What's the quick way to become Rich Working from home?

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by mreese601, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. mreese601

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    Would like to know everyone opinion on this.
  2. mreese601

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  3. shaun

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    There is NO QUICK WAY !!
    The question should be

    Whats the best or most effective way to become Rich Working from home?

    My answer to which would be , educate yourself, read , read , read , read and read some more. Basics like SEO, PPC, Socialmedia Use, HubPages, Youtube etc....Forums
    Then most importantly CopyWriting.
    Then when people ask you what you do online you can say; "I write words and people give me money!" ...haha (actually Im not joking).

    Then if you want to be rich you will need to learn where to invest your money to which I say read read read & read some more , learn about share trading, commodities

    All of this, just the learning , could take 12 months....by which time someone wanting to "get rich online quick" has long since given up and moved onto their next desperate clutching attempt at "getting rich quick"

    Thats the important part you know, the fact that those who want to "get rich quick" give up well before they actually attain success...ahh the tragic irony of it all.

    A person who got rich slowly !
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    let me know when you find out.[​IMG]
  5. FreeCashMan

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    The answer is one that people don't want to hear.

    Cut out all the other Bull crap and excuses, and get focused on doing the "DO" to manifest a profitable home business.

    You can make money or you can make excuses but you sure can't do both.

    Way to many want what they are not willing to work for, and then have the audacity to be upset when what they want doesn't come easy until after they put in some work.

    Of course this assumes you are in the right business that can make you rich.
  6. shaun

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    Of course this assumes you are in the right business that can make you rich.

    G'day FreeCashMan
    I think it takes more than just a business. The profits from your business should be going into income producing assets. Just thought Id add that in mate !

    Good post by the way...your dead on the money there. most people dont want to do what it takes.
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    If only ........

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