What is your favorite form of marketing?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by bmckenzie, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. Kimminykim

    Kimminykim New Member

    I'm a huge fan of mobile marketing, especially with the flood into rtb and programmatic.
  2. Suzanne Sobers

    Suzanne Sobers New Member

    I've had some pretty good results with email "solo" ads, and I am also now really getting into social media marketing as well
  3. bhagabati

    bhagabati New Member

    Forum marketing can be done effectively by taking various factors into consideration.One should post valuable reply to various thread otherwise you may be banned for spamming.Also blog comment should be delivered in a meaningful way so that it is not looked as spam.
  4. Eryainch

    Eryainch New Member

    Agreed! Thanks!
  5. Malluni

    Malluni Member

    Hello! As for me, I prefer using all possible forms of marketing and promotion. It could be articles, blog, paid advertising and promotion through social networks, etc. Frankly speaking, you should orient good in your business niche, in order to understand the best way of marketing. For example, for my real rstate company, I order folders from https://www.prestigeprint.biz They are more effective than online marketing and bring excellent result. So, you have to think about an individual approach to every niche! Good luck to all!
  6. Eryainch

    Eryainch New Member

    I have recently started to use the help of professional mentoring from https://future.thecmoclub.com/ The guys from there help me a lot with marketing my small business and do everything properly and effective. Maybe it will come in handy to you as well, check it out, guys!

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