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    It's free to join and you can earn commissions without even upgrading, though you have to upgrade within 90 days to actually get paid.

    There are some savings to be had by upgrading sooner rather than later.
    You can even get a totally FREE membership (no more payments at all) by upgrading right away...

    Normal membership is $37 per month, if you upgrade within 30 days.
    For every 30 days you wait to upgrade it is $20 more per month with a max of $97 per month

    The highest upgrade costs $247 but you can get it for the One Time Only cost of $97.
    They give you 5 days to choose the $247 one payment only lifetime upgrade, after which your best price will cost you $247 yearly - still a $197 yearly savings on the normal membership best price of $37 per month...

    You get double commissions on upgrades of your referrals, at the top two upgrade levels (yearly price or lifetime upgrade).

    What it can mean is promoting it for 90 days as a free member, earning commissions, and then upgrading. BUT the longer you wait to upgrade, the more you'll be paying on a regular basis...

    I'd say it's worth looking into... Unless someone knows differently???


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