Who Has The Best Article Service?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by sundown16, Feb 19, 2009.

  1. sundown16

    sundown16 New Member

    Everybody talks about content.. content... content .
    Who provides the best article writing service, who provides
    quality articles for reasonable prices? Which one is everybody

    till next time...........
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I write my own so am not sure where you can get some written ones, although I am sure you can probably get them from somewhere...
  3. TshirtFrank

    TshirtFrank New Member

    I also write my own original content but I think that it is really helpful to assess what others have written as well. If I am researching a topic that I dont have a lot of knowledge on I will always take a look at ezine and see what others have written. It helps me get the creative juices flowing and look at some good formatting options.

    The search engines like original content and I have heard that when you buy articles you run the risk of having your article be duplicate content.
  4. Sonni

    Sonni New Member

    At the Warrior Forum they have a board of services with writers who write original and good articles. You would need to do your due diligence in finding one who has offered services for some time and is trusted by other warriors.

    These writers know that if they do as you say and give articles that are not original they will get slammed on the WF and won't be able to get work at WF again. Warriors tell it like it is and don't let anybody get away with anything if they know of it. Sometimes they kick them out of the forum to boot, no pun intended, well maybe...
  5. joellloyd

    joellloyd New Member

    Why don't you just write your own articles...its really not that hard. Do some research on good keywords that are not extremely competitive to use in your headline...write some good original content...then submit your articles to a half dozen ezine sites...your done! This way you don't have to pay anyone and you will actually learn something.

    Just my opinion...better to take the time to learn a new skill.

    Take care [​IMG]
  6. WealthyWAHM

    WealthyWAHM Member

    I write my own when I have time, but have also used freelance writers at getafreelancer.com. You have to be careful though, there are good ones and there are bad so ask for samples from thoes applying if you place a job on the board there.

    I've heard decent reviews from reliable sources about Need-an-Article.com but have never used them so that may be worth a look [​IMG]
  7. thebart

    thebart New Member

    I am a huge advocate of writing your own articles. Unless you are gettting massive conversion you are running a risk of eating up all of your potential income and funneling it to another online business. Look at brick and mortar small businesses as an example, a person is everthing from CEO to Janitor to minimize cost. Do the same thing online until you are getting significant traffic, conversion and income.
  8. CopynProfit

    CopynProfit New Member

    I think you have got that worng,
    Its not about content its about links!
  9. thebart

    thebart New Member

    Why not do both, have solid content provide you with the back links?
  10. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Good content naturally generates backlinks.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  11. profitweaver

    profitweaver New Member

    I tend to write my own.

    I have had some written in the past, but the ones I do myself will always be exactly what I need.

    I have used family on occasion as well (and paid them). That can work as well.
  12. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    CopynProfit: I think you have got that worng,
    Its not about content its about links!
    I think you're putting the horse before the cart.
    If your content stinks do you think any savvy
    marketer would consider republishing it?

  13. jaesun16

    jaesun16 New Member

    ezarticle is 100% top

    goarticel is 100% second

    But, I recommend to use squido.com it seems complicated at first,

    once you get to know(follow instruction they provide)

    You are on right track`

    Keep it up you will be succussful soon ~~[​IMG]
  14. sundown16

    sundown16 New Member

    thanks for all the awesome info..

    now I have to be Ernest Hemmingway!

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