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  1. Thobias

    Thobias New Member

    Hello Everyone.

    I would like to hear what you Think about the Company ASEA and there Product.

    I would specialy like to know what you Think about there new Renu 28 that they just launched, and what chance you Think it will have on your market.


    Thank you for your help

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  2. Bruno da Gama

    Bruno da Gama New Member

    Hi Thobias, i am with Asea for about 4 months now and i can only say i am very happy with the company and the product ( i just started to use Renu 28 so i am waiting for the results). I know that this new technology and the redox signaling molecules are very inovative and people are very skeptical at the begining but that happens always. There are a lot of testemonials about Asea and about Renu 28 but here is what i can say to you and what i say to everyone, just try it first, try the product yourself or someone that you know need it and see the results. That is the best option ever. and if you like it and what to build a business i can help you with that. Let me know and have a fantatsic day.
  3. Bruno da Gama

    Bruno da Gama New Member

    Hi Patrick, two of the biggest challenges people have in most MLM companies are recruiting and duplication. I do think people can make good money no matter what is the comp plan if you master those 2 keys. Asea is a revolutionary product and people must try it first so they can see the results for themselves before they start sharing it and that can take some time to duplicate i have to agree with that. But now with Renu 28 things will go a lot faster because people are seeing results very fast and duplication is very easy. Maybe it is time to get back and make a 90 day action plan. Let me know if you need any help, tips or strategies.
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