What do you think about facebook ads ?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by boyhermes, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. boyhermes

    boyhermes New Member

    I made a facebook campaign some weeks ago promoting a $34 comission product but I paused it because I had to pay $1.2 for each click and I got only 3 sales for 100 clicks.

    What is the mistake ?.
  2. Claude Toussain

    Claude Toussain New Member

    your click through ratio is too low. You need to increase the relevancy of ads and or landing page. Meaning the keywords you're targeting need to up here in the title of your ad the body of your ad and in the landing page. I would recommend doing small ad groups with just a few highly relevant keywords in each group
  3. skydancer

    skydancer Banned

    Here is the deal.

    Advertising is extremely importment to any business venture.

    The difference though lies in the mediam you choose as that vechile.

    Weather it be frree ads, yahoo, facebook or what ever. Take the time to learn at least on way. There no way you can master them all, it's way to much to understand.

    Find something though that you can feel passionate about and everything will start to flow and you'll soon discover that the old way's of advertising are still relavent.

    As alway's excuze my spellin.
  4. gjohansson1

    gjohansson1 New Member

    Facebook ads are different than all other PPC platforms that I have ever used. I recommend lowering your bid until you're getting a good mix of impressions and clicks. For example, with my $50 test run:

    -Started at $1.00 per click to get the campaign running.
    -Next day - lowered bid to $0.75
    -Next day - Clicks continued coming, so I lowered bid to $0.50
    -Next day - Clicks were slower, but still coming, lowered to $0.25 to see what would happen

    I repeated this process, to make sure impressions and clicks were still coming in and eventually got my CPC down do $0.18.

    Here are the things that were most important:

    -My targeting was very specific to network marketers
    -My ad called upon there needs/desires
    -I directed them to my facebook fan page
    -I offered them a free video presentation (at the time)
    -They became fans, THEN email leads, THEN customers

    I added 183 fans, 85 leads, and made $50 within that month that I could track. Remember, I only spent $50 on those ads, so I ended up getting 83 FREE leads which could have potentially been a lot more than the $50 I made, but I wouldn't be able to exactly verify that (something I need to work on)

    Notice that I said I sent them to my fan page and not directly to an offer? It builds instant credibility and they can become a fan. If they like your page, they will be more likely to opt in (you will need a welcome page tab, you can get one free from wildfire), and if you promote the right offer, with the right email series, you could make a lot more sales, and a LOT more repeat sales.

    Best bet, that I learned from John Chow, is to create a free ebook thats very relevant to the product you promote so you can build a list of interested prospects, then use either email or blog posts to promote your products and you will make a lot more money.

    Also, I couldn't guarantee that you could get the clicks down that low, since there is a lot more competition on Facebook now, but you could definitely get it lower than $1.2 a click, as long as youre very targeted and your offer is too.

    -Gabriel Johansson
  5. Jose Roman

    Jose Roman New Member

    Well said! That's a good gameplan for anyone to follow using Facebook ads.
  6. shaun

    shaun New Member

    $1.20 is too much
    You dont need to be spending that kind of money on Facebook PPC...not yet anyway.

    Laser targeting is paramount.
    Make sure that your ads are so so so relevant to your target market & the product/service.

    Also you should as mentioned above, direct them straight to a sales page or offer.
    Give the lead something of value. Give them training , free info the more the better.
    Follow up with emails.
    Typically people wont buy from you untill at least 7 emails have been recieved and read.
    Also intergrate your ad campaigns with facebook accounts. make sure you get your leads as friends or for them to atleast "like " you on ffacebook.

    Another thing i like is to watch which one of my leads keeps coming back to look at my content.
    When you are tracking how many times they visit & revisit and how long they spend there and which pages etc I often find that those prospects are the ones who buy/join. This tactic also allows you to call them and reconnect and really create a relationship.

    That is an important tip....always call your leads if they leave a phone number. !!!
  7. kailo

    kailo New Member

    Facebook ads convert extremely well when you put a hot girl in the photo.

    If your business has to do with golf, then put a picture of hot girl playing golf.

    Conversation rate went through the roof when I did that.
  8. shaun

    shaun New Member

    HAhaaha I havent tried that but I would have to say I have absolutely no doubt it would work.

    I recently advised a client who sells neckties to put imags of ties on hot girls with the tie obscuring her breasts. he declined as he didnt wish to do so due tpoo his strong christianity but he agreed it would probably work too

    Perhaps I could start a new MLM called NudeWays ! hahaha
  9. kevrock529

    kevrock529 New Member

    That is a pretty low percentage, but $1.20 per click is super cheap. I am thinking you are either new at pay per click or you have a rather uncompetitive search term.

    Per your math at $34 commission per sale with 3 sales, you made $2!! Rich!!
  10. Angelheart

    Angelheart New Member

    If you are selling something that requires a credit card to buy, then out of those Facebook clicks, a good conversion rate for instance like a good ad or landing page is about 1% or 1 in 100. It can be a lot lower though if your ad and landing page aren't optimized.
  11. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Spending $1.20 for a click is way too much money in my view. You say you got 3 sales so that shows you right away that advertising on Facebook is worth it.

    I would spend anywhere between $0.30-$0.50 per click if I were you.

    Hope this helps.

  12. jaybird1973

    jaybird1973 New Member

    I'm finding what you are all talking about interesting because I've been on Facebook for about four months and I didn't know I could have PPC ads for my businesses on there.
  13. Cesar Fasano

    Cesar Fasano Guest


    I think Gabriel's blueprint is great!

    I haven't play with Facebook Ads yet, but according to what you're saying, there's probably a disconnection with who you're targeting and what you're offering.

    It always comes down to what you're learning and how much action you're taking with that information.

    Besides Gabriel's help, I would suggest doing some research and studying someone who has mastered FB ads.

    good luck!
  14. HonestRep

    HonestRep New Member

    One more voice telling you that you are paying too much for the clicks. GJ has good advice.
  15. Raindog

    Raindog New Member

    Take into account that the type of business you own is a very important aspect of whether a facebook ad will work. For example, outdoor and travel businesses find that the majority of their target audience uses facebook to find new businesses. At least it can be used to get your name out. However, if you run an appliance repair shop you may have less luck.
  16. priceworthy

    priceworthy New Member

    Great ideas all around ... I also think your spending too much

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