What exactlly is work from Home?

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  1. onedumbaussie

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    Many People have different ideas about what it means to work from home. Internet Marketers think that working from home is posting ads and getting traffic. They have been educated in the benefits of Internet business and understand it is NO Day Job.

    However there are a Massive amount of other people that believe "work-at-home" means that they simply take thier day Job Home. They are looking to be secretaries, PA's, Accountants, consultants etc etc and work from home. If they could be supermarket checkout operators from home they would be.

    This Group of people have no Understanding of SEO, Link building, Afilliate Marketing , MLM or any other Internet Business terminology. They sit at Google and type "work from home" and are confronted with many different offers, most of which they have ZERO concept of.

    This Market is largely untapped as they are considered to be NON-Targeted and not worth chasing. WRONG!!!

    As Internet Marketers shouldn't we be educating this lot and teaching them what "work at home" means to us?


    Do we just ignore that Massive UN-Targeted market and move on into the jungle of switching the already educated to our program or product?

    Is it Possible to turn Metal workers Into afilliates?
    Is it possible to get the unemployed earning and thus profit ourselves?

    I am a Baker/Pastrycook and the old paid survey got me started in 1998.

    Interested to hear how you got started and what made you change from your "day job" to the Internet Business world.

    Take Care

  2. weebitty

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    I would agree with you. There is alot of untapped personnel out there. They have been busy working thier job and just do fb or e=mails or send pictures and text. They have never even thought about work at home opportunitys because their job was meeting their needs and they were probably raising a family etc etc etc. But now they are faced with a different situation. they have lost their job lost their benefits, they maybe in forclosure, or their job hours have been cut. So yes their is a whole new market of people out there.

    Everyone, I don't care who they are have got a learning curve to get through. Reguardless of what it maybe. The terminology, computers, the way to do business online is different from brick and motar, some of the principals are the same, like advertising, making payments recruiting other people, and training.

    It is a different kind of discipline as well. You have to treat the home business as just that a business and do it everyday just like a job. This is where alot of them fail. They have the freedom that they never had before and enjoy that alot and forget to do what is important to run a business from home.

    What I am looking for is someone that is coachable, will committee to doing the "job" and give it time to grow. There are no get rich quick business out there so they have to realize that first and foremost or they are setting themselves up for failure.
  3. annalaurab

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    I still work a day job and have my home business part time. I am a librarian for my job and I've found that not many librarians do internet marketing. I'm not sure why but that has been my observation.
  4. weebitty

    weebitty Member

    Well you have just found the untapped market we were talking about. Maybe they just need you to introduce them to the idea [​IMG]

    You probably have credibility with them as a co worker so at least you have an open door so to speak.
  5. bhuff85

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    I wouldn't say that they are "untargeted" by any means. There are plenty of sites that cater to this type of crowd.

    Like you said - there are tons of people who would love to work a regular job in their own home, and there are plenty of websites out there that help show them the way. In fact, it's quite competitive overall [​IMG]
  6. Vedah

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    Hi I am new to the forum and am looking forward to sharing what I know and aslo learning from fellow markerters.
    I am an internet marketer and I offer training and support to those
    who would like to work from home and spend more time with their
    families and be able gain the financial freedom they could not acheive in their day jobs. Helping people is my goal.
    The key is their commitment and persistence to take action everyday, it is not for those lottery minded people.
  7. Shanec

    Shanec New Member

    There are also so many different ways to make money online and each of them are very different. Just like the brick and mortar models, each person must know what skills they have and how that could incorporate into their online business.
  8. FreeCashMan

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    There are work from home typical j.o.b.s and their are work from home business opportunities.

    Those searching in that category can fall into both, as most of the people are essentially looking for away to make additional income to a full time income from home.

    Problem is most don't really won't to work at making that money, like they claim. But those that do can in due course find themselves well rewarded.

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