What Makes Coastal Different?

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    If you are looking into Coastal Vacations, you have probably seen other travel related home based businesses trying to steer you away from Coastal.

    At one time, Coastal Vacations was about the only travel related Bizz Opp out there. The main competition was from some other high-end bizz opps like emerald passport or something like that. Those businesses had one major problem compared to Coastal. They had a lousy product or no viable product at all. Emerald passport was just a bunch of "self help" junk and stuff you had to read and put into action which meant most wouldn't use the package, let alone promote it.

    As Coastal Vacations became the BigDog on the block other companies decided that travel was the way to go. Big Surprise, huh? Now, there are several other travel related businesses that all claim to be better than Coastal Vacations. When you search for the words Coastal Vacations and a large part of the adwords ads say things like "Why I didn't join Coastal" or "Don't join Coastal until you read this" or some other stupid phrase you know that the program you are searching for is successful because all of the other wanna-be's are bad mouthing us.

    The key to EVERY BUSINESS on the planet is their product. If you don't have a REAL product or if your product is not proven then your business won't last long if it ever gets off the ground.

    Coastal Vacations has a PROVEN PRODUCT!

    All of the other copy cat businesses based their product on Coastal Vacations and then changed it up a little to make it look attractive to searchers and then they start slamming Coastal to try to convince you, the person doing their due diligence, that Coastal is not the way to go.

    The bottom line is Coastal has been around for over 25 years as a company and 14 years in the home based business market. That is proof that the other companies can't even touch.

    If you are researching Coastal Vacations, understand that you won't see us slamming the other travel companies. You will see us telling you how Coastal Vacations can change your life if you are a dedicated person who is willing to put the time and money into Coastal.

    Travel is for EVERYONE. Our product is for everyone. Coastal Vacations is for EVERYONE!

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    Great post Harold and so true!
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    Great post. Coastal is the Big Dog. Thats not to say the other opportunities arent good. They are and I encourage everyone to have a well rounded business and offer as many services in travel to the customer as possible. With all of that being said Coastal pays the best ive seen and has so much to offer in terms of value.

    If you are looking for a great way to make an income in the travel business then Coastal is it. Do your research. The commissions are great. The system is awesome and the product is top notch. The best thing ive seen are great directors that are willing to give so much of themselves. Many of us have innovative ways for you to get started and we are some of the best trainers in the industry.

    Get started asap with Coastal. Im biased and say give me a call but you cant go wrong with any of the directors in this forum. If you give me a call be sure to ask about my 3 options to get started in Coastal ( 2 are free by the way).

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director
    Founder of A-Team CV FREE Apprentice Program
    302 327 6263
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    What makes Coastal different? One of the points is that Coastal is an association and because of that structure it can never be shut down, which means, no worries about Coastal suddenly disappearing, no lawsuit, no worries.

    Matt & Catherine Willis
    The Christian Marketers

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