEyedea New Member

    Dixie, I was referring to the original post by MsDuchess.

    MsDuchess: I have signed up to several traffic sites and not one response yet. Do they really send them out?
    The delay sounds quite similar to what many people experience when using Safelists sites. Because they offer free accounts there can be quite a waiting list.

    I am aware of the technique you are suggesting and it has proved profitable for my household income. However for newer people, developing a personal mailing list can be very difficult without something to offer as an incentive, particularly given the competition these days.
  15. Dixiedaze

    Dixiedaze New Member

    Hello ImportEyedea, Yes, new people entering Internet marketing come into a world filled with confusion and technicalities. Too bad the rules don't change to make it easier for this group, of which we all use to be a part. The learning curve can be horrendous. But, if a person intends to make money on line, I can see only two choices of direction. In the very beginning of their efforts, either they build a list and do direct email, or they learn to do keyword research to get in the top listings on Google. In reality, the keyword research should be the absolute first thing a person does, but not many will put in the time up front.

    You have a pretty smile. I hope you are doing well in your business.
  16. Useray

    Useray Guest

    Dixiedaze: You have a pretty smile. I hope you are doing well in your business.

    Yes she does, must be cause she is making millions[​IMG]

    Great advise all round!! What has worked for me personally, is to stick to what you are passionate about...in the beginning that is..

    I enjoy writing articles and participating in forum discussions and in 1 or 2 days after posting on a forum I would receive visitors to my site or opt in form.[​IMG]

    I also appreciate that you have to be flexible and have to pursue different avenues of generating traffic, but it's that scenario of where you become a jack of all trades and a "master" of none.

    Bline, Educate => Understand => Implement=> Master=> Educate=> Understand=> Implement => Master......that is my 5c worth[​IMG]

  17. Useray

    Useray Guest

    Hey, how do you guys get your pretty pictures in your profile[​IMG]

    Can't seem to upload mine or don't know where to that is[​IMG]

  18. Dixiedaze

    Dixiedaze New Member

    Hey there, Carl. Isn't the Internet grand? Heart to heart and mind to mind! That's real communication.
    The profile section had a section to upload picture...you already knew that, didn't you?....sorry. If yours doesn't up load, it may be th size of your original that's a problem. I use a freebie called PixResizer to adjust sizes. It keeps the proportions correct so it doesn't come out looking like a cartoon.
    You're so right about needing to be a jack of all trades. Just when I think, I have learned the 'definite' answer to something, I get proved wrong. No definite here. I love what you said about getting traffic through forums and and articles. I think newbies avoid these because they feel inadequate...less than sure of what they 'think they know'.
    Carl, I get very 'wordie' so am stopping now. Do I have something else to say? just ask me! Attitude and opinion: rightfully earned, passionately owned and eagerly shared! Thanks Carl. Have a great day.
  19. carterstory

    carterstory New Member

    (this may be miandering and long winded)
    Traffic generation sites will not get you the results you want. They are not going to be very targeted.

    If you are looking to sell product, I'd suggest doing blog post reviews of whatever you are selling, with links to your sales page / affiliate link. You can also do reviews etc with a lot of the article sites out there (ezines is a good one).

    If you are looking to get people to join your company you need to invest quite a bit of time and effort.
    You want to find a "value adder" this can be anything that is relevant that will add value to your offer.
    Then you want to sign up with some sort of mailing list / auto-responder service.
    You want to give your value away when people click on that auto-responder link and become your lead..
    You need to make sure that you are passing along relevant and pertinent information with your auto-responder. if people feel comfortable with you, then they will want to become a distributor under you.

    My advice for a plan of action right now: Learn as much about your company as you can, and figure out how you can add value to yourself as a leader. What most places don't tell you is that "instant" success online isn't always going to happen, especially in today's world. you need to take a slow and value-adding approach.
  20. Dixiedaze

    Dixiedaze New Member

    ditto. Only one piece of advice is left. Know your product and find a person or a marketing system to support your efforts. It's awfully lonesome out there without someone else who can talk the talk. I think we've just about 'fixed' the question of what to do first, haven't we. Now, we can go on to the next issue.

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