What is Difference between keyword proximity and keyword density?

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    What is Difference between keyword proximity and keyword density?
  2. Glenn Hall

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    dotnettraining..... Some lazy marketers thought it would be a good idea to string keywords together one after another, after another. Say your keyword is "handmade furniture". These lazy marketers would create content that might look something like this.... "handmade furniture handmade furniture buy my handmade furniture. You will reaaly like my handmade furniture handmade furniture............" Keyword density is a ratio of non keywords to keywords. This is basically a count of your keywords relative to the total number of words in your content. Most article publishing sites like Articlebasse and Ezine like a keyword denisity of 3-6%. Search engines like between 2-7%. There are free and paid services that will tell you what your keyword density is.

    In short, keyword proximity is bad. Keyword density is good.... to a point.

    This should help keep the evil Penguin and Panda at bay. :)
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    These days Google don't pay too much attention on keyword density.They just try to understand what is the quality of your content, based on their advanced factors.Think about how to create quality and interesting content and you'll be OK.
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    Keyword proximity and the keyword density within your Website can make or break your search engine optimization efforts.Keyword proximity considerations should include the proximity of keyword or keyword phrases to other keyword occurrences within the page, as well as the top of the page. After all, the top of the page usually tells you what you are there to read about.
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    Good advice, and like everything involving the internet, what worked last year, does not mean it will work today, never mind tomorrow, so you have to stay on top of SEO in order to stay on top of your keyword search results. Too much use of a keyword can work against you, but having your keywords at top of your webpage is and has always been the best strategy, just don't over do it.

    Success to all,
  6. Akash Agarwal

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    Keyword density is important because search engines use this information to categorize a site's theme, and to find out which terms the site is relevant to. The exact keyword density will help achieve higher search engine positions. Keyword density needs to be balanced correctly.

    Keyword proximity is the arrangement of the density of a keyword and the prominence. So proximity looks at the location of the keyword in the sentence and how often it's being used in that sentence and also takes into version the distance between them.

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