What do you do to stay motivated during the day?

Discussion in 'Work at Home Moms' started by luxe, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. luxe

    luxe New Member

    Sometimes it is really hard to stay motivated during the day. Especially when you don't see the fruits of your labor yet. What do you do to stay motivated? I find music really motivating. Sounds really generic but it really does help.
  2. catevanne

    catevanne New Member

    Music is great, so is just doing some simple stretching exercises and dance moves......just to get your blood going-you know. Sometimes I also turn on the TV and watch a few minutes of something-it helps me feel better when I get back to what I'm doing....[​IMG]
  3. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    When one has a viable business they simply need to keep up and continue to work on their marketing tactics. If others are having success than success is open to others. Sometimes people need to find their own marketing niche. While any marketing method works, not every marketing method is for everyone.

    It's important for those seeking home business success that they don't have expectations that exceed the efforts they are actually putting in. As well as understanding what it takes to manifest the income desired.

    So let the motivation be that consistent marketing efforts for a viable opportunity/business will pay off.
  4. catevanne

    catevanne New Member

    this is just what I needed to hear, when working at home it's easy to get discouraged and sometimes it seems everyone else is doing better than I am, but I know that's not true...thanks for this uplifting message....
  5. luxe

    luxe New Member

    FreeCashMan well said! catevanne I know what you mean it does sometimes get discouraging but it will all pay off eventually.
  6. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Sometimes the best motivator is to get away from it ALL for a few hours and do something mindless with my hands, like cleaning. I get a lot of ideas while cleaning and I'll jot them down or write them on my hand.

    For some reason, just getting totally away - far enough so I am not even tempted to check my email or cb account, or adsense account... is hte best motivator for me.[​IMG]
  7. catevanne

    catevanne New Member

    Thanks for the encouragement- I know that whatever we put our minds to will increase...it also helps to dream big and state affirmatively to yourself how great you're doing.
  8. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Some days are definitely easier than others to stay fired up and motivated.

    Sometimes when I feel like I've hit a brick wall, I'll walk away from the computer and go for a musical adventure on the piano. I'll have fun improvising on a jazz melody for a while.

    That calms me down and clears my head.

    At other times I'll take a moment to reflect on why I'm doing what I'm doing in the first place. I'll visualize myself enjoying the conditions and experiencing the emotions that'll come from attaining my ultimate purpose.

    That works like a giant magnet and reignites my desire.

    On particularly difficult days, when I'm feeling that I should have my head examined, I'll take a look back at a project that's now working successfully for me, and I'll reflect on the various actions, challenges, mistakes and doubts I had when I was working to get it off the ground.

    And then I'll convince myself that where I am at the present moment, with whatever it is I'm working on, is simply a stage along the path to success. All I've got to do is keep trudging along and I will succeed with this too.

    That thinking helps to energize me and drive me onward.

    If you find it difficult to stay self-motivated, enlist the help of a mentor or a true supporter to give you a metaphorical "kick in the pants" whenever you need it. [​IMG]

    It will help to get you going and keep you on track.

  9. luxe

    luxe New Member

    Great advice, A8ch! I always wanted to learn to play piano but I'm too lazy [​IMG]
  10. starintsky

    starintsky New Member

    Well I have a little bit different problem, I can work during the day but there is not much time for me to work on computer at that time therefore I have time in the evening to work but then I lack focus factor and it seems to me I'm mixed up! Please don't laugh at me I'm in the stage of my organising...It is just I really like this pc work so please can somebody give me advice how to have good attention at the end of a day. thanks
  11. GRmom49519

    GRmom49519 New Member

    One of the things I like to do during the day is turn on some classic rock, I guess it doesnt seem like much, but it really seems to clear my head and refocus me...
  12. PeterFrosen

    PeterFrosen New Member

    Honestly, Having Fun while doing it!

    If I want to keep doing Internet Marketing I have to actually like it. This is why I've picked to promote Niches that I'm actually passionate about or have a really big interest in learning about them and writing about them.
  13. hb2341

    hb2341 New Member

    Really great posts! I think of my family and my goals to get me motivated. It does sometimes seem overwhelming to start a home business, but I'm hoping it pays off in the end.
  14. Justyn81

    Justyn81 New Member

    There is a board, onto which I expel my aims in the form of pictures, for me on the wall. I lend an ear to a slow music, I close my eye and I imagine my aims. A couple of minutes burn and the impetus is found again. [​IMG]
  15. Jen80

    Jen80 New Member

    I'm a work at home mom and a freelance writer. Writing, no matter how much you love it will get boring especially if you do it for a living and not for recreation. What I do is take a break, get out of my work space and grab a snack or make myself a coffee. When my kids are home, I talk to them or prepare them snack too. This makes me refreshed for another set of articles to write [​IMG] Jen
  16. mreese601

    mreese601 Member

    One of the best thing to do is don't go at it along! Meet some new friends that's doing what you doing. This forum is a great place to come when you feeling down! The key is goal setting! Set some goals and just go and do the work that's needed. Track the results! And will will see that you making progressive, it might not be inform of dollars but clicks! That will give you some momentum to be able to say in the fight to make the money that you want!
  17. BabyStepsMama

    BabyStepsMama New Member

    I like to interact with people on Facerbook by posting positive affirmations and status type games.

    Always keeping up with personal development keeps me going.
  18. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Just write down your dreams and goals and look at it every time you feel down. Even when you are at work, do it.
  19. lifemyway

    lifemyway New Member

    I find that when the motivation seems to slip, I look at my vision board with my WHY on it and remember to myself, that even when it seems to be bleak and income is slow, there is a reason for my determination and drive!!

    I also find that getting up every hour or 2 for exercise, a brisk walk around the block, or anything to get the blood moving again, helps to clear my head and refresh my body!!
  20. pweatherford

    pweatherford New Member

    I tend to find it easy to stay busy. I have a daughter who is 6. I home school her so that keeps me busy as well as chasing after her all the time. Sometimes if I need a break we take a walk around the block...sometimes a few times lol. Unless we take the dog out...then the dog takes us for a walk. She is a strong one! Or we put music on, crank it up, and crazy dance around the house. Letting loose sometimes is a good way to relax and not stress quite so much. Just don't overwhelm yourself and you will be just fine [​IMG]

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