Which Vacations Are The Best To Give Away For FundRaising

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by Cathy, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. Cathy

    Cathy New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    First of all I would like to say that I found this forum from a google search on Coastal Vacations, and I'm so happy that I did!
    I have gotten alot of information and advice in here that is helping me decide how to make this business work for me.
    I have lost support from my upline director, and I'm looking to join with another group.
    I like the idea of the Call Center and I'm leaning that way.
    Of course the problem is that I am a Level 3 Director, and would have to re-join a group. More added costs, so I guess that is a lesson for everyone, carefully research a director/group before you join.

    Now to get to my question...
    I am looking to do some retail sales, so that I can re-join with another group, so I'm planning on giving away a trip to my son's Curling Club, so that I can expose Coastal to some people.
    Would anyone have any advice on what the best vacation would be to give away?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?

    Also, when we are due for new membership cards, will NB Management let us know? Do we have to re-new ourselves or will we be notified?

    Cathy Milson
    L3 Director
  2. beckie1229

    beckie1229 New Member

    I believe we have to renew our cards on our own and we don't have to do it every year (but we should to keep up to date.)

    I am with We Close Your Sales, the original call center. You can get my phone number from my website; certainly opt in and see all we have to offer.

    If you search the Coastal folder of this forum there are several threads of which vacaitons are best to use for give aways..

    I use the 3 day/2 night Your Personal Vacation from Level One.

    Jay Napier has suggested to use the Level Two Certificates as they are longer stays and better quality.

    Other than those two details, I don't remember a lot of the discussions but there were a lot of suggestions and the threads are pretty recent.

    Many of us also chat on another forum called Lets Talk Coastal and the web address is basically that; we can't post links here. [​IMG] It was started by Harold who is my Director.

    Best of luck in your search for a new team!
  3. Judy

    Judy New Member

    Thanks Beckie for letting us know about the other website that Harold has. Not that this one isn't great but maybe new people are on there that don't post on here.

  4. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Hey Judy,

    First off im glad you found this forum. There are many proven leaders from many groups on here so you will get a wealth of info in this forum. I will say that not having a director isnt something you should worry about. The Coastal business is simple. We are in travel and everyone loves travel so we have a product everyone wants. Next if you have a website as well as the call schedules you can get trained right from your back office as well as the live calls. I myself dont use the call center but many in here have had great success with it so id say take a look it might be what you need. I do say that in addition to a call center if you have the time you should learn to make your own calls as well. It cant hurt. Dont put all of your eggs in one basket. I know personally of many call center people that use other forms of marketing in addition to the call center to run their business. Learn the industry and use this forum to get answers as well. Most are willing to share how they run their business just for the asking.

    I also want to offer my services as well but first I would say if your director isnt around try to find their director. You have to fill out that info on your application so you should have the name and with that name you can contact the shipping center and have them get the two of you in contact with each other. If that doesnt help you can email me and I can offer any assistance I can to help out. Im not sure of the call center policies but your package is a lifetime package so starting with a new director should never mean buying a new package.

  5. Judy

    Judy New Member

    Hi Adam,
    I do know that my director's director took her money and disappeared 2 years ago. She only uses the call centre for her support. That is why I am here -to learn from all you great directors that post on here! I go to others websites and I am listening to Dani Johnson now and my back office has lots of training -it just all takes so much time. Once I learn more and start closing sales with the sales centre and myself I will have the knowledge needed to train my new directors.
    My director thinks she is a good support but she is working 6 businesses right now and her health is not great so I use the forum and the internet for my advice. I think she got most of her other sales last year before she got so involved with the other businesses.
    I however want to do one business well and once I am a success (which to me means $5000 plus clear a month) then I can look at other opportunities.

    There is a big learning curve for me but I can guarantee it won't be the same for the people that I sign on -they will get my support fully and I will work hard on helping them get their first two sales.
  6. Cathy

    Cathy New Member

    Thanks for all of the replies.
    I want to join with the Call Center, as I think it will help me close sales. I am also very willing to talk to any potential signups, so I would certainly do that as well.
    I have been reading alot of the posts from way back for about a couple of hours, so I have since found lots of good information and advice. This is a great place. Thanks everyone.
    I have a question about the call center, that maybe someone can help me with.
    I have talked personally with someone that has said I would have to still pass up sales to rejoin with the call center.
    But....I have read in a few posts that you would just pay the fee for the entry level that you wanted to join up under (minus the cost of the package since you already have it), no pass up sales required.
    Would someone clarify this for me?
    Cathy Milson
  7. dawnmo

    dawnmo New Member

    Hi Cathy, welcome to the forum.

    As a qualified director, you do not have to pass up two sales if you join the call center and you do not need to purchase the package again.

    The cost to join for you (at Level 1) would be $1995 - $295 (cost of package) = $1700, with no pass up sales required.

    Hope this helps!

  8. Cathy

    Cathy New Member

    Thanks for your reply Dawn, that is not what I told when I first asked so I appreciate knowing that, it will help me with deciding which director that I re-join under.

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