Who has Contact Talk what are the features?

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  1. CarolinaConsign

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    I have heard several CV folks from several teams talking about contact talk. I sort of get the jest of how it works, but I would like to hear more about it. I'm simple, so make it sponge proof [​IMG]

    What is it?
    How will it benefit my business?
    What cpu requirements are required?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. hsimpsonjr

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    It is a program that will allow you to send email and make automated calls to thousands of prospects by using campaigns. It simply makes it easier to send out lots of email or voice messages so you don't have to do each one at a time. There are FAR to many features to get into but if you look at the website you can see them and how they work. Bill Decker is the local Contact Talk expert around these parts so maybe he will chime in. The costs are simply the cost of the program which is around $400, I think, and the cost of whatever email service you decide to use. I use runbox and it's $50 a year and it works great but you have to make sure you take all of the AOL adresses out of your list or they will shut you down.
  3. victorious

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    We use ContactTalk for the voice shots feature. This by itself is worth well over the cost of the software.
    We use GetResponse.com as our autoresponder because our list is pretty big and the combination of ContactTalk/Godaddy/Our ISP doesn't work for us in the autoresponder feature.

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