Who said they are making $14.50/hr and what skill was it??

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by LadyPzaz, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. LadyPzaz

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    Can anyone tell me something...I read on one of these topics where one of the skills is paying over $14/hr????? Please let me know which one it was because I can't find the post!! [​IMG]

  2. LadyPzaz

    LadyPzaz New Member

    Hey...just answering my own post...I found it! Leejones said he/she is making $14.76 doing EPIQ...hey, Lee...tell me what's involved in that skill, please!!

  3. leejones

    leejones New Member

    I take request for coupons for the digital converter boxes. The hours of skill is Sun-Sat 7am-11pm. I doubt if they are taking new reps I've been on this skill for a year. We were put on hold for a couple of months until just recently. I have to say this is probably one of the best skills because I get paid by hour and only taking name, address, and the amount of coupons they want. I probably will be ending soon since the transition goes into effect on Feb. 17th and the government has actually run out of money. We are still taking applications but they are being put on a waiting just in case more funds come in.
  4. LadyPzaz

    LadyPzaz New Member

    Oh, thanks so much for all the info, Lee! I appreciate it!!

    Well, hopefully they will be offering you something else instead, soon!

    Hugs, [​IMG]

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