What is ESG or DR paid commission paid products?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by heatacups, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. heatacups

    heatacups New Member

    I have been working DR for a little over a month and I just completed training and I have been working ESG (Elite Sales Group) for a week. I was told I would receive 1% commission but I am curious what are the products I receive commission on. I might try harder to sell them!
  2. salamanca

    salamanca New Member

    I've been working there longer than you, and I can say forget about commissions on the DR line. I never bothered with ESG because I didn't think it was worth it being Minimum wage still, I don't completely trust W*st to pay out commissions either. I believe I also read if the customer returns the item or anything you get docked the commission, which is bogus. Just seems like way too much of a further commitment / hassle to have to familiarize myself with even more products for not much of a reward. In all honesty W*st should be paying out $10-11/hr for the DR line and the rest of their lines as well.

    The only thing I wonder is after the ESG line if I would be offered maybe another skill. That's the only reason I would contemplate taking it.

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