What's your best way making money online?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by purposedriven42, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. purposedriven42

    purposedriven42 New Member

    There are several ways of making money online. Can you please share to beginners what's your best way of making money online and why did you choose to focus on it?

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Hmm... I have made money in various ways, but have made the most with a direct sales business that I have done for several years... It's simple to do but takes more overhead and investment is more to get started but once you have it up and going - the commissions are pretty cool - anywhere from $1000 - $9700.

    I guess if anyone wants to know specifics they can pm me or visit the top website below....the reason I don't promote my businesses that much is because I would rather help people understand the ins and outs of this stuff before I send them there.[​IMG]

    I do Ebay as well and market log furniture for a local shop so I guess that would be considered drop shipping and is not that easy to find, unless you have a local shop or company that is willing to let you market for them.
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Online advertising is the simplest, but selling your own products / services is the best in the long run.
  4. mylastjob

    mylastjob New Member


    There are many ways to do this, however, it's not that simple. Anyone can get out and try to sell a product or service. You should take many things into consideration before making a decision. I'll share what I know and why I choose my business:

    1)You MUST find a world class maketing system with the freshest infromation and training resources in the industry.

    2)You MUST have a 100% turn key internet system in place--PEOPLE FAIL, SYSTEMS PREVAIL.

    3)You MUST have a Networking Marketing Business Model that will teach you step by step how to produce leads, while spending less money. One that teaches you how to have an abundance mentality--if you don't know the meaning of this please email me and I will explain.

    4)You MUST have the Best of the Best support; leaders/sponsors that WANT to see you succeed and are there for YOU at all times. Leaders that will share their knowledge without fear of you ranking a higher status. Those are the people you want to be associated with.

    5) You MUST look at the future, not just the now. Where will you be in 5 years if you choose Online Network Marketing? How about 10, 15 years? Will the online business you choose be around then? Are you leaving a legacy for your children?

    6) You MUST research--do your homework. DO NOT get caught up in all the hype--find FACTS, settle for nothing less.

    7) Before you choose that business and consider Network Marketing, you MUST know in your heart and mind that it is a "good" one. Integrity and credibitlity are two very crucial points that will make or break your business.


    Network Marketing online at home is where it is today. We live in different times, a different world. Find what your passionate about and do it! Believe in what you're doing and you WILL succeed!

    I wish you ALL success and happiness!

    Thank you for letting me share! [​IMG]

    Kimberly Guest-Hernandez~~
    In Houston, Texas Living my Dreams.
  5. purposedriven42

    purposedriven42 New Member

    Thanks guys for presenting various options for beginners [​IMG]

  6. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    This is a topic I see posted frequently here. Personally I much prefer the Cooperative Marketing Model vs. MLM and affliate business' but that is just me.

    People should find something that appeals to them and they can be passionate about for their primary business. I have found this after three years of looking for something and it is interesting that when something reallly appeals to you, it is very easy to understand all aspects of that business without too much effort because you love it!!! It is also much easier to promote it to others when you are 100% confident and happy with what you are doing.

    That being said, people should look at the length of time a co. has been in business, the quality of customer support, the product and it's quality, the payplan and if there are easy ways to contact the business. It is even better when they have a physical location, although that is not mandatory. It also is wonderful when it goes along with your core beliefs. I noticed the author of this particular thread is christian based, so finding business' that coincide with that are likely important to you.
  7. dmitch31

    dmitch31 New Member

    Online Affiliate Marketing all the way baby!

    1. you don't have to stock product.
    2. you don't have to ship product.
    3. you don't have to deal with returns.
    4. you don't have to deal with customers.
    5. does not require any up front investment
    6. you start making money right away and the longer you work it the more you make
    7. you can do all of this from the comfort of your own home or your local Starbucks or your local....

    In my opinion, network marketing just dangle dreams in front of people like a carrot before a donkey. The ONLY way I would even consider network marketing would be to market it online.
  8. ronkusoke

    ronkusoke New Member

    It depends on the person's interest and hobbies.

    For someone who loves the internet and spends lots of time chatting, blogging, writing and doing all that fun stuffs, affiliate marketing may be the best. That way, you keep doing what you already invest alot of time doing as well as what you love doing, the only new thing will be the potential to make money while doing it. Also the thinking behind affiliate marketing is easy to comprehend especially if you search and shop online alot.

    For everyother person that doesnt really spend time on the internet or particularly any interest but that is smart. trading forex may be the way out. You get trained like a course in school and you start from there.

    Either way, determination and hardwork is needed. The opportunities are indeed endless.
  9. naturalis

    naturalis New Member

    I'm earning my share online with general affiliate marketing techniques.

    For instance, when I try to sell something online I always check what's the popularity of a chosen product, what's the competition, then I write some articles or I use Google Adwords to promote the product. And of course, in 80% of time I use a Landing page to atract buyers, although I've had success with direct linking also.

    That's the procedure that I normally do.

  10. arcade

    arcade New Member

    I agree with dmitch, affiliate marketing is deffently a great way to start. I started late in 2007 and have acctauly made money online. (something I never thought I could do) Wealthy Affiliate is a great way to learn how to be successful online. Good luck!

  11. unselfishguy

    unselfishguy Guest

    I would suggest that beginners should start with a business program, which will not require any start-up costs. Then, they can leverage a portion of the money they earn to build residual income.
  12. naturalis

    naturalis New Member

    unselfishguy: I would suggest that beginners should start with a business program, which will not require any start-up costs.

    Exactly, and this forum is a wonderful place to start. Generally forums are really helpful, if nothing else just to get rid of that overwhelming feeling of abundance of information.

  13. DHL

    DHL New Member

    I agree with Kimberly about Network Marketing. If you find a good product, in a growing industry, you can generate a lot of exposure, which leads to endless amounts of money! You have to have a great posture when you are talking about your products.
    POSTURE=$$$$ If you don't believe in your product 100% then it probably won't work for you. I am a BIG believer in Network Marketing because it's the SMART way to earn a living. Work smarter not harder. I would rather have 1% of hundreds of peoples efforts than 100% of one.
  14. Steveo72

    Steveo72 New Member


    I am a newbie at making money online. I am being taught right now how to do Affiliate Marketing but I'm not having any success with it right now[​IMG] What I really would like to do is, run a website that sales products but I don't want to ship anything or deal with the customers. I have heard people talk about turn-key-websites. What are they?
    What is Networking Marketing? Can someone please explain?

  15. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Steveo72: I have heard people talk about turn-key-websites. What are they?
    What is Networking Marketing? Can someone please explain?
    Hello again Steve,

    I just answered one of your questions in another thread. [​IMG]

    I'm going to 'attempt' to answer these ones, but I may not get it exactly right. I'm sure others will come along and correct me if need be.

    A turn key website is a site that is already built and set up with the products, content, etc. You just have to promote it or, in other words, get visitors.

    That's not as easy as it sounds, especially if the site is not set up with proper search engine optimization (SEO) or is a duplicate to many other sites. If that's the case, you are probably going to have to pay for advertising which can be very tricky and expensive if you don't know how to do it right.

    I tend to associate turn key sites with get rich quick schemes - all hype and no substance, but that's just the impression I've always gotten of them. If you could be guaranteed that your website was unique content and SEO'd based on good keyword research, then it would be worthwhile. Otherwise, build your own.

    Network marketing (also referred to as MLM or multi-level marketing) is generally a form of marketing that involves you getting people to sign up for a program or products and they do the same and they do the same, etc.... You build a 'downline' or a 'network' of people who are all committed to buying a minimum purchase each month in order to earn commissions.

    You earn commissions on several levels of customers below you. There are various compensation plans depending on the company. Each have their own little way of doing things, but the premise is usually the same.

    Network marketing can make you a good bit of money if you are quite good at it. Most people aren't. Well, that's a bit of a generalization. I should say, most people I've talked to who have been in network marketing companies don't usually make much money because of all the personal costs they have to pay and because they have a hard time pressuring their friends, family, and strangers to come on board and join the company.

    Eventually, they drop out of the company and anything they have built up is lost. Sometimes, though, they 'salvage' their downline and they all race over to some other network marketing company and try again. And so it continues.

    Believe it or not, I'm not opposed to network marketing companies - I'm actually in 2 of them. [​IMG] But, I am realistic about them. The pressure and the hype annoy me immensely.

    I recommend the products as one little arm of my business because they are good products. If I ever decide to drop out of the company(ies), I can replace the products I'm recommending with other quality products through affiliate marketing or whatever and still carry on.

    If you can find a company that is selling something that you want to buy every month anyway, it may be worth a shot. But if you are just starting out, I'd suggest you stick with affiliate marketing until you get a good grasp of it and build yourself a solid foundation. You'll always have that to build upon down the track.

  16. Steveo72

    Steveo72 New Member

    Thank you so much for replying. I don't think network marketing is for me[​IMG] What I rather do it promote things I think people need and maybe get into drop shipping. I heard that was also a good work at home business to get into. Funny, yesterday I almost fell for the affiliate rebate thing I got in my email. I am glad i did my research[​IMG]
  17. BlueJ33

    BlueJ33 New Member

    I'm a big fan of My Online Income System, at least for anybody starting out. The step-by-step direction it gives is great and really helped me with getting an online business started.
  18. homebus

    homebus New Member

    i am making money online with a professional company selling website business to folk who want to be working from home making money on the internet. the big difference here is the company i am working with can actually be visited and checked out at their offices. after selling a website business the customer is then trained right up to banking their money. communication is virtually for life. i chose to work alongside this company because they are genuine and professional and are committed to helping people start their new working from home dreams.
  19. mktgmaster

    mktgmaster New Member

    Online marketing is definitely the way of the present as well as the future! In order to be successful with any home business or MLM opportunity, you first need to (and this is going to sound very odd at first) stop trying to sell your product/service. People don't really care about what your marketing nearly as much as they care about WHO they are going to be positioning themselves with. What value do YOU offer your prospect? How can you help them build their business? What can you teach them so they can start seeing success as quickly as possible? The more valuable YOU personally become to your prospects, the easier it will be to build your business online as well as offline.

  20. Kecia08

    Kecia08 New Member

    At the moment, I make my money online by doing three things: Sponsored Blogging, Freelance Writing, and Affiliate Marketing. The affiliate marketing is my newest venture, and I am hoping for it to replace my other two "jobs" to become my sole internet money maker.

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