Which word is easier to be ranked?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by dotnettraining, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. dotnettraining

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    There are two keywords, one is A,the other is B, when we search in google, appear different results:
    Youtube,B2B,twiter and ebay are found in the result by keyword A;
    Most results are company or enterprise websites by keyword B.

    Which keyword is easier to be ranked?

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  2. A8ch

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    Interesting scenario and question. I believe "easier" plays only a minor role in the keyword marketing process. The aim is to select words that are relevant and targeted to the prospect you want to attract. If those two elements are not included in the mix, then it doesn't matter how easy it is to rank for the keywords you actually use. There would be little benefit, if any.

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  3. payment proof

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    Also to mention, you may want to consider long tail keywords (keywords consisting of multiple words). There is often a bit less competition to get those ranked.
  4. Anders J

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    Any kind of authority site is hard to out rank.

    I would say that I think the competetion might be easier for keyword B. It is not hard to rank better than a business website.

    The Keyword tool Keyword Elite II has a function that can analyse how hard it is to rank. If you send the keywords I can tell you how difficult it may seem.

    You can also use Google keyword tool but it is not as accurate.

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