What is your favorite free short url?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by Multimastery, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Multimastery

    Multimastery New Member

    There are many free short url sevices on the web like tinyurl, bitly, viralurl just to name a few.... I don't use them as much as I use to, but when I do I usually use bitly because of the easy of use, tracking, good statistics and reputation. Also I use viralurl as a close second because of the viral nature of it, reliability and variety of short urls to choose from. So what is your favorite free short url service(s) and why?
  2. Occationally I use bitly, and as you say it is very easy to use, but most of the time I use re directs from my websites.
  3. selfpaid

    selfpaid New Member

    I love bit.ly for its tracking, but sadly sometimes the places I post don't allow it.

    However, google has a service that allows you to make your own shortener. I can't find it right now, but I'm sure its filed in their labs project or with google apps.

    I'm planning on making my own for my own tracking purposes and linking.
  4. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I have been using TinyUrl and think that they are very easy to use.

    Anytime I need a URL to be shortened, I use them.
  5. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    I've also been using TinyUrl.cc for the last couple of years and have been happy with them.
  6. stellaandreapar

    stellaandreapar New Member

    I like tinyURL and 1ShoppingCart if I want links with tracking [​IMG]
  7. mabutler

    mabutler New Member

    I'd have to say I'm a fan of Tiny URL. It seems to really get the job done ...and its pretty easy to use.
  8. Epoltrack83

    Epoltrack83 New Member

    Yeah, when I'm lazy I'll use a bit.ly because I can track the number of visitors!
  9. Marcine

    Marcine New Member

    yes im using bitly but find it only lets you track for 24hrs.

    its quite good if you want an url shortener with no ads.
  10. PeterFrosen

    PeterFrosen New Member

    tinyURL hands down!!![​IMG]
  11. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    I like the Google URL Shortener. It's easy to use, and it will show quick stats like:

    --number of clicks
    --what countries visited your link
    --what browser people used
    --what kind of computer they use (PC or Mac)
    --what referral links they came in on

    It's great for shortening those long Amazon Affiliate links, but I don't think it actually cloaks links. So if you're concerned about your Clickbank hop link, you may want to look elsewhere.
  12. jamess

    jamess Member

    I have used bitly. tinyurl and viralurl I heard about these but frankly I didn't use these ..
  13. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    I second that. Using your own URL with a redirect adds juice to your domain and hides the affiliate link.
    I also make it a real page so if people have page forwarding blocked they still have info and a link.
    You can make an infinite number of pages and have tracking from your web stats.
    Bottom line is you are advertising your domain name and branding yourself.
  14. Adrian

    Adrian Member

    I would say Viral Url is my favorite link shorting service. Not only will you be able to shorten your links,but you
    will also be able to build a downline, that you can email too later. A true all-in-one Tool.
  15. I prefer using bit.ly and goo.gl because it very easy to use and I like the fact that it gives me a statistics like how many clicks a shortened URL gets.

    Here are some other sites that can shorten URLs
  16. David Bryant

    David Bryant New Member

    I have been using bit.ly... They give good tracking and I can customize the short URL,
    It really comes in handy when you don't have the money to buy domain names for all
    of your free capture pages

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