What is pixel submission ?

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  1. jamess

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    Please Guide me about Pixel submissions. I heard a lot about this and searched it but couldn't find enough. So please guide me that what is it and how can we do?
  2. A8ch

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    Pixel submission is a method for getting incoming links. You purchase a block of pixels for a nominal fee, usually $1 per pixel, and have your image displayed on them. A link to your site is placed on the image along with an alt tag.

    Because any and all kinds of ads are accepted on these types of pages it's questionable how much benefit is delivered to the advertiser. Plus it's unlikely that Google places much credibility on these sites because of the low relevancy factor. They probably fit into the same category as link farms.

    The original pixel site was launched back in August 2005 by Alex Tew, a 21-year old student in England who wanted to finance his college education. Alex came up with a simple but novel idea of TheMillionDollarHomepage. It's a single webpage consisting of one million pixels, each of which were sold for $1.

    It took less than 6 months to sell out. Alex generated $1, 037,100 in income. Here's a video clip of Alex talking about the project.

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  3. jamess

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    A8ch Thanks to elaborate this. Are these kind of submissions not beneficial to get Traffic?
  4. dotnettraining

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    Pixel submission is just to post your back links in the form of images with alt tags. Pixel submission sites may be paid or free. But in the eyes of Google these back links don't have much credibility.

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