Where Do You Find Opportunity Buyers?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by ibuzzmentor, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. ibuzzmentor

    ibuzzmentor Member

    I have been in the industry for a decade or so. Did very well doing the big ticket stuff of the 00's. I have always believed that targeting buyers is better than targeting leads. Right now I am in an affiliate program where I offer to people free shots to win life changing money. Some have won thousands with these free no risk shots. Many networkers are hungry to earn the life changing money they are promised in a lot of opportunities. Unfortunately many bounce around from deal to deal without finding it. Even though what I am offering people is not an MLM or networking opportunity I still follow the same premise of going after people who are buyers and eager to win or make money. If you agree with me where do you find these opportunity buyers? I have my places but am curious to see what the rest of the forum says. Success to you all, here is to hoping you are hitting it big!
  2. Aptain

    Aptain New Member

    Where to find them is the question that everyone in this industry is asking. Even if you have answers like Social Media etc you still are anxious as to the massive results other people are getting and feel there is more out there that people are not giving more of the holy grail or leads and traffic that continues to be hidden. I would also be very interested to hear the feedback and comments on this post..
  3. Chris Garcia

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    Best way to find buyers is attract them. Educate them on what your service does, not what it is. Typically network marketers will "hunt" their leads own and pitch them... if you take on the role of educating your niche market with value about your service, then you will attract the people that what you do makes sense to them.

    The secret to leads is to attract them with information they want to learn. Those leads become buyers, and potentially team members. Since you're in affiliate marketing, by sharing what you learn about your niche, you'll attract the right leads.

    Hope that helps. Chris
  4. Ken_Cloutier

    Ken_Cloutier New Member

    Great answer- nail on the head! P.S.- Love the pic with Ray!!
  5. Haris Z

    Haris Z New Member

    Being new to network marketing, I have found word of mouth to be best, find someone you know, who may know of an opportunity, that way, the source is reliable and not just something you have found... testimonials are essential.
  6. Steve Bailey

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    We teach lifestyle marketing... F.O.R.M. Family, Occupation, Recreation, Money. Somewhere, someone is complaining about one of these things. We just live our lives and listen for people to start. When they do, we say "I had the same feeling and my wife and I started doing something about it. Would love to show it to you if you're open to taking a look. Maybe it will work for you too."

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