What is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO?

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  1. solanzz

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    What is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO? I really need to know about on-page seo and off-page seo which is helping a lot to get more information about it.
  2. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    On page is the words and meta tags you use on your site.
    Off page is links pointing to your site from other ranking sites.
    Both are discussed in more detail on here in other posts.
  3. Chrissy15

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    Hi, as Just2EZ said, on page SEO is what you do on your site to help Google and the other search engines to understand what your web page is actually about and determine how to deal with it.

    Such things like ensuring you have your keyword in the title, and in the description etc. Keyword density is a factor too, and having an "alt tag" for any images on your page.

    There are some great Wordpress plugins which can guide you about on page SEO and give you a score to work towards.

    Off page SEO is the things that happen outside of your site to help it get ranked, i.e. backlinks. Quality and diversity of backlinks is important, as well as the number of backlinks pointing to your website and / or page.

    Hope this helps.

  4. loner44

    loner44 New Member

    If you think about it, the words themselves already explain quite a bit. on page seo is the "inside work" you do to promote your website - clean up your HTML code, fix broken links, make your site architecture more crawlable, keyword optimization of your content and all the essential page elements.

    Offpage seo is attracting links to your website by various means (depending on your niche) - article writing, backlink research, social media optimization, blogging, etc...

    The rule of thumb is to do "inside" cleanup first before inviting people from "outside".

    Here is a more detailed SEO workflow:

    - Do keyword research to see if there are keywords with good search volume/competition ratio you could focus on; do an initial rank check for all the keywords you find;

    - Optimize your site's pages for the keywords selected
    (no more than 3-5 keywords per page);

    - Do backlink research using backlink checking/competition analysis tools or by hand using link:site.com search operator;

    - Do link building with the sites you found via competitor research and get more links by blogging, article writing, doing product reviews, promoting your site on yahoo answers, posting on forums, and whatever else you find fruitful for your niche.

    - Constantly monitor ranking changes with rank tracker tools - some do it weekly, some crazies like me - daily )

    Read up on SEO basics on Dan Richmon's SEO In Practice free training module. Should come up as top in search results.
  5. sunnyblue

    sunnyblue New Member

    OP gave the detailed explanation of on-page and off-page seo.

    To cut it short, on-page is done on your web page and off-page is done on other site's web page (a process of linking your site to others).
  6. jamess

    jamess Member

    There are lots of Off - Page Activities like

    1. Create a Blog - Its Link Value High because it gives thematic backlink which is
    organic so it is best practice.

    2. Guest Posting - Its Link Value High because it's also gives thematic backlinks.
    After Penguin Update this technique is popular to get backlinks.

    3. Article Submission - Its Link Value is also very high. This is a traditional off - page

    4. Blog Directory submission - Its Link Value is moderate. It is also traditional

    5. Social Media(Facebook, Twitter, G+,YouTube, LinkedIn) - Its Link Value is Moderate - High.

    6. Web 2.0 Submission(hubpage, squidoo) - Its Link Value Now day's This is high in
    Demand to get backlinks.

    7. Directory Submission - Its Link Value is high. It is an old technique and it is long
    process because directory approve links after long time.

    8 Blog Commenting : It has Less Link Value. This link is uncertain because It may
    be live or may be not.

    9. Social Book Marking - Its Link Value is Moderate. It gives traffic so it is also
    successful strategy in these days

    10 Forum Posting - Its Link Value is Moderate. It's drive traffic but after penguin the
    post should be 2 or 3 sentences long and informative otherwise It will count as spam.

    11. Link Wheel - Its Link Value is also High. But It requires time and Content.

    12 Inter Linking - Its Link Value High. It's count in best practice in SEO.

    13 RSS feeds - Its Link Value High. It's drive traffic .
  7. dotnettraining

    dotnettraining New Member

    An Off Page search engine optimization involves the methodologies that you employ to secure your site of a better search engine ranking and a faster indexing outside or external to your web site pages - thus called off page SEO. Generally, the Off Page SEO works on ways like building link popularity with other sites. This is made thru the creation of back links from other site sources when a net user clicks that back link from a website; he or she is going to be directed right thru your own landing page. It may seem to look easy but this is a lot harder to be done.
  8. NickHenry

    NickHenry New Member

    These days there are many more factors that affect your ranking, like social signals, the time people spend on your site, bounce rate, the epeed of your site and many more.SO SEO these days is not only on page and off page optimization.
  9. Sanjay Sharma

    Sanjay Sharma New Member

    On page is generally used for technical perspective, such as Meta Tag (Title, Keywords and Description)
    Off page is generally used for nontechnical perspective, such as link building and social media promotion
  10. Akash Agarwal

    Akash Agarwal New Member

    On page Optimization means the process of preparing website pages search engine friendly. On page optimization is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds as Google crawls in to check all the availability of a site.

    Off page SEO refers to techniques that can be used to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page. Off page SEO gives them a very good indication on how the World perceives the particular website.
  11. Expert

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    This is a very comprehensive topic. I cannot explain it to you here. But I have something for you. And I hope after reading this you will learn what is on-page and off-page seo.

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