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Discussion in 'My Powermall' started by cuddlescanada, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. cuddlescanada

    cuddlescanada New Member

    Hello Fellow MPM Members and New members to follow,
    So what do people think of the changes Ginny has put into place.

    Me personaly, I think they are fantastic, the new training material is just breath taking there is so much information its going to take a while to take it all in.

    I think the idea of having to make 1 purchase a month to keep your mall is a great idea, But remember its only 1 purchase if you have a Business Mall not a Personal Mall.

    The way I see it the whole reason you have the mall is to shop on line and get rebates, how easy is that as we have all at some point shopped online so why not get some thing back for a change.

    Well I think the changes are for the good and there are so many things happening in the new year its going to be mind blowing.

    Well done to Ginny and her Team for all the hard work they have put into the MPM, well done.
  2. moneyforgreene

    moneyforgreene New Member

    Purchasing one thing a month pertains to both Business Malls and Personal Malls. Read below exactly from the "onethingprogram" website:

    "Will "One Thing" be required of Personal Malls?

    Yes. While people with Personal Malls are not building a business, they do have the privilege of earning 90% of the rebates - with 10% going to their sponsor. In exchange for that privilege we want them to make just one purchase per month - assuring that everyone benefits from their joining."

    Now, I could SWEAR it didn't say that Monday night right after the call!! Because my husband asked me about that and I went on and read everything. Am I crazy or did they change that sometime from Monday night to Wednesday? I actually saw this addressed on the MPM forum and was shocked to read that so went to the website and it was there. But again, I could swear it didn't say that Mon. night. I'm not sure I'm supportive of that... a personal mall is for personal shopping when they need to. Not everyone shops online as often as myself or other people, which is WHY they go with the personal mall, or at least one reason why.

    Other than that, I'm on board with the changes!
  3. ka7952

    ka7952 New Member

    I just checked sales report from my back office today and found out that many transactions of sales report from my team (that I was earning rebates) are erased from the report.

    Anybody has an idea what happened?
  4. ka7952

    ka7952 New Member

    Never mind my previous post. I just checked my emails and saw that update news from MPM.

    They are just doing some back office update and so the sales reports were temporarily removed.

    They will be back after the whole thing is restored.

    Sorry for the confusion.
  5. ka7952

    ka7952 New Member

    One of the big changes is the local merchant benefit from the the debit card. We will get commission from using using debit card to shop offline too.

    I have a credit card that earns me good bonus when shop both offline and online already though. So I don't know if this MPM debit card will beat that and make me change my habit.

    If MPM debit card is better, I will be all for it. Since it will benefit my earning and MPM's and my team's.
  6. familymoses

    familymoses New Member

    I personally am appalled at the change in rules and the new monthly REQUIREMENT of purchasing through the Mall.

    Use it or lose it, so to speak.

    I DO buy online, but what I buy most is from a store not in the Mall, and I find the search feature frustratingly useless. Both times that I tried to make use of the Mall, I left in frustration - just as in my local mall! [​IMG]

    I have been promoting this as something a person can promote for FREE (as is still posted all over the MPM site) but I guess that will all have to come off my sites.

    I guess I will probably be losing my Mall any day, now, too.


  7. cybermommy

    cybermommy New Member

    Hi Sandi,
    Realistically we had to put something in place as we were all bringing in members but not enough people were shopping.
    We could have the biggest teams but with very little action going on in them what would it acheive?
    From a business standpoint I think this had to be implemented or the company would go nowhere.

    I believe from one of the recent updates that Owen is busy putting together a new advanced ,more user friendly search facility-which,I have to agree,is much needed [​IMG]

    I still beleive the business is free,I word it free still.
    Lets be honest,anyone joining knows what the company is,it fully explains that by shopping,your team shopping you can generate some very good income.
    If they are not coming into it to shop,why not?
    Maybe to rely on their team below them shopping?
    That sets a bad precedent.
    Local Merchants is almost here,the first 150 reps are out there now in our neighbourhoods and it is going to be very interesting to see where this takes us.

    jmo [​IMG]

  8. familymoses

    familymoses New Member

    I understand the concept completely.

    However, it is still advertised as FREE and while it is free to sign up, if you don't spend money, you are dropped.

    Therefore it really isn't free anymore. Spending money is required to maintain membership. That is not free.

    What is "Local Merchants"? I apologize if it was explained in the deluge of e-mails, but there are so many of them (multiple ones daily) and they never say anything but click here to read this exciting news (or some such) and frankly I don't and don't know anyone who does.

    So, in a nutshell, what is it? If I can buy at Target or WalMart what Ginny expects me to buy online (toothpaste of all ridiculous things) then maybe it can work for me.

    But I do need to remove it from all my free opps.

  9. cybermommy

    cybermommy New Member

    I am sorry ,I didn't mean it sound like you were not aware of how the company runs [​IMG]

    Local Merchants,which starts next month,is a new leg of the company which will allow all members to shop offline at their favourite stores,grocery stores etc and earn.
    Right now 150 of our members who applied to MPM were trained and given all info on approaching businesses in their locality.
    They were all chosen to ensure a wide spread of the US.
    They started approaching all businesses yesterday.

    This is just first phase,MPM plan to train another 250 members to further expand it.
    I do think that this will appeal to more people than simply shopping online.
    Example,my mum hates shopping online,but does love to shop out and about [​IMG]

    Yes,there are a lot of emails,hard to keep track sometimes [​IMG]
  10. familymoses

    familymoses New Member

    Thanks! Local Merchants has potential.

    I am thinking that most of the people who signed up because it was free and promised to stay that way forever are not able to shop online for whatever reason, usually lack of finances.

    If they can swing the cost of the debit card (and some may not be able to, but probably a lot can) then being able to shop at local stores and get MPM credit would be good!

  11. Delton

    Delton New Member

    Hi Sandi,
    The mall is still free unless you want to make the upgrade. But the only way the company can stay in business and help the children it helps, someone must shop.

    It not reality to say someone cannot afford to shop. Everyone shops somewhere and everyone uses toilet tissue, toothpaste, tooth brush and a bunch of other small items. why not buy them from your own mall and get your rebate.

    As for the upgrade, I think it's the best idea Ginny has come up with. when you sign up a member and they upgrades you make money. Instead of promoting the free business site I think we should be promoting the upgrade.

    MLM seekers want and are used to getting paid for their signups so with the upgrade we should be finding it easier to get signups.

    I agree something needs to be done about finding the store you want to shop at.

    just my oinion

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