What kind of headset do i need?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by cinglis, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. cinglis

    cinglis New Member

    I was just hired by WAH for the Citigroup skill. I have not started the training yet. I will probably start either tonight or over the weekend. I am going to wait until i am scheduled to take calls to cancel the caller ID and Call Waiting from my phone. Does anyone know what the best kind of headset is? Can I use a wireless headset or does it have to be wired to the phone. I am thinking of getting another phone because all of the phones that I have right now have a cordless headset and I am not sure if that is going to be a problem. Any information would be great!

  2. daisyacres

    daisyacres New Member

    I got mine from Best Buy-it was about $25. I plug it into my cordless phone handset and it works just fine.
    Good luck with your training [​IMG]
  3. eber3

    eber3 New Member

    Plantronics T100 Headset

    They sell brand new for $20 at Amazon.com. Plugs in in place of the handset, then you simply use the unconnected handset to hang up the phone. These work best if your phone has a volume control on it so you can turn up or down loud or quite calls.
  4. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    Hi I have a cheap Phillips headset that I got at Wal-Mart, I think it was less then $20 and it works great. I tried the Plantronics and didn't care for having to use the unused phone handset to answer the calls. The one I have now just plugs into my cordless phone (which is fine w/W*st) and it also has mute and volume control and can be worn on the left or right side of the head. I don't work more then 4 hrs at a time so it works fine for me. Good luck and welcome to W*st.
  5. sbrina

    sbrina New Member

    i bought a ge for about 15.00 at target that plugs into cordless phone and works fine
  6. LadyPzaz

    LadyPzaz New Member

    I hear ya, Shawn! I have the exact same one and it works great!! [​IMG] I believe it was $16.88 at Wal-Mart!!

  7. 2athome

    2athome Member

    I bought a Plantronics 645 but I have it plugged into a usb port. Does it have to be plugged into the phone?
  8. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    Yes the calls will be routed to your home number.
  9. suni315

    suni315 New Member

    Cordless phones are fine. Just make sure you have them fully charged before your shift and a back up in case the handset starts to die!!!

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