Which are the highly reccommended paying survey sites?!

Discussion in 'Paid Surveys' started by sunshinee, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip. I'll check them out.
  2. SophieCrapin

    SophieCrapin New Member

    Hi there,

    I would like to recommend Panel Opinion. This is certainly one of the best survey sites I have used. It is free to sign up and you receive payment via bank transfer with no issues. I have won £20 over the last few months and I am very satisfied.
  3. Wendy Goodwin

    Wendy Goodwin New Member

    I like Cash Crate, they are free to register with and accept UK members. The minor cons are that they pay in Dollars and by cheque.
  4. Gelson

    Gelson New Member

    Opinionsite's support is helpful and good. The rewards are even BETTER!
  5. Newoak

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  6. Joss

    Joss New Member

    I've tried Survey Bee couple of times before and I would definitely suggest it. It is the easiest I believe.
  7. Jeanne_dupont

    Jeanne_dupont New Member

    I'd Defiantly recommend Survey Friends, earn points as you complete surveys that match you profile. Its really simple to join, just make sure you log in regularly to check for new surveys. Great way to earn vouchers/quick gifts!
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  8. payment proof

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  9. lee wightman

    lee wightman New Member

    hi we have just had a child and money was tight with my wife being off work so we were looking for some way to earn some money by doing surveys. After going through lots of companies like "global market test" and "my survey" (why werent very good) I finally came across this company called cashcrate. I have made some decent money doing surveys and other things from this site, dont get me wrong you wont get rich but you can earn a nice little sum of money every month.
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  10. Jeanne_dupont

    Jeanne_dupont New Member

    I looked at cashcrate, however I really preferred Panel Opinion. I found this the on Facebook as one of my friends have used them before. They're brilliant!

    You can get paid via bank transfer/paypal or a written cheque and it really doesn't take long to receive your rewards.:);)
  11. Konadragonfly

    Konadragonfly New Member

    Wow! I have always used Pandaresearch and never had a problem
  12. SophieCrapin

    SophieCrapin New Member

    Tried out Survey Friends, and they're brilliant!
    Earn points and gain some great rewards!

    Thanks for the recommendation! :)(y)
  13. The secret to survey sites is not just the surveys but the hidden profits machine hiding on them called a down-line. Optimize on this and combined with the surveys you will start making good money from them.
  14. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Belonging to a number of different survey sites can also help keep the money coming in. If you are selective about the sites you use, it's a great way to make consistent money.
  15. acee

    acee New Member

    Redemption is fast and easy! A lot of rewards to choose from. These are the reason why I chose Opinionsite!
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  16. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Ease of redemption is a very important factor when choosing a money making site. Proven and established payment histories are good thing to look at as well.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Exactly, but most put you through so many hoops you give up. That was my experience, never mind the higher dollar amounts needed before withdrawal. Most are driven on referring others, so you need a huge list or great website traffic to generate any real money. Of course, this is true with every business, without leads and a list builder, you have nothing.

    Success to all,
  18. Joeyboo

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    Are there ones where you don t have to give out your personal info like first & last name, home address, phone number? Just only your e-mail & a Paypal account?
  19. Popche

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    Thank you so much for this awesome thread. Enjoyed it.
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  20. Adrianne2016

    Adrianne2016 New Member

    Somebody claiming that they're getting huge bucks by top reliable survey sites and offering their services to members, but as per my experience, most of the survey sites has less payout or send few surveys. Though I've earned some decent bucks back in 2 years from surveysavvy and the other sites .

    Better way is you should check each sites and stick with one which is reliable which send survey invitations consistently, so your earnings wort for the amount of time you invested.

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