What High Ticket MLM opportunities are out there?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by high6figures, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. high6figures

    high6figures New Member

    I'm looking for a 'high ticket' MLM program that's worth joining.
    I'm looking for opportunities that typically cost at least $400.00 because I'm not willing to work hard for small commissions.

    Any recomendations?

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  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Only $400? [​IMG]

    I know of one that costs anywhere from $1295 to $11,000 to join. Very good commissions too. [​IMG]
  3. high6figures

    high6figures New Member

    OK MM,

    Tell me more pls.
  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    mountainmom5: Only $400?

    That's funny!

    When you are making 16 of those in 5 weeks like people are with the new marketing system a few on my team are now doing, they add up. Of course their are things to sale for 11K and make money also.
  5. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    When I read your title, I thought to myself:

    "I got to respond to this"

    I personally, from my own experience, don't think that it is worth it to spend your money on HIGH ticket MLM products. These opportunities are very hard to sell because people don't want to spend $500+ for a business opportunity.

    You will do much better if you sell stuff that cost $100, $200 but MLM opportunities that can cost a person $500, $3000, $5000 to join, I don't think that it is worth it.


    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Hi Tia, welcome to the forum. I agree with tal. For the most part, generally the prospect would look to keep overhead costs down to a minimum and that would include the initial fee to enroll, if any. When i enrolled it was just the cost of purchase of my own product to use. If you can move product in large volume then you'd be well on your way to making big income depending on the pay structure. Of course the principle of leverage is what makes this more attainable. That being said, looking over a compensation plan that pays high commissions per product, bonus pools is what you would be looking for as well as the quality and support of the company you enroll in. A good duplicateable system is crucial. To answer your question or give suggestions you can contact anyone here to get a run down of what each one has to offer and then make an educated decision on which one you feel best fits you. Hope this helps.
  7. KarenSmith67

    KarenSmith67 New Member

    Wow, I am surprised at your post! There is not a business out there that requires a small or large start-up that does not require you to put some effort into the business.

    I wish you the best if finding a business that allows you to pay a large fee to join and make a lot of money with little or no effort....AND I hope that the one you find earns you Monthly Residual Income, not one-time commissions that you do NOT get paid on ever again.

    You might try Googling "hign ticket MLM's" or simply spend some time looking at the different business's out there and then when you find the one that is going to pay you well enough, then go for it.

    Good Luck!
  8. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Please don't make the mistake of thinking that people will not and are not spending in excess of 4 figures in mlm, or any other business, And succeeding, because they are.

    The question is do you have too. That answer we all know is No. But to say that people don't want to spend $500+ is like saying that no one wants to buy a BMW over a Toyota, or a Bentley instead of BMW, or an Apartment over a Mansion.

    When people look at an opportunity, and if they have the money regardless of the price to get started, the question is simply do they believe that they can succeed with that opportunity. If they do they buy in at whatever the price is, if they see the future reward. If they don't you couldn't "sell" fire to an eskimo.
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  9. Shanec

    Shanec New Member

    It is important to remeber that people who make the biggest money in MLM know the secret....

    People who make the most $$$ realize they are not selling a product, they are in the business of recruiting and training others to their team!

    Good Luck!
  10. auditt05

    auditt05 New Member

    Products ranging from 600-700 USD and an option to expand to the Tripple header plan for 3X that amount and you gain double commissions then
    Im in for 8 weeks now. Its really successful. I got a lot of additional details. Just pm if you are interested [​IMG]

    Have a great day .
  11. bob3600

    bob3600 New Member

    I usually dont post on these things but I must speak up here.. We have the highest paying plan out there bar none!!.. I know everyone says that but the difference is I can back it up.. We pay 4 times higher than the next closest competetitor.. I researched for 10 years before I found this company.. where most people pay in percentages and levels.. we do not.. everyone shares 100% of the sales volume from day 1.. Where most pay 1% 5% or even 10% comission.. Ours pays 15% upwards of 65%.. we actually get paid multiple times on the same volume and ther is no quotas or end of month..

    They are 20 years old and have never seen a down quarter of growth. We are also not a 1 trick pony.. we have over 50million products and services that people are buying anyway.. We have the largest market out there with potential customers numbering in the billions.. There is simply not a more viable opportunity in existance and I can actually back all that up.. There are only a small handfull of companies out there that are built for the long haul.. The rest are just fly by night. Here today gone tomorrow recruiting games.. If you are serious about network marketing, This is the one you you want to put on your list of considerations.. Where else can you have a team of 100 to 200 reps and bring in over 150K per year while maintaining a 80% plus retention rate? where else can you have a team of only 200 to 400 and bring in 500K/ year??... Where else have you seen people completely walk away from the business for 16 years and not only never loose a dime of income but actually have it increase? Please challenge me on that... ha ha
  12. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Interesting info on the company Bob. True there a few very powerful companies that can deliver significant income for the average person that works the biz.

    We should connect. Sounds like we both have some great things going on.
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  13. bob3600

    bob3600 New Member

    Sure we could do that freecashman.. I dont see anyplace on here for private messages though.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    bob3600, look at the username and hover your mouse over to the right next to it and click on the envelope. That's for private messaging.[​IMG]
  15. bob3600

    bob3600 New Member

    Got it.. Thanks Rich
  16. Interesting,

    Big ticket items are near impossible to sell in a recession from my experience, unless of course you are offering something of extreme verifiable value, almost never the case from my experience.

    When it comes to such deals which pay out the big commissions, there is a lot to be said for return on investment, meaning you have a much larger up front start up fee if you hope to make the larger commissions.

    I agree with the effort equals reward equation, and often times you can earn more doing less with those high ticket deals, but those days are over. The ebook deals for $500 are done, the travel deals for $1K plus are done. The gifting deals are done for the most part, so what is left in the big commission category?

    As one who researched them all, evaluates and tests the best to determine if they are worth promoting, WOW, very few have panned out over the years, especially in the long term. Sure, there are plenty of short term deals, get in early opportunities, but how many really last beyond the first year?

    It is all about saving people money these days, not hoping people will spend thousands for a hope and a dream of getting rich quick, not going to happen as I see it. Too many money games which have burned too many people, so look for value, verifiable value if you are looking at high ticket high commission deals.

    I am working what I call the best recession proof business of all times, and it costs my clients nothing up front, making it easy to attract customers, and better yet, it cost little to get started, and with millions of potential clients, this is about as easy as it gets. All I do is refer people to my web site and the company does most of the work for me. If you want to talk about big ticket, sorry, this is not it, but if you are looking for big commissions, this is it. Not only a great up front commision, but great mid term residuals, never mind an explosive backend commission reserve.

    Success to all,
  17. hanserteam

    hanserteam New Member

    @FreeBusiness -- all I can say is that in ANY economy, people are spending money. Just because there is a "recession" or a "depression", doesn't mean there isn't a lot of money to be made, and a lot of people spending it. It just means that you need a shift in your mindset, and a shift upwards in your market.

    Bad economies are havens for smart money to be made -- actually it's a lot easier now, as many with a "lack" mindset get overcome by the obstacles and flee to the sidelines.
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  18. Market America, how can this be considered big ticket? Just curious as I have known about them from start, 1988 or so as I recall, knew founder at time for he was part of American Gold Eagle deal which went bust. Guess everyone has a different idea of what big ticket means.

    I can earn tens of thousands on one deal, and it is not even selling since we offer free service as loss leader to attract those in need of saving their home from foreclosure. Given the fact we can offer services from $200K to $7M, and with a significant initial commission, monthly residuals, as well as huge backend commission, nothing comes close, and I have researched them all over the years involved in my own businesses.

    Success to all,
  19. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    I mean right now you have the following list.

    Global Resorts Network and Resorts 360 for travel.
    Lifepath Unlimited, Wealth Masters, and maybe Avant.

    You have other stuff like Pizza Box and Family IQ.

    To be honest though after doing these deals for 8 years and making some good money you almost get zero duplication. I dont care what your system is. The system owners are the ones who get filthy rich.

    Before some one joins a top tier program you can bet they will want to get on the phone with you before they are sending you 1495 or so. And that is where most people flub it up.

    You will have way more success marketing a product with a 200-500 buy in price that then has a residual aspect to it. And especially if you are marketing a service or product people would buy WITHOUT the opportunity attached to it.

    Lets be serious 99% of the people who buy big ticket would NEVER buy the product unless the opportunity was attached to it.

    You as a distributor stand a way better chance at six figure plus marketing a true product or service that has a great customer base and low retention rates. It helps to market something you are passionate about and not embarrassed to show friend and family. I know people who have bought some of the products from the big ticket companies above who quit because quite frankly the products were crap.

    Pick a stable company with a product or service people want. Join a team that has the support and tools for you and make sure the company has a corporate office you can call and does not hide behind some website. That is a huge red flag that they know they are doing you a DISSERVICE.

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  20. mreyn

    mreyn New Member

    I would say be very careful about high dollar entry requirements. It's very hard to find enough people who can afford to pay alot , especially in this economy. Some people are desperately trying to find a new job, or start a new career but it has to be able to be affordable.
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