Where to Find People who Want to Work at Home?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by BunnyBookmakers, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. BunnyBookmakers

    BunnyBookmakers New Member

    Hello, everyone. This may seem like a silly question since this forum is full of people who would like to work from home, however, this question is asked in honesty.

    My brother and I have recently started a small business, and it is internet-based. So we require internet-based marketing and have decided to seek out people for this purpose. We have set up a basic affiliate marketing program offering a minimum of $350 per sale as part of our efforts.

    However, very few people seem interested (we've posted job ads). Perhaps this is due to the large volume of scams associated with working from home that are posted in places where people go to look for jobs, such as Craigslist.

    If this is the case, how can I stand out from other illegitimate work-from-home offers? And what would be a better place to find people who like working from home? Thank you all very much for your help.
  2. crisstar

    crisstar Member

    Not sure what kind of program you have, but one way to get affiliates is to list your product (if digital) on Clickbank. There's also Commission Junction and Share a Sale. That's the way you get affiliates, especially if you're not known. You could also get JV partners... do a search there are a few websites that cater to this. This is where you find where the big list people who are more than willing to cut you a deal for mailing out to their list. This is also a good way to build your reputation and launch your product to the masses.

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  3. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Also find different sites, social networks, groups, etc. where people might share an interest in working at home. Craigslist is not a good place to advertise because your posts will most likey get ghosted/be removed.

    Good luck. :)
  4. Working at home is becoming very popular now. There are websites like Freelancer.com and Odesk.com where you can post your job listings. Once you have posted your job listing, there will be a number of applicants that will apply to the position that you're looking for.
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  5. Samuel Pichardo

    Samuel Pichardo New Member

    Google the following term: "Best classefied sites" and you'll get a HUGE LIST of places to advertise.
    After that go to Odesk and find someone that can post ads on your behalf on a daily basis. Its all about having SYSTEMS do the work for you. :)
  6. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    I found my job on Craigslist. It wasn't a work at home job, but it was an SEO job for a corporation. The jobs that appealed to me were those with specific descriptions, the kind an HR person would write.

    Short descriptions that don't tell you much about the job not only sound unprofessional, but they can seem suspicious.
  7. KB24

    KB24 Active Member

    What is the name of your company? I may be interested in signing up to your affiliate program..
  8. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Do you have a physical or digital product? In order to give you good advice, can you please provide a little more information about your product?
  9. mbasa

    mbasa Member

    Have you tried Ibotoolbox? It is a good place to connect with like minded individuals. I actually find it to be much more user friendly compared to Facebook. I am not sure if I can leave a URL here so it is better if you just google them.
  10. Scott Willoghby

    Scott Willoghby New Member

    I notice that you haven't included a signature link in your post, is there a reason why you wouldn't want to do that. All advertising (generally) is good advertising.
  11. vinnyqua

    vinnyqua New Member

    You are at the right place for finding the people your looking for... This forum is a great way.
  12. This is actually a very good question. I think many of us are always trying different traffic techniques of trying to perfect the ones that work best for us. I would suggest social media like Facebook. Everyone knows someone and the more people you reach the better chance of the success of your business. :)
  13. learnpceasy

    learnpceasy New Member

    You're in the right place. Three are people searching for online work everywhere.. I recommend being as informative as possible (posting contact numbers, website, etc.) in your job description postings, so that people will know your offer is legit.
  14. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    People are generally skeptical because they have so many beliefs about how you can't make money online or that you have to work hard or have a real job to make money. Then there is the belief that if it seems too good to be true it is. I had to break out of many many limited beliefs about this before I found success!

    I am very active on facebook. I post a lot of quotes or inspirational things about limited beliefs and I think it gets people thinking. It doesn't happen overnight, I had to build these relationships. It has been worth it, for every time I offer my affiliate marketing course, I make substantial money over night!

    I don't approach anyone directly, nor do I advertise. I just be me, real and authentic and the rest will follow, give it time.
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  15. Danielle Nicole

    Danielle Nicole New Member

    Craigslist is so over-saturated with scams that people are even more skeptical now than they have ever been. I would avoid Craigslist and advertise somewhere where there is more of a trusting audience. I agree with posting on oDesk and Freelancer like Christian said. You can reach a lot of people that way as oDesk has hundreds or thousands of contractors and the job postings also show up in Google search results. I also recommend LinkedIn and SnagAJob.
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  16. jamess

    jamess Member

    There are many online sites or services from where you can find the freelance workers like freelancer.com, odesk.com, p4parttime.com, elance.com, etc..
  17. Kyle_K

    Kyle_K Member

    That's great advice!
  18. Moody Group

    Moody Group New Member

    I too am in the home based internet-affiliate-network market niche.

    Several things go against you in recruitment for an online internet business (though they can be overcome). First social media and internet marketing is the most competitive niche to be in. It is actually more competitive than a brick and mortar business even if few brick and mortar businesses can survive without an internet. The next problem is that as you said you must differentiate yourself from scams. The third is the high failure rate in home based marketing businesses which is in the high 90 percent. Those looking are often in a spiral of failure.

    That said ...

    I have found that building individual long term relationship is the best way to build and maintain a network, affiliate, internet marketing business. That and building your list through giving free information away. Though the list is only as good as those you can pull from it over time (build through leadership, example and trust) a few ambassadors for your business.

    I build my list doing the same things I imagine you do ... placing adds, sharing content in forums such as this, solo adds both free and paid, share traffic sites, add co-ops, facebook groups, and soon I will be posting YouTube videos as well. Things I teach my down-line and things one must at least understand the principles of though action is (and cost per action ultimately) is all that counts.

    I do the above everyday and have a set list of actions I take everyday. It produces results but it does take time effort and ongoing commitment.

    And having said the above I still find cold calling purchased biz op leads as well as the leads I generate myself produces the highest ROI ... because getting a prospect on the phone allows me to build a relationship with them. Over time. Sometimes five months before conversion or final disqualification. And you learn a lot about a person if you will just listen. The object is to find out what service you can provide, what need you can fill or how you can benefit your prospect through association with you or your business ... and that sometimes take time to communicate and for the prospect to judge you as a con artist, armature or a professional.

    So in short to break through the crowd you must take massive action and have multiple contacts with your prospect, get yourself in a position to talk to them directly and listen carefully to them to find out something that they need, need done, or a benefit they want ... and fulfill it ... and be willing to take time in that process of discover through which you will win their trust. The morality and truth of anyone's character or offer is not clear at first glance. It takes more than one interaction over time to see if it has value or not. Time may indeed be money. But it is also how we measure our life. And people are more attracted to truth in life than money in the long run provided you take the time necessary to demonstrate your character.

    Hope that is some help.
  19. Stephanie M

    Stephanie M New Member

    Sounds like your looking for more of an affiliate than a freelancer, if I'm understanding your post correctly, as you're only going to payout when a sale is made. Corrisa suggested some popular ones like Clickbank and Commission Junction (I haven't heard of Share a Sale yet, but I'll be sure to check it out). There is also the Upsell Network that is worth checking out.
  20. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    Why would people want to sale your product?

    If you can get a positive message across to your target audience then that may help you get affiliates.


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