Where to start for a newbie?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by bburt252, May 10, 2008.

  1. bburt252

    bburt252 New Member

    i have a website to promote ..can you guys give me some of the easier beginner ideas to start promoting my website? thaks in advance
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    You may want to start with correcting your url[​IMG]

    It needs another ] after the first set of url... then just find forums to participate in like you are doing here.

    There are a lot of people with more patience than I have to do the clickie thing - and there are other forums around as well, where you can play around in and leave your 'tracks'...have fun[​IMG]
  3. tidbits

    tidbits New Member

    moountainmom5 is right. Participate in forums, write articles, submit to search engines.

    I wrote a couple of articles on the topic that might give you a few pointers. I don't think I'm allowed to post a link to the articles, so visit the No Job for Mom in my signature. Hopefully you'll find the articles helpful.

    Continue to read posts in this forum. I've found the folks here to be knowledgeable and helpful.

    Best of luck in promoting your site.
  4. madnawat

    madnawat New Member

    Yep correct your URL, so that we can have a look on your website.... you are loosing traffic from this forum dude

    so few tips are:

    1. Search forums similar to your website's topic, that allows url of your website in signature file and be a regular participant of them. People will visit your website through your sig file link.

    2. Write compelling and resourceful articles, submit then to ezine websites, like ezinearticles.com with link and short description of your website. They are very very important part of web promotion. Sending you direct traffic and indirectly increasing your google page rank. Best results come when you submit your articles to the ezine of similar topic

    3. Do link exchange with websites of same niche

    4. leave nice and sensible comments on blogs. from here you will get link back to your website

    5. submit your website to directories in appropriate category.

    6. Write a press release about your website and submit it to free press release websites.

    7. start a newsletter and make subscribers email list to whom you can periodically send newsletter on what you have new for them.

    8. Keep adding new and unique content to your website

    9. keep your website optimised to search engines

    10. test, test & test new places on net

    any more suggestion guys.....
  5. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Good tips madnawat.

    I might add that you can create a bunch of relevant web 2.0 sites for free and link back from those sites. You can also create linkbacks from social bookmarking sites.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  6. bburt252

    bburt252 New Member

    wow thanks a lot guys/gals...yes I have much work to do...there were some great suggestions that I will be implementing into my buisness! Mountainmom i agree I cannot do too many ptc's but i am a member of five sites that have already paid me. My bux.to site has the most referrals and seems to be my best performer so far!! Thanks for the help
  7. bburt252

    bburt252 New Member

    Ok finally updated my links....lol i'm gettin there
  8. Seashell

    Seashell New Member

    First of all I would pick one thing to focus on per post or advertising message.

    Secondly I would get a URL and do a re-direct
  9. BillyPilgrim

    BillyPilgrim New Member

    You might try article marketing, it's free and the SEs love good content.
  10. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    bburt252: Ok finally updated my links....lol i'm gettin there

    lol - I 'm not telling how long it took me to figure out the link thing[​IMG]
  11. DAT2

    DAT2 New Member

    yea same deal you got to use forums and also get out there on the street as well. a lot of people out there willing to buy online you just got to find them
  12. onestopshop2day

    onestopshop2day New Member

    Hi I am a newbie to this forum.

    Have any of you advertised your website with magnets on your car? How about Pens and business cards? If so has it helped? Is it worth the cost?


  13. bburt252

    bburt252 New Member

    i've done much reading the past few days and today I will start implementing what madnawat said as well as some other free submission and traffic strategies I researched. I'ts going pretty good for me, so far my bux.to account is earning me a steady $23 plus dollars/day and growing=]..I hope to get some free referrals using these techniques to make my business grow. My short term goal is $100/day ..I will keep updating as I progress..Any more help appreciated...God Bless..Prosperity to all!

    P.s. about the magnets and pens...no idea.
  14. manchau

    manchau New Member

    Very good tips madnawat. thanks for this info

    DAT2: Please correct your signature, they don;t appear as URL
  15. Seth

    Seth New Member

    i have a website to promote ..can you guys give me some of the easier beginner ideas to start promoting my website? thaks in advance

    you can start by advertising via free ads sites, forums, you can also do blogs and try to join any social networking site.
  16. jschuman

    jschuman New Member

    Excellent post madnawat!
  17. Morgana

    Morgana New Member

    Hi Group!

    First want to answer Gina's q above regarding car magnets, pens, and etc - yes, Gina, they are worth it! They all help to build brand familiarity for you locally (and YOU are the brand!) So, yes, invest - it's a great idea for off-line marketing.

    And now to bburt252 - great sugestions for you above from other members and all that I have to add to the pot is this: the internet is a really big place, and although you do need to advertise, you also have to become really good at developing relationships with others. This has worked really well for me, and is far less competitive than advertising - people are absolutely inundated with ads day and night, and for the most part they set their brains to ignore.

    However, when you make a friend online and they notice that you are involved with something online, they are quite likely to at least take a look and give it serious consideration. In fact, as well as advertising your site, you may want to develop your own mailing list with a newsletter or some such thing - Newsletters are a great way to develop lots of quality relationships and build your personal reputation.

    I think that the most important thing I ever learned about marketing is that the relationship comes first - since then I have focused my efforts in that direction.


  18. freecashhappens

    freecashhappens New Member

    A friend of mine teaches lifeguard instruction in the summer. At the beginning of every summer she gets some "window marker" and writes her number and a short description on her windows of her car. Soon the phone is ringing off the hook. Pens are good for Avon or the like product, but if you are marketing a $2000 business opportunity, I don't believe that it will serve you well.
  19. onestopshop2day

    onestopshop2day New Member

    tidbits: moountainmom5 is right. Participate in forums, write articles, submit to search engines.

    When you say write articles, are you referring to articles regarding the website you want to promote? Or just articles as any type of story in general? Where do you go to write these articles? I am very confused on this article writing thing. lol

  20. justlikethat

    justlikethat New Member

    Hey all, I'm new to this too!

    Not too sure where to go but am learning loads for you guys.

    Thanks a bunch!

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