What is a Squidoo Lens

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    What is a Squidoo Lens ? and how does it work?

    I am a newbie to online marketing and have heard this term but really don't know how it works. I did google the term but hopefully can get some tips how to create one and how important is it?

  2. A8ch

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    raypatidar: What is a Squidoo Lens ? and how does it work?
    You can look at Squidoo as a giant website with hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions) of pages. The individual pages are called lenses, and they are written by members, referred to as lensmasters. A Squidoo lens can be about any subject under the sun.

    Squidoo is free to join and there is no limit to the number of lenses a lensmaster can create. Lensmasters can use their lenses to link to products and services they promote.

    In exchange for access to this free Internet platform, Squidoo reserves the right to display ads on each lens. Squidoo also shares a portion of the ad revenue with lensmasters.

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    Squidoo is really easy to use. Just make sure to read their policies on what topics are banned before building your page or lens.

    I have used Squidoo for a couple years and love it but yesterday I set one up and never knew that 'yeast infection or thrush cures' was a banned topic. argh!

    So anyways - I didn't finish it but just go to squidoo.com and click on the button that says 'create a lens' then watch their tutorial as it will save you a ton of frustration.[​IMG]

    Believe me, you will never stop learning about all this stuff so plunge right in - you can't break it.[​IMG]
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    yes Squidoo is easy to use. I love it. I can put up a lens in about 10 minutes now. It wasn't this way the first time, it would take me all day. Now if I am having a brain squall where I can't really think which direction I want to go I will just create a lens, can't ever go wrong with this.
  5. raypatidar

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    Thanks for the information guys
  6. jamess

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    Squidoo is a good authority website which allows the people to create own page with their own topic and the created page is called "lens".
  7. payment proof

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    Squidoo lenses are also a good way to get some traffic to your sites and blogs. A few/several years ago, they were much easier to rank. But I still see some Squidoo lenses here and there appearing near the top of the search list. Quality lens content is probably the key.

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