What's the importance of virtual assistant for small business?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by alannah gibney, May 19, 2015.

  1. alannah gibney

    alannah gibney New Member

    Vistual Assistant has a lot of benefits and I just want to ask of you here if do you think
    they are really that important especially for small and start-up business.
  2. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    I think they do have there place but not if you are just getting started. I wouldn't suggest a virtual assistant until you are making a min of at least 10k per month.
  3. Robin Bull

    Robin Bull Member

    I don't have one, but they can be useful. Usually, if I need an extra set of hands I contact a local college and get a kid who needs internship credit. Oh, and if you're interested...screw the whole "you need to make x amount of money." Tim Ferris doesn't think so...and neither do other big name dudes. You can get a VA for $5 on Fiverr.
  4. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    A virtual assistant can be important to any small or start-up business at any phase of its development and maturity. Here are some reasons why.

    A Virtual Assistant...

    - is less expensive than a full-time employee.
    - takes care of her own bookkeeping and taxes.
    - gets paid only for time spent working on your project.
    - can handle repetitive tasks that can't be automated.
    - may have skills you lack.
    - frees you up to focus on business-building strategies.
    - works around your schedule.
    - helps you to meet project deadlines.
    - can work from anywhere in the world.
    - is a dedicated professional.​

    A competent VA can save you time, money and stress. She is usually an independent contractor who knows her craft, is committed to her business and takes pride in completing assignments on time.

  5. SandraGJ

    SandraGJ Member

    You can get a virtual assistant on Fiverr but you have to be really careful when it comes picking them out.
    VA's are great but again, you have to be extra cautious when hiring.
  6. alannah gibney

    alannah gibney New Member

    Yes I have to agree when it comes to carefully picking and choosing them. But before that I had to choose among these sites:

    https://www.upwork.com - formely odesk
    https://www.fiverr.com -

    But I had to interview them and ask for their portfolio so that I can see the kind of quality about their past projects. I think I might conduct 2 interviews in order to filter them out properly.
  7. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Virtual assistants seem to be a really hot and growing work at home job. It could be a great niche to get into.
  8. Author J Oman

    Author J Oman New Member

    SUCH an AWESOME topic you've brought up here, Allannah!
    I've been considering getting a VA or 2 myself to get things going again at higher levels.
    I have a friend who is CRANKING things out using VAs! So, VAs can definitely be helpful.
    BUT, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, you need to consider what/how you can have them do things for you that either truly help generate sales/income. Or, make your business less time consuming for you, so YOU can focus on doing MORE of the actions that generate income.
    1 of the things I've considered is to do some marketing/promo tests myself to figure out winning ways to generate sales. And then have a VA continue doing MORE of those things while I focus on finding other winning actions I can have MORE VAs do.
    This kind of idea/concept DOES obviously require a fairly decent grasp on testing (IE: A/B Split Testing, etc). So, you can determine truly WINNING actions and make sure those actions generate MORE in sales/profits than the cost of a VA doing them.
    But, once you know WHAT specific actions/strategies/methods generate sales (hopefully without your OWN personal time/effort as much as possible), then the possibilities are virtually unlimited! Because, then you can have a VA do all, or at least some, of those things to help crank out sales without your own time/efforts.
    I talked to an owner of a VA company awhile back, and asked if he'd consider having a VA do work for me where they get paid by sales that happen through an affiliate link they'd get paid from sales with...
    That way I KNOW the VA would be taking actions that generate MORE sales/profits than the cost of the VAs time. (IE because they'd only get paid via a percentage of the sales those promos generate.)
    So, if you can get a VA/VAs going in that kinda way then WOW, right?
    My own biggest challenge is that I had a Brain Anneurysm that put me in a 10-day coma where I was given only a 15% chance of survival. So, simply REMEMBERING to stay on TOP of doing promos and tracking results is INCREDIBLY challenging!
    I know that seems like it should be no big deal at all.
    But, my memory challenge is SO bad that most days I wake up and don't even know what day of the week it is, or anything I did, or most things that happened anytime in the last 5+ years without some kind of reminder/s.
    I know, it sounds pretty crazy. And it DEFINITELY IS!...
    But, my experience and knowledge that helped me become successful enough to be featured on TV as a Success Story & then do my #1 Best-Selling book is still in my Long-Term memory.
    It's just most things that happened anytime SINCE 2008, when my head 'blew up', is where the issue is. And like virtually EVERYTHING that worked awesome 'back in the day' (before my head happened) just simply either doesn't work anymore, or needs to be done totally different. Which again requires some memory to figure out what was done, so I can figure out what worked, etc to continue with.
    Anyway, enough rambling. My point was that if you can get a VA helping you with things that generate more in sales/profits than the cost of the VA, and then keep on repeating the process of figuring out winning actions, and getting more VA s to do them, THEN how amazingly successful could you get?
    Hopefully that gives some ideas of great possiblities for people here!
    I'm new to this Forum and just wanted to help out as much as I can!
    Do it to it everyone! It CAN be done! :)

    Jason Oman
    TV Success Story & #1 Best-Selling Author

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