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    I recently read about personal growth. It specified about how we grown when we are personally stretched.

    Example, at a time when you needed cash badly you never stopped thinking about the problem until you solved it. Like selling stuff at the pawn shop, borrowing from a friend, and others simple ways.

    The main point it made was, that we need to try to grown, and hold the pressure on ourselves manually
    to maintain the process of growing. Otherwise we will fall into a comfort zone where we will never become any better!

    I find that reading books keeps my mind open, and gives it a workout. But I cannot get the full workout
    if I am reading at a slow pace.

    Now, when we were taught to read our teacher gave us the stupidest way to read.


    Look at one word at a time, sound it out. Then repeat.

    This is the most UN-efficient way to read. I am going to show you how to double your word per min.

    In stead of looking at the one word, look at 2 words then repeat.

    When you read this way, you will retrain your mind how to read. Reading faster will keep your mind stay interested, and you will fall asleep less while you read.

    Keep in mind, reading is like working out a muscle. Practice, rest. Practice, rest. You won't get it right away, it has to become habit. And you have to replace your old habit. That could be over 20 years.

    Now the second tip is to use a pencil as a guide. You move the pencil along the lines of your book just a little faster than you can read. Your eyes will be forced to keep up. Stretching yourself into growth.

    Now that you are reading faster you are comprehending even less. Don't worry. As you practice you will comprehend more of what you read.

    Now, I understand why you would ask, Why would reading faster help me?

    Stretching your mind every day is the best thing you can do for yourself. If you are trying to be successful in any area of life, finances, health, relationships, your career, or anything, a better mind will bring you everything you need.

    The only thing stopping you from succeeding is your limited knowledge in the subject. Now that you can read twice as fast, you can learn quicker. And I cut your learning time in half.

    Are there any other ways you guys use daily to keep up the personal growth?
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    While reading twice as fast would allow you to cover more material in less time, it does not necessarily follow that you will also learn quicker, because reading represents only one aspect of the learning process.

    There are two other components that are crucial to learning:

    1. Comprehension
    2. Retention​

    Those two components don't fall into place for everyone in step with their reading pace. Different processes are at work. Some people may have to read the words over several times before they get what the writer is trying to convey, so reading faster may not in fact always save them time.

    Other people may prefer to read at a much slower pace in order to absorb the subject matter. This way it's easier for them to comprehend the material and ultimately retain it. And that's how they learn.

    I try to read something new everyday. Anything. Even if it's only one paragraph. And I try not to limit my interest to things I know and like. I make it a point to read, view or listen to subjects I may not have a particular interest in, or that I know very little about. Very often I am surprised at what I discover and how much I learn that can be applied to subjects I already know.

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