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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by wes03004, Apr 12, 2006.

  1. wes03004

    wes03004 New Member

    I am getting some opinions about Melaleuca. I am drawn to the idea of having safer, less toxic chemicals in my cleaning supplies, makeup etc. especially in light of all the press about toxic chemicals in common household items. The lady that I talked to wasn't pushy at all. You can be just a customer (which I like) and it isn't too expensive, but I happen to want to at least make enough money to pay for what I am buying. What do you think?
  2. melamom

    melamom New Member

    I like the products and if you work hard at it you can make some money. Depends how consistant you are at it. Great company and support. Need any help contact me. soykids03@yahoo.com
  3. mommydorn

    mommydorn New Member

    Melaleuca is definitely a reputable company. It sure isn't a get rich quick scam, but you can benefit from it. I really enjoy the products. Let me know if you need any help- have you enrolled yet? If not I would love to help!
  4. Mattathome

    Mattathome New Member

    I have tried the products and have nothing bad to say about them. But really, how many years might it take to see a profit in such a business?

    _Matt Thompson
  5. Aegist

    Aegist New Member

    Amway made a name for themself by selling all of their environmentally friendly biodegradable checmical free cleaning products etc...Whats the difference between the two? Why would you go to Malaleuca over Amway?

    If anything, at least you know Amway are a market stayer....
  6. Melaman

    Melaman New Member

    Why would you go to Melaleuca over Amway?

    Melaleuca doesn't require you to buy unwanted tapes, CD's, books, and go to meetings.

    Melaleuca has been used for over 40,000 years by the Aborigines in Australia, by westerners since the 1700's, and in more products since 1985.

    Melaleuca Inc. has never had to disguise its operations under another name due to bad press and image.

    Melaleuca's products are WAY superior to Amways in every way! (I was an Amway customer/rep over 20 years ago and they still owe me money!)

    You can SEE the difference with Melaleuca's products within a very short time period (for problems like smelly drains for example). Also, if you use Melaleuca for any length of time, and then try to go back to your old brands, you'll see why Melaleuca is the best choice! You'll smell, taste and notice the difference!

    Whether you decide to do Melaleuca just as a customer or as a business, is your choice. What I like about Melaleuca is the fact that ANYONE can sign up to do business for FREE! Whether you join the business side of it or not is irrelevant, as the member's fee is still the same regardless!

    Aegist - "If anything, at least you know Amway are a market stayer..." - true, over 75 years in business I believe. But, they've disguised themselves many times (Quixtar, Excelsior to name just two more recent ones). Also, they've lost profits year on year. They can't keep a good retention rate of either customers or reps. (2 people I signed up in 1987 made it to Diamonds, and a year or so later, just disappeared from Amway! I later found out that they were over $100,000 in debt because of Amway and broken promises made by dubious uplines. Amway was seeking them out to ORDER them back into the business!).

    Melaleuca hasn't seen a single downturn in profits for the 20 years it's been in operation. They adhere to the FDA's rule very seriously, and market products for other companies that provide consumers with safer, less toxic products at superior quality and better prices! They've been number 1 in Fortune 500 listings for 5 years consistently. There's no pressure to build your business, buy tapes or books etc, and the products REALLY DO make a difference!

    I can't say what Amway is like now, but my experience with them was all bad. My experience with Melaleuca has been nothing but sweet for over 2 years! (And I make just enough money each month from friends' orders to cover my own product costs!) [​IMG]
  7. simonussher

    simonussher New Member

    What is melaleuca? Is it a berry or something?
  8. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    Great company but just like anything else it takes time to build. I this is something you want to do go for it.

    Just remember no work no pay. Get some leads and use the products. The reason I say that is the all purpose cleaner is really good. I like that cleaner my wife and I buy it.
  9. twnuck

    twnuck New Member

    Whatever you decide to do just make sure you believe in the product and are in it for the long haul. If you jump into this (or any opportunity) just "luke warm" you will fail and you will be out of pocket a lot of cash. So, investigate it and decide that you have a passion for it or don't even bother. Take it from someone who has been "luke warm" many, many times and it has cost me many, many dollars. It's not the vendor's fault that their affiliates don't succeed. It's up to you to want to make that business successful.

    Good luck,
  10. thegiftlady

    thegiftlady New Member

    OMG I saw this and it caught me at the wrong time, so I have to post and probably get a lot of garbage for it. But, I say, NO DON'T DO IT! Ok, so you don't HAVE to buy a bunch of tapes, etc. But, you do HAVE to buy 60 bucks worth of product every single month for what seems like the rest of your life. I cannot get out of the company! LOL! It took me a year to get two recruits. Those two recruits purchased the minimum points for the whole year. That gave me 4.95 per month, yep, that was my commission. 4.95! I have to spend 60 dollars including shipping!
    I love the products, don't get me wrong, the gold bar and stain stuff, and laundry detergent, and sol-u-mel. wonderful products, really. BUT, there were problems in the end which wont even come. Ok I had made a one time order. I used a credit card that is not on file with Melaleuca. I did not know they decide to keep every single card you ever use, it doesn't tell you that anywhere on the site. So, a month came, and I didn't money to pay for the monthly points. I just figured, ok, I wont order them. I know they will send what they like to call a backup order to keep your membership, etc. I know I agreed to that. But the only card I gave them to use was at this point, invalid. And I was glad, I figured ok, they will just not send the backup order and cancel my membership, which was ok with me, I was struggling to feed the kids so their backup pack was the last thing on my mind. WELL! They went down a huge list of cards they KEPT on file without my knowledge or permission and they found my current bank card and took the money out. I had that money in there for the disconnect notice on my electric bill. I was going to lose my power the next day. I called Melaleuca and told them, look I used that card one time, but it's not the one I gave YOU to use when you wanted to. I told them, just cancel the shipment, you haven't shipped it yet. And, when I looked at my account online, they had cancelled the shipment when the first card was declined. So, I said, just do it again. They said, oh no we can't cancel it. And they would not give me back my money. I reported them to everyone! In the end, they sent me a check. Didn't help me with my electric bill though. So, I decided not to renew my membership. It came due, and all of my cards had been removed at this point, so they couldn't charge me. Now, get this. Two days ago I recieved another backup shipment. I called them. I was like, ok what are you doing? I didn't renew my membership and you wont even let me access my account to place an order anyhow. I said, I figured me not sending you money for the membership, well, wouldn't that cancel my membership? They said no. WHAT???? I know as a member, to stop being a member, you have to send them a written letter with your signature. But, I just automatically assumed that NOT paying for your membership renewal would accomplish the same thing. NO!

    I know, long story. But I say, buy the products from someone, get them on ebay, you can do that, and for a lot less than even as a member, you would pay. Your income is completely referral based. You have to recruit, it's the only way, you can't sell the products. The ones on ebay are doing it illegally. You have to recruit and then try to get those that you recruit, to buy a lot of product. Your money is based on what they spend. So, you need recruits that buy alot, or you are going to get stuck with what? Less than 2.50 per person per month? Think about how many people you have to convince to spend 60 dollars per month on cleaning and personal supplies. I know, they say we spend that in the store, etc. I for one, don't. And, we are clean. Well, that was my 50 cents. Thankyou!
  11. melamom

    melamom New Member

    In response to the giftlady you have to believe in the products and the co.and be consistant in working the biz. There are many ways to recruit people and you have to find what works for you. This is what I have found. I don't have many coustomers yet but am slowly getting them. Sorry to hear it did'nt work out for you.
  12. smos1430

    smos1430 New Member

    Ok I have to really respond to this post...... I'm sorry this opportunity didn't work out for you, However it is people like you who give honest companies a bad name. How did you expect to work from home?? In order to work at home and make money.... You have to have a product or service that people want.. And will keep wanting...Plus you really have to work for it... You are talking about a company that has been in business for 20 yrs and has had a steady increase every year in sales... They must be doing something right if 95% of people every month reorder. I don't know about you.... but I hate loading the kids up and heading to wal-mart to buy things every week.... wasting gas.... kids whining for things... walmart raising their prices... Melaleuca's prices on everyday items are just as much as walmarts... if not cheaper in some cases.. Plus better for your familiy and the environment..For instance.. Melaleuca's all purpose cleaner is $4.99. And because it is concentrated.. it makes up to 4 - 24 oz. bottles. Plus you are also helping other families be able to stay home with their own families... because of Melaleuca's compensation plan. I am glad to pay for the shipping (which is 5% of your order ) To be able to save on gas and arguments with my kids !!!! No other product has a 60 day money back guarantee ( 90 day on vitamins ).
    As far as them keeping your credit card on file... They do that so it is conveniant for you to place an order..All you have to do is choose the card you want to charge, and then thats it... You don't have to keep punching in all the numbers every month. And you said it yourself about cancelling... YOU CAN NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING... they say clearly if you would like to cancel to send in a signed letter... Thats all..
    If anyone has any questions about anything else, please let me know!
  13. Canadalfi

    Canadalfi New Member

    My wife and I were with Melaleuca for years and we eventually reached Director status (you have personally enrolled 8 people) and then at that point they wanted us to go up to 100BP per month ( Base points = amount of product you have to order each month to remain quallified) which made us realize why so many wait to sign up # 8 until they have placed as many people as they could under they downline even if it meant giving sign ups away to their downline. That way when you make the jump to director and then on up you have enough coming in each month to cover your BP's. We personally new people in Canada that were making 5 digit #'s per month and we about to go up again but we had only met 2 such couples in all the years we were in it. There is money to be made but for most they get in for the products and never move up. You can get in 2 differant ways preferred where you get the best deal on the product or direct where you pay way more for product.
  14. dquagliato

    dquagliato New Member


    I really felt the need to respond to GiftLady...There are at least 3 books in our Business Kits that state memberships are only canceled after a letter is received with your signature...This is also clearly stated prior to joining...I am so sorry about your experience...I have no problem with reaching my points and them some...The true concept is to actually switch stores and love the products...If we didn't how can we refer others to something we didn't believe in and use ourselves...Just my vitamins alone take up half of my points and I am saving a ton of money compared to what I spent prior to Mela...I have been successful in building my business, however it has taken some work...As anything else, especially in your own Home Biz, it takes a lot of work and dedication to acheive income flow...While I have put a lot of time and dedication in my business, I have also had the advantage of always being there for my kids...working my hours around them...This is such a great opportunity for someone who is looking to work from home and still have the time and devotion it requires to raise a family...This is not the opportunity for someone who wants to sit back and wait for the enrollments...That isn't going happen, you have to work the business consistently and success will come...It is unfortunate that your experience will be used to sway people away from something that could improve their lives. About 99% of complaints I have seen are all about stuff that is clearly written in the Business Kit (back-up order, membership cancellation, etc.) If you have something in writing, never assume the alternative will happen...

    That is my 2 cents...
  15. eyveneen

    eyveneen New Member

    I just felt the need to comment on your experience with Melaleuca, it is one of their policies to send them a written cancelation simply because that protects you from losing your preferred member status. As far as buying the product on ebay you don't know what you are getting simply because our company recommends bying it direct for the fact of freshness re: vitamins. I also think that buying it otherwise from other places poses the chances of getting something that is a good product but takes away from those who deserve the revenue. I know that if you sat under a genuine concerned representative that you would find there are no hidden scams with melaleuca and that they do what they say they do for the good of the whole.
  16. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Melaleucca has a good reputation in the marketplace but I know for a fact that the company provided training leads most people to disappointment and failure. This could be said of just about any company out there. They almost all teach techniques which may have sort of worked years ago but don't perform as well today...especially with regard to phone recruiting.

    Don't feel bad, the training was designed for average people. However, average doesn't get the 5 figure monthly income. Average success in mlm probably tops out around $4k monthly. For thos seeking to be more than average it is essential to seek out and practice methods which the average person does not know or cannot do (because average people are, well, average).

    The average person is more afraid of public speaking than death.
  17. gharleyjr

    gharleyjr New Member

    Interestingly enough, I'm a newly enrolled Preferred Customer who is working the business end of things. Our organization has top-notch people from doctors to business executives to at-home Mom's. Very interesting blend of people! The best part of this business is you really run it "your way" within the guidelines provided by the company itself. This is not a get rich quick scam, however they have drastically improved the ability to make money. My first referral was very impressed with the products. That referral banked me 56$ the first month!

    Their selection has grown to over 350 products and they now offer a web based wellness management tool and discounts at several web stores! The company itself including the products and services, customer service, and 20+ years of being in business is a no-brainer.

    My issue so far from the business end of things is people are resistant to change. Offering them a risk-free opportunity for amazing products (I have several "miracle" examples from my family alone), services, discounts, and an extensive product line for 35 points (35$-60$ US) per month of re-ordering still hits a brick wall, even though just about everyone spends it at other stores.

    One of the points that I use is my own budget has improved and we SAVE MONEY every month! Keeping track of my budget and finding out I spend 100$ or more a month on similiar store products to only spend 80$ as a preferred customer and they are shipped right to my door is outstanding! I also like the availability of information on their products. They have a full color book of the majority of their products for a couple dollars. I use to answer questions and learn more about what I use every day.

    My experiences. Not typical. The business is simple, the rewards are fantastic as with 3 referrals now, the initial investement has already paid off in 2 months. No joke!
  18. net4pay

    net4pay New Member

    If you do a search on this forum you will get lots of opinions about the company. Was a company that I looked into when I was looking for something.....was not impressed with what I was told.
    Why don't they mention Melaleuca on their sites?
    This is one of the first questions I had... What's the big secret, anyway? Apparently, it's not a secret, but Melaluca has strict Internet marketing rules. It was explained to me that Melaleuca is protective of their brand name and how it is used in commerce. Until they find a way to carefully monitor how the brand is represented on the Internet, they are very conservative about how they let marketing executives promote it online.

    What do I get for my monthly fee?
    I was told product....why do I need to be forced to pay a monthly fee to buy product. If I am going to promote the product then I will buy it on my own.

    I found the answer to these questions with Watkins, who have been around for 138 years, they have no problem letting me use the Watkins name when advertising. Watkins has biodegradable cleansers, along with other great products. There is a small startup and yearly fee other then that you order when you want, what you want. I also have a great support from the Watkins and Summit Group Team. If you would like to research Watkins opportunity click on my signature for more info.
  19. yahia

    yahia Member


    I joined Melaleuca 5 months ago. So far I didn't recruit anyone, but not bothered with that. All of that time I was trying the products, and testing them. I've got asthma, and usually I don't stay at home the cleaning day. Currently I do the cleaning myself. But don't get me wrong, I am not claiming that the products are 100% safe for asthma patients, ask your doctor .. not a customer or a manufacturer. Sometimes they induce my asthma .. maybe a combination of the smells, I don't know exactly. But I know for sure that the lip moisturiser is not good for my asthma.

    After trying the products myself, and being convinced that they are really of high quality, and cheaper on the long run, also after I have dealt with the customer service myself (after I heared many complains from them) I started this month to recruite. Two things I cannot overcome:
    1. The points value: when I buy the point value is $2 in average. But when I get advantage dollars, the point is $1, although they are the same points I paid for.
    2. After I reach a dicrector (if I live until I do that) I'll have to purchase 70 points (in my documents they are 70 not 100, please folks correct me if I am wrong). I cannot consume 35 points, how can I consume 70?

    I know that the company doesn't allow selling the products. But think of it, the company forces you to buy the products, and you are not going to consume those products, logic says that it is OK to sell those products. What would you do with them otherwise?

    I also heared from executive directors that they sell the extra products, and adviced me to do the same. I don't know .. if I sell the products I'll feel bad because I accepted the conditions of Mela as they are. And if I don't sell the products I'll be just wasting my time and effort and making not money at the end.

    If Canadalfi could explain further how other marketers used to deal with this? I didn't get it well how they wait after the 7th until what?
  20. mistyb43

    mistyb43 New Member

    How can you not use 35 pts??? That means you have not totally switched stores???? I spend at least 100 pts and those are products I use for my family only. I do not sell them. We use the vitamins, bath items, deoderants, cleaners, skin care, cosmetics, hubby's shave stuff, ect... I always can spend more than I do. If you just shop with Mela and write a check there instead of Walmart or Target you should not have a problem at all!

    I have been with Mela for over 1 yr and have built quite a nice size business. I will not be returning back to the 5th grade classroom, lets put it that way!!!

    Good luck to all you you!!!

    as for me and my house we will serve the Lord Joshua 24:15

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