Who here is also in B2B Sales at Home? Please Respond :)

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Serapha, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Serapha

    Serapha New Member

    Hi. I'm new. Is there anyone else here doing B2B sales in a telecommuting environment? If so please let me know. Our sales "team" is spread out across the country; there's no virtual office where we can see and talk to each other for support - yet, which was a pretty stupid thing for the company to overlook, I think! My other job is being the Domestic Manager from my mom's home and property. Thank you.
  2. mreese601

    mreese601 Member

    not really understanding what you talking about here! I work from home and help local business get a web present!
  3. Serapha

    Serapha New Member

    Ok ....let me amend that, as per our update from a meeting, this morning:

    I AM A RECRUITER. I call on businesses everyday for a living.
    I am a telecommunter.

    I am not paid a salary - YET.

    Does anyone else here sell OVER THE PHONE to businesses? (products, services, etc.)
  4. Serapha

    Serapha New Member

    [​IMG]Hey !! I did not stick that big AD CHOICES ad on my first post!! Who did???
  5. mountainmom5

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    Serapha: Hey !! I did not stick that big AD CHOICES ad on my first post!! Who did???
    The forum is set up to do that automatically. It's okay. [​IMG]

    I personally don't sell to businesses over the phone, BUT if you are a recruiter then you might want to to expel the word 'sell' from your brains and get it out of your system. lol

    Remember that when you are on the phone, RECRUITING, the person on the other end will know WITHOUT you saying a word, whether you are simply sharing information with them... or whether you are desperate to make a 'sale'.

  6. seraffa

    seraffa New Member

    Nice idea [​IMG]

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