What's the best way to advertise my website to get the most traffic?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by daygemini, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. daygemini

    daygemini New Member

    I recently got started in network marketing.I'm a complete newbie.I've been placing ads on craigslist,but so far i've only had one lead.Does anyone have any ideas how I can get more traffic.I already have a page to capture leads but I have to get traffic to my website and i'm not sure what's the best way to do it?Right now I don't have any money to use any type of paid advertising so I need free methods.Any advice or tips will be greatly appreciated.
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I would say start using ezines such as ezinearticles.com to drive traffic to your site. That, and add unique content to seperate pages on your website. You can also get some free backlinks by linking back to your website via directories, which will boost your pr and therefore increase your rankings in the search engines.
  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I would have to say Pay Per Click advertising and article marketing.
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    There are a ton of free ways to get traffic to your landing page... they all take time but if you have more time than money like I did, then you don't have much choice. (I STILL use mostly free stuff!)

    Do you know how to find keywords to write articles that will get good traffic.

    If not, you need to either do some research on it maybe - I like to use Squidoo, blogs and write articles to submit to places like ezinearticles.com, goarticles.com, articlesbase.com etc to get traffic to my sites.

    You can start by setting up a simple blog at blogger.com and then every time you add a new article to ezine, you can add a form of it to your blog.

    With time you can create a small web of your own that is generating traffic for you.

    But the main thing is to get a handle on how keywords work so you are not writing and building content in vain.
  5. sinsinatty

    sinsinatty New Member

    Another - and very powerful route - is to record your own video using your webcam, and post to YouTube and other video sharing websites. You can do your video on basically anything related to the topic of your site.

    You shuold lso be promoting via the social networks - facebook, twitter, ilnkedin as a bare minimum. There's a ton of free software and info out there to point you in the right direction. If you haven't already done it, you should also go to http://www.challenge.co and 'do' what used to be the 30 Day Challenge, now 'The Challenge'. That'll give you a great grounding in what you need to know and do.
  6. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Marketing is a matter of going where you targeted audience is and letting them know what is available to them to assist with their needs.

    Forums, social networks are amongst the top methods we share with and train our new team members that are focused on free marketing.

    Just be sure to be consistent and patient and let the interested people come to you.
  7. YourWealthCoach

    YourWealthCoach New Member

    There are a ton of ways to drive traffic, but don't get too scattered. Pick one or two that you like and stick with them until you get really good - then add more. (ex: If you like writing, blogging and article marketing are great choices).

    Most importantly, be consistent. It may take weeks or months to build, but it will be worth it.
  8. The best way is put up a blog instead of lead capture page or a simple website. the reason.

    1. Visitors interact on blogs by posting comments.

    2. You write posts do a SEO on them that is much easier way to generate traffic.

    3. Even google ppc does not allows lead capture pages or website with high bounce rate.

    4. You can generate traffic on you blog by commenting on other blogs as it puts a link to your blog.

    5. commenting on forums.

    6. Blog gives an option for your visitors to connect with you on facebook, twitter this way you generate leads that way too.
  9. blessedathome

    blessedathome New Member

    Things that have worked for me that are Free:

    -Writing Article Reviews in your own words
    -Network with other people in Forums offering advice and support
    -Create a Blog
    -Create a website
    -Backlink your website and blog and get as many backlinks to your site as possible
    -Domain Names-You can use a domain name as a Great Marketing Tool. I have multiple domain names. Once you have generated enough traffic to that domain name then you can sell it if you want.
    -Free Classified sites are okay but you will have to repost constantly and could be accused of spam.
    -Offer something Free. Everyone loves Free!
    - Stay consistent with your marketing efforts
    -Only Market to your Target audience for the best results.
    -Phone Prospecting has got to be my Top Pick along with Backlinking and Forums. It takes practice to get good at it but it will yield a lot of results too.

    Hope this helps.
  10. stevewar

    stevewar New Member

    yadvinder_singh: The best way is put up a blog instead of lead capture page or a simple website. the reason.
    I'd like to expand on this; it is quite easy to combine lead capture techniques, and even landing pages, on a blog.

    The real advantage of blogging platforms is that some basic SEO is already done for you. As long as you write high quality content, that reads well (think of a magazine, they use headlines, bold face, italics, etc), you're pages can rank well for your subject; and, if your content provides value to people, they'll link to it, and you'll climb up in the search engines, and get traffic.
  11. dougadam

    dougadam New Member

    SEO, Link Building, Inbound Links, SMO, Social Media Optimization, Blog Writing and comments, Public Relations Press Release.
  12. katereber

    katereber New Member

    You want to get traffic without paying for it, then I guess social

    networking work well. In a social networking site, you can scout out

    potential customers and target markets with just a few clicks and

    keystrokes, adding a boost to your usual advertisements and

    promotional strategies. It lets you learn about their likes and

    dislikes, which is tremendous. If you want to fine tune your

    business, then this is the way to go, whether on a budget or not.
  13. katereber

    katereber New Member

    Here are my list of top traffic source..

    1. SEO and the Search Engines
    2. Article Marketing
    3. PPC - Pay Per Cl?­ck Advertising
    4. Social Media Sites
    5. Ema?­l Marketing and Follow-up Lists

    Hope this can help..

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    All really good stuff! Don't leave out offline marketing too.
  15. hornetsnest29

    hornetsnest29 New Member

    Create a facebook fan page; create a blog; write articles. These are the three things that I did and so far it had given me fairly good leads.
  16. jimgreen

    jimgreen New Member

    First of all decide what you're actually marketing. Rather than your company's replicated website, you should be building your own brand of You, inc. and, as others here have suggested, a blog is best for that.
  17. jbrownmarketing

    jbrownmarketing New Member

    I suggest creating a web site and blogging. It is a cheap easy way to attract leads. It will take some patience but it will pay out in the long run. There are so many ways to bring traffic to your blog such as SEO and using social networks.

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