What is your most pressing problem when it comes to building your business?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by WarriorTom, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. WarriorTom

    WarriorTom New Member

    As an aspiring entrepreneur, I want to better understand the world of entrepreneurs. So, when searching, I found this forum, and I want to start a dialog with you about growing your business.

    Common themes I've seen seem to be around getting started / what to do once joining an MLM, how to get leads / reps, which MLM to join, etc.

    I'm interested more in once you've joined an MLM, what prevents people from growing it to a successful level? What is your most pressing problem today?

    Your insight is appreciated.


  2. Rachael Gorbutt

    Rachael Gorbutt New Member

    I really think that it depends on the person when it comes to most pressing problems. All of us have different backgrounds and strengths and weaknesses. I can tell you that the people that soar and rise to the top have a bullet proof "why". When I say "why" I mean the driving reason and force someone goes into MLM. We all have major lows and highs in this business. It is the nature of the beast. If you can tap into your "why', you can overcome just about any obstacle.

    Have a great day!
    Rachael Gorbutt
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  3. mrjabuck

    mrjabuck New Member

    Hey WarriorTom
    I believe that every MLM company has their own system to get a newbie started and with my experience I have found that most companies want you to write down as many usually 500 or more of two categories.
    1. list of potential business minded people
    2. list of people that you consider to be a potential product user
    This being said most people don't understand Networking Marketing and will probably have skepticism about the whole platform because they are Industrial minded. Some people call it employee minded.

    So to reflect to your question about how to get leads/reps and people to be interested in what you have to offer, the best way that I have found is to not try to influence anyone against their mental blueprint. Just find out what they really like more of or their worst struggle as they are in the cooperate channel and then help them to see that they can relieve their pain by learning another way. Then point them to a tool. We call it PAT... Point At Tool method.

    This has to be their decision because human nature is always to change from pain to pleasure. In the meantime you as a distributor are to learn more about people and how to relate to solving problems and addressing needs. After all there are different personalities and they need to be approached according to their own specific language.

    I hope this has helped you in some manner. Work harder on yourself to be more of a problem solver than a business builder and it will be more essential.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Interesting question,

    The most simple thing to promote would be what everyone wants and needs to succeed, LEADS. No matter what type of business you promote, without leads who will convert into purchases, you are wasting your time online or off. We all have learned over the years that you need to advertise, and I had learned this in my traditional businesses, as well as my online businesses, if you don't advertise, you have nothing. Those who figure out the best means of advertising their businesses wins, simple.

    Having evaluated and tested every known means of advertising, it can kill you if you don't choose wisely. I spent a fortune advertising over the years, and nothing beats referrals from all the rest. Customer referrals is the route to success in any business. I built my first business using this long standing strategy and was able to save thousands by not wasting it on advertising here and there and everywhere. Another lesson learned, what worked yesterday does not mean it will work today, never mind tomorrow. Lesson learned, you have to stay ahead of the trends.

    The most cost effective means to create leads is to offer the same benefits to others whereby your referrals will generate more referrals with the right system. Leads are one thing, converting the leads is another. Having the full package is essential, and now you can access it all from one source rather than have to research and pick and choose from several vendors. Lead Lightening Business Blaster Lead System is the place to start. For just $7.00 you can start building your list with all the tools needed to succeed. Having evaluated every business building tool on the market, this is one you have to evaluate for yourself. Glad I did, got a dozen qualify leads in first week, and with capture pages, autoresponder and other must have tools to promote online or off, this is a must have system for beginner or professional.

    Success to all,
  5. David J Horne

    David J Horne New Member

    I would have to agree with YAGOOFT... Leads are the biggie.

    When talking to people they are told to focus on their warm market and that soon runs out. Then they need to find some other people to talk to.

    From my experience MLM companies are way behind Internet Marketers and new recruits are being told to talk to everyone. Whether that is in the street, coffee shop, gym etc.

    What they need to do is learn the skills of marketing online. There are 1,000s of people searching for opportunities online (especially in emerging markets). These new recruits are not going to find these people at the gym.

    There are some companies/systems that are trying to teach people online marketing with a Network Marketing twist. However it seems that most people do not trust online marketing - I do not know why.

    Maybe this is something to consider.

    Should you have any further questions, please let me know - happy to help out.

  6. 29Mar

    29Mar New Member

    What is your most pressing problem when it comes to building your business?

    For me as an entrepreneur, the most common pressing problems in building a business is the right or proper system, the Generating Leads, and Building a list..Some experts says that " Money is in the List "..This is very true, any business must have a list of people, subscribers in Internet Business into your website or followers in traditional business, in that case, if you have a lot of people that is following or subscriber into you list, you can turn them as a loyal customer whatever products that you are going to sell..

    God Bless and Be Successful..
  7. Dylan Lam

    Dylan Lam New Member

    Hi Tom,

    As what the others had said, your ability to generate lead equates to how well your business will do, simple as that. One of the most important lesson I had learnt so far is "Do Not Pre-Judge". Lots of times, I would look at a person and the first thing that came to my mind is " He don't need it" or "He will never be interested" . Most of the times, it may be true, but that person might have friends or families members that would be interested in what you are selling and in the end they might refer them to you.

    Hope this helps!

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  8. 29Mar

    29Mar New Member

    Good Day To All,

    Any business today must have LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM and they follow up through emails, if you do not have your own website for now and you have a business, you are wasting some interested prospects or client..I will give you an example, Have You seen the digital business today, like Training Tools? they have their own website and LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM..This kind of business person use email marketing to sale for their business..

    I hope this serves value..

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  9. HABS

    HABS New Member

    My biggest problems are finding people who are interested in what I'm offering. It's also difficult to reassure those people about the risks they think they are facing. I've found some great tips though on YouTube by a guy named Eric Worre (no I'm not affiliated with him in any way.) Raising capital is another difficulty for me too, although as I understand it these days, it's difficult for most.

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