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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by rhart, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. rhart

    rhart New Member

    Hello, newby here. I'm a service engineer that has loads of time in the hotel at night. Any suggestions of what online business would suit this lifestyle best.

    I'm not trying to bypass any work, don't mind that. It's just that everything you research is someone trying to get rich off of me.

    I've looked at ad, pay-per-click, cash flow notes. But to get any real info on the nuts and bolts of these is frustrating. If anyone could give a slight nudge I'd appreciate it.

    I don't have a web site at the present but know an idea for a site that would build traffic.

  2. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    rhart: everything you research is someone trying to get rich off of me.

    That may be partially true but can be your personal roadblock if you think like that.
    There are MANY free tools and people giving good advice on blogs and forums.
    You just have to read between the lines and learn from their pitches.

    rhart: loads of time in the hotel at night
    I spent 25 years on the night shift at resorts to support 5 kids.
    Started creating websites for fun, NOT for profit, and helping friends do the same.
    Lots of artists, musicians, photographers, and others who just wanted to share their creations.
    Adding revenue streams was easy using affiliate programs or shopping carts.
    It naturally evolved into creating websites for resorts and tour companies.

    My first sites were nothing more than links for my friends to use instead of calling me daily.
    Kind of like a help directory to free software and website hosting before I became a host.
    I monetized them with self help books on tape (1994) and ribbon re-inking kits.
    Remember dot matrix printers? lol
    Actually that was another huge business I fell into when ink jets came out.
    All because I was already helping friends save money doing it themselves.
    I ended up recycling printer cartridges for resorts all over the country.
    Now you can buy recycled cartridges anywhere, even Walgreens.

    So, it's not just about the money, it's about YOUR passions.
    Do what YOU love to do and the rest will fall in your lap.
    It doesn't cost anything to help others, in fact it pays.

    You can start with a free blog like WordPress and just DO IT, right or wrong.
    Once you get your feet wet you can add revenue streams to it or direct people to a new site.
    Affiliate marketing is the no cost way to monetize your niche.
    First define your niche then find the products that fit.
    If you don't love what you are doing, it won't work.
    It requires a passion for what you are doing.
    Some people have a passion for money.[​IMG]
  3. rhart

    rhart New Member

    Thanks guys!
    Two corrections though, I'm a service engineer that is at the hotel at night on my on time. Don't have to worry about the boss there. lol

    Second, I don't mind spending some money for actual help. It's those guys that can't really help but want to charge you anyway. I just can't afford that.

    But both of you have given some good advice. And,,, I've also heard of SiteBuildIt during my research reading. I'll have to check them out a little better.

    Thanks again.
  4. al99

    al99 New Member


    So I take you have access to a laptop and internet connection!

    The first thing you need to do is list your skills and experience, this way people will be able to point you to specific things that would suit you.

    There are so many different internet based things you could do but there is no point listing them if you are not able to do them.

    For example if you had programming skills or copy writing skill or your a bit handy when it comes to art or design then we could point you in the right direction.
  5. rhart

    rhart New Member

    I have actually handcoded( no how-to program) my own website before. I've used visual basic to build a program for a contractor's business, payroll, parts usage, employee time. I do industrial plc programming. I can use Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Adobe pdf's. I've done graphical programming for industrial operator screens. I have a basic ability to access databases through programming.

    I'm no stranger to the pc. I've read numerous articles about building website traffic. Didn't learn it all lol. But I understood it.

    I like the idea of building traffic on a website, and using that traffic to build a profitable business.

    I'm not sure I like being tied to a mentor company. But I don't know if it's best to proceed that way or not.

    Thanks again for all comments. Just trying to do all my homework before jumping out there with a bunch of work that doesn't work.
  6. YourWealthCoach

    YourWealthCoach New Member

    There is a fabulous book called The Four Hour Work Week that will take you step by step into finding, testing, and selling a product online. It's worth the read!

    There are so many things to choose from that it's easy to get lost in cyberspace. Find something (product, business, etc.) that you are interested in, make sure there is great training, dive in and stick with it. Good luck!
  7. rhart

    rhart New Member

    Thanks guys. I think I have my idea now. Just trying to get it to gel a little better. I appreciate all the suggestions.

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